6 Feet Under the Stars- All Time Low


Hey everybody! So this story takes place at the end of North Mammon, before they all hit the jet. This is my take on what would have happened if JJ decided to visit her family. And this takes place in season two (but Hotch and Haley already split) so JJ is 29, FYI. I was gonna make this a one shot, but then I realized it was long and I wanted there to be more! I loved it too much!

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Time to lay claim to the evidence

Finger prints sold me out

but our footprints wash away

from the docks downtown

and it's been getting late for days

JJ stood hesitantly in the police station. She shifted nervously, leaning on her hip, then switching, putting the weight on the right. The case was over. Thank god. This one had been hell for her and now these were the affects of it.

She was back in her home town, and these were people she knew. The two girls who had been kidnapped by the unsub were now being led to ambulances and medics, where they would be checked out in the hospital. There had been a third girl, but she was killed.

JJ watched painfully, as both girls blamed themselves and cried, parents holding them closely.

She shook her head in disgust, thinking of the evil man who had done this. He had done it because he was angry at his old high school friends. It made her upset. The sick people that do these things. The pain the people had to go through. The job in general. It sucked.

JJ ran her fingers through her hair and took a deep breath. Time to go home. She closed her eyes and when she opened them, her best friend was standing beside her.

"Ready?" Aaron Hotchner, or Hotch as he was known to his team, asked her, walking up behind her. Hotch was the unit leader, in charge of this team of profilers. He was tall, and attractive, with jet black hair, a great smile, and a huge heart.

"Yeah," JJ said with a sigh.

"Me too," He agreed, "Wanna go out for a drink when we get home?" He asked.

"How 'bout five," She teased with a grin, and pulled on his tie, loosening it, "If it's not too late," she added.

"Agreed," He said with a sigh. He yawned. They were all tired.

They walked out the police station door together, Hotch in front of JJ.

"Agent Jareau," A voice called as JJ walked out the door at the station. JJ turned to see Judy Homefeld, the mother of one of the girls that had been kidnapped- one who had survived.

"Hotch, I'll meet you in a minute," JJ said.

"Of course. Take your time," He said with a smile. He squeezed her shoulder as he walked away. She smiled, feeling secure for the moment.

"Thanks," She said and watched him walk away.

"Mrs. Homefeld," JJ greeted warmly.

"Thank you so much…for everything you've done," Judy said.

"Oh, it wasn't me. It was this team," She said brushing off the credit.

"Well if you hadn't believed me when I told you, they might not have been found," Judy said softly, nodding her head towards the girls who were being taken away in the ambulances.

"Well then I guess the thanks is to you. If you hadn't come to Quantico, we would have never known," JJ said with a gentle smile.

"Do you think Polly will be alright?" Judy asked about her daughter, Polly.

"Just keep telling her that she didn't do this. He did. Tell her that it's over and that she's okay. And that you love her," JJ explained, "And I think you can be pretty convincing," JJ teased.

"Well," Judy said, with a tear in her eye. She reached out and hugged JJ tightly, who returned the hug warmly.

"You sure you won't stay for a little? I know your aunt, and everyone would love to see you," she asked.

"I…I will…just not today," JJ said. Judy looked disappointed. JJ knew that because she was friends with her aunt, Judy must have heard about JJ's bad relationship with her parents. Maybe she was trying to help rekindle the relationship.

"Oh, okay," Judy said sadly.

"But when I do, maybe me and Polly can kick the ball around a little. I think I still have a few moves," JJ joked. Polly was an excellent soccer player, and she had just gotten a great soccer scholarship for college. JJ had played too in highschool, which was why this case it even closer to home for her than just being in the town. JJ had been just like these girls at one time. JJ was these girls once.

"Ok," Mrs. Judy said with a small laugh, but she was clearly disappointed.

"Hey, JJ," Derek Morgan, the African American, muscular, handsome, agent called from the SUV a little ways away. It was time to go.

"Goodbye," JJ said softly, giving Judy one last hug.

"Goodbye. And thank you again," she whispered. JJ smiled and began to walk towards Derek and Hotch and the rest of the team. She stopped and turned.

"You know what? I will stay. I will visit," JJ said, regretting the words as she said them, but none the less, they had been said.

"That's great!" Judy exclaimed, "I'll call your aunt. Oh everyone will be so excited!"

"I just need to talk to them," She said motioning towards her team. She walked up to Hotch and explained that she was going to stay and visit.

"Good for you JJ," He said with a smile. He knew as much as JJ was willing to share about her family and the problems she had with them. JJ faked a smile back. Hotch sensed it immediately and gave her a questioning glance. Damn those profilers.

"JJ," He began, but she quickly stopped him.

"Damnit, Hotch…don't. You know better," She warned in a hushed voice. He immediately backed off. He and JJ were very close- partners in crime, very good friends. She was his right hand woman. They went through cases together, he was always looking for her advice, and recently, since his separation from his wife, he had been bringing his son Jack to the office, and JJ grew close to the young boy, as well.

So, Hotch knew damn well that JJ would go there. JJ would threaten him, and go to the ends of the earth to protect what was the most sacred to her- her own inner thoughts. She would not have those profilers reading into every look and every word.

"I'm sorry," He said quietly. She nodded.

"I know..." She said. There was silence for a moment.

"Listen JJ, let me say one thing and I'll be done," He said quickly.

"You know you say that…but you're never really done," JJ said anxiously. JJ looked around to see that the rest of the team had gotten into the SUV.

But he flashed the concerned look and she gave in, "Go ahead. But make it quick," She said.

"I know you've got problems with your family. I understand. I really do, and I know you're gonna need us when you're done visiting, even if you just intend on dropping in to say hello…we'll all be here for you. You have to promise to talk to us, let us in and tell us what we all can do for you," He told her.

"Thank you Hotch. I really appreciate that," She said. A car pulled up in front of the police station.

"That's Aunt Margaret," JJ said with a sheepish grin.

"Good luck, Jayje," Hotch said, and hugged her warmly. She felt safe with his strong arms around her.

"Thank you," She whispered in his ear, while in the hug.

"Anytime," He said. He let her go.

"Hold on," he said. He went into the back of the SUV and grabbed her go bag.

"Oh…thanks," She said with a smile. She started to turn and realized she had never been so nervous in her life.

"JJ?" He asked when he saw she hadn't left.

"Will…will you come with me?" She asked softly.

"Are you sure that would be ok with your family?" Hotch asked, but quickly realized that JJ didn't really care about what would be okay with her family.

"Please, Hotch?" She said in a whisper. She was nervous, and she needed her friend.

"If you're sure…" He said hesitantly. He didn't want it to be awkward for JJ's family, and he also didn't want them to think they were dating. They weren't. They were best friends. Nothing more. They were more like brother and sister, and so anything else would be weird.

"I am," She said firmly. Only JJ would have that air of confidence. Only JJ.

"Alright," Hotch agreed, "I need to go explain to them what is going on and I will meet you," Hotch said.

"Thank you," She said tightly gripping him in a hug.

"You're welcome," He laughed and walked towards the SUV, while JJ walked to her aunt. The walked together, pushing each other as they walked, like two best friends.

"Here we go," She whispered as they reached her aunt.

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