Katelyn's POV:

Being out of words was something that happened to me rarely, but these days it was like I was constantly out of words. His words really took me by surprise and somewhat hurt me. He thought of me as a monster and sadly Damon wasn't far from the truth. From what I read in my diary you couldn't tell that I was all sunshine and rainbows, but I was sweet and caring to whom was dear to me.

"You have quite the opinion of me." I managed to say.

"I am just saying what you have repeating ever after you return, Kate, that you are nothing more but a monster."Damon said to me bitterly. "And I really don't know what to think or what to expect from you anymore. You cut a deal with Elijah, team up with Katherine and somehow trick Elena into this, and that is all done behind our backs in a few days. What if you decide that you want Klaus very much alive and stab us in the back?"

"I won't stab you in the back, Damon. Klaus let me down and I want him dead for good."I said without raising my voice. I wanted to gain his trust, I wanted him to trust me and to become friends at least.

"I hope you won't betray me, Katelyn. But you and Klaus have a history, you have been friends with the guy for over a century and a half. It is hard to believe that you are going to kill him."At this I chuckled. I stared at him in disbelief.

"Well that is coming from a guy who was in love with Katherine for 145 years and now wants to drive a stake through her heart."I said sarcastically.

"Katelyn, it is not the same. And do not bring Katherine into this."

"How it is not the same, Damon? You felt betrayed from her, as I am feeling betrayed from Klaus. And you can drag Klaus in every decent conversation we seem to have, but I cannot mention Katherine, that's quote unfair, don't you think?"

"Look, I am sorry. It became so complicated, I thought that you were dead and I couldn't assimilate the fact that you were with Klaus all the time. When you died, Kate, I felt so lost and didn't know what to do with my life anymore. And neither I nor Stefan could bring ourselves to talk about you. It ached to even think about you. When I saw you bleeding that night on the pavement I thought that I finally lost it. Maybe I just wanted to bring the past back… Hell, I didn't know what I wanted."

"It is not easy for me either. I arrived in Mystic Falls and found out that I have a very alive fiancé and a friend, who I do not remember. I was betrayed, Damon, and almost everything in my life was a lie. If we continue to drag about the past, we will be nowhere and there is a slight possibility that we might kill each other in a fight about something we didn't have power of. What happened wasn't out fault, it just happened, Damon, and we can do nothing about it." Damon smiled slightly at my words.

"Maybe, you are right. I have a suggestion for you."

"What is it?"

"Let's stop talking about the psychotic bitch Katherine and the crazed Original." He said, wearing his signature smirk. I smirked back.

"Well, you've cut yourself a deal, Mr. Salvatore." I said while Damon walked to the coffee table to pour himself some scotch.

"Mr. Salvatore was my father, princess." I smiled playfully at his words, I was doing to tease him.

"Really? And there I thought it suited you. Damon Salvatore, Mr. Salvatore…" His name escaped more seductively than I wanted from my lips. Oh, and he notice it. I was flirting with him, something I clearly shouldn't have done. However, I didn't care. Flirting with Damon was like walking on an edge – dangerous and at the same time adventurous.

"You are entering a dangerous area, Kate."Damon said, drinking his glass of scotch.

"I've always liked a bit danger in my life, Mr. Salvatore."I smiled seductively, "And besides, what are you going to do Damon?" In a second he was standing over me one hand on my throat, other holding his glass of scotch. "So, what are you going to do?"I dared him.

He kissed me. It wasn't like the light and sweet kissed between Elena and Stefan, which I envied. Damon's kiss was everything but light and sweet. Our kiss was rough, full of passion as if our lives were hanging on it. Firstly I couldn't react, and then I gave in. When he broke the kiss I was completely breathless. I stared at these crystal blue eyes for what it felt hours. And I kissed him again, he pulled me up to him from the armchair I was sitting on, I felt his hands going down my hips. In a minute we found ourselves in his bedroom on the bed, ripping our clothes off. I felt his passionate kisses on my body, on my neck, on my lips. Suddenly he broke off, his eyes were darkened with passion and lust.

"Are you sure you want this?"He asked me quietly.

"I want this."I stated breathlessly and he kissed me again with even more passion, if it was possible.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls Highschool:

Elena's POV:

Our drive to school was awfully quiet. When we were in front of school Katherine shot me a glair. If her glair could kill, I would be dead by now.

"Everything will be fine Katherine. And it is not that bad."I said to my ancestor.

"Keep repeating that to yourself, doppelganger."She said bitchily.

"You know that you are also a doppelganger, Katherine, don't you?"Stefan said as a matter of fact. Katherine turned to him.

"Stefan, no one asked you a damn thing and don't forget that I am older, drink human blood and can rip your heart out before you could even say doppelganger."The 500-year old vampire hissed.

"Please, you two behave. Stefan, please, be civilized for me."

"Elena, I agreed with this nonsense only because of you. I cannot say "no" to you, love. However, I still thing that this crazy plan of Katelyn is not going to work."He said to me smiling. I smiled back.

"You are the best boyfriend." I kissed him and he kissed me back. We were on the verge of making out, before a bitchy tone interrupted us.

"Gosh, you are making me sick." Katherine said with an eye roll.

"Sorry."I apologized to her. One thing was clear Katherine didn't want to be here, but she was a survivor and being a student would keep her safe for the moment. I saw Caroline and Bonnie approaching us.

"I thought that I went nut and I was seeing two Elenas. What is Katherine doing here?"My blonde friend asked me.

"Katherine will be a student here and we will be posing as twins."I said Bonnie started to shake her head in disbelief. Caroline just started rambling.

"What?! Are you crazy? Elena, she is going to eat the half of the school!"

"Caroline…"I tried.

"She should go before anyone sees her, Elena. Stefan, put some sense in her."

"Care, I think it is late some people have already seen them both."Bonnie said calmly.

"There is also a plan, Caroline. And we should keep up to the plan if we want to bring Klaus down."Stefan said trying to calm the blonde vampire.

"I don't care! She is going to ruin our school year with her presence! For God's sake, she killed me!" Caroline was really frustrated. I tried to do my best to calm her.

"Care, everything is going to be fine, you don't even have to talk to her."I said. There was crowd gathering around us and a frustrated Caroline could ruin our plan.

"Blondie, if you don't low your annoying voice I might kill you again, for real."Katherine said with venom in her voice. At least Katherine managed to silence Caroline.

"Elena, Katherine, you have to come up with a story real fast, there is enough crowd and they are asking questions."Stefan said. I nodded. Katherine gave me a sign to start speaking. So, I started.

"Hey, everyone! You know that I am Elena Gilbert. Four months ago I found that I was adopted, but I didn't know that I actually had a twin sister. The girl who is identical to me and I guess you've been asking questions who is she is my twin sister Katherine Pierce."When I finished my speech, I wasn't sure if they believe me. Katherine Pierce being my twin sister was a crazy thought, giving our history of wanting to kill each other. However, people believe my lie. Katherine smiled to the crowd sweetly and waved.

"How did you find each other?"Someone from the crowd asked. I didn't know what to say. As on a cue Katherine started speaking.

"Well, in fact my best friend Katelyn Richards brought us together. Katelyn and I grew up in a foster home, so she is like a sister to me. She became my legal guardian and we both moved to New York, where she met Damon and Stefan Salvatore. I sent on a seminar in Europe and couldn't meet them personally. By the time I returned to New York, the Salvatores moved back here. The relationship between Damon and Kate wasn't smooth so they gave themselves time out. One day Stefan sent her pictures of him and Elena and Kate was shocked how identical we were. We decided to pack our thing to come here and sort things out. And that's how we found each other."You had to give it to Katherine, her story was perfect.

"Well, we should be going inside, Katherine didn't have the time to fill her application."I said. The crowd started to make us a way to pass. Once we were inside Katherine chuckled.

"That was easy."

"Yeah, thanks to you. You are awesome with lies." I smiled to her. Katherine just winked.

"Well, she has 500 years of practice, I would be surprised if she sucked in lying."Stefan said teasingly.

"You know that nowadays I am pretty honest, Stefan. What I said this morning is not a lie."Katherine said with a serious tone.

"You really want him dead, don't you?"Caroline asked Katherine.

"I've spent 500 years running from him. And I am done running." Katherine answered. Caroline nodded.

"Guys let's go and let's try not to kill each other today, okay?" I said and everyone chuckled.

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