Miley's POV

I'm walking out of my lawyers office now, the divorce papers are signed and I'm free.
It was a mistake that I made when I was 18. Nick and I got married way too early and it ended with this, a divorce.
We met when we were 13 because my cousin is a friend of his oldest Brother Kevin. We immediately started dating and of course did we fight but when he proposed to me on Christmas after we turned 18. It was a fairytale proposal and so was the year after that with the wedding and honeymoon but as soon as daily life caught up with us everything started to fall apart.

Like I said the proposal was like in a fairytale.

My dad, my siblings and I spent Christmas in New York this year because he had some business to do. It's not that bad here but I miss Nick. He wasn't that far away just in New Jersey but it feels like he's in another country.

My little sister Noah dragged us out for a walk in Central Park on Christmas Eve and I just came because I promised her we would spend more time together on this so called vacation.
Little did I know that it was just a plan to get me to Central Park so Nick could propose to me.
My family ditched me and told me to wait for them when there was a path of rose petals on the floor and it lead me directly to Nick who was down on one knee and ready to pop the question.
"Miley, will you do me the honor and marry me? We are young but we've been through so much together, so I know that this will work!"
With these words I was gone. I couldn't even say yes properly because I was crying. I just nodded and seconds after that I felt him slide the ring onto my finger and kiss me.

Now I know that fairytales don't come true.

We were married for six months before all the fighting started. Nick was working alot and I felt alone. Whenever I asked him to come home earlier so we could spent some time together he stayed even longer at the office and at first I thought he was really busy taking over the family company with his brothers but after a while I figured he was cheating on me. He wasn't but just me thinking about it was another reason to fight.

We stopped fighting around our first marriage anniversary which was the time we decided to try for a Baby. And I got pregnant on Nick's 20th Birthday. We found out on mine 10 weeks later.
Everything was great by then but because of an accident I lost the baby. We weren't ourselves after that. We never talked anymore and it was a hard time.

On out second marriage anniversary I decided that it would be best if we would just seperate and that's when I filed for divorce. At first Nick didn't want to sign the papers and tried everything to change my mind but I told him everything I felt through our marriage and he finally gave in.
For me this was one of the darkest moments in my life but it's for the best and maybe we can be friends someday but for now it's just complicated and everything is messed up.

I woke up with the worst Hangover ever. Worst thing about the situation is that I have no idea where I am. Demi took me to Vegas because she couldn't stand me moping around anymore.
We got drunk and I remember dancing with some really good looking guy while she did the same.
Now I'm probably lying in that guys bed but there's no one beside me.
I can hear the shower running so I quickly get up from the bed, bad idea trust me, and gather all my clothes.

"You can stay here Mi, you know!"
I turn around and there he is. Nick, my ex-husband.
"Out of all people in Vegas I had to end up in your hotel room?" I groaned and sat back on the bed in my panties and bra.
"Our room", he said while picking up his own clothes.

"Look at your hand, Baby!" I did as he told me and saw a gold, shiny ring. A wedding band. "Oh Shit!", Nick sat down next to me and tried to take my hand.
"What did you do? I'm sure this was just one of your stupid tricks to get me to get back with you again." He laughed as I tried to pull my hand away. I glared at him as he finally opened his mouth for an answer "I didn't do anything. Trust me. It was just the fact that we are both in Vegas together and met at the bar and talked. And to be honest: I don't remember what happened after that!"
I leaned against his shoulder and sighed, "What are we gonna do?"

"How about we try this again. You come back home and we'll start from the beginning!"
"I don't know. I don't want a repeat of the past year!"
"It won't be, I promise. We can't get a divorcee now anyway and I don't want an anullment. It's unpersonal!", he puts his arm around me and kisses my forehead.
"Like this wedding was any way near personal!"
"The things we did afterwards were!" "NICK!", he laughs as I hit him.
"So what do you say? Come home with me or get an anullment? It's your decision Miley!"

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I still love Nick but it broke my heart what happened the last time. I just don't want to get hurt again and trying this Vegas marriage will only do that: hurt me!
After he told me all that I just got dressed and left his room. I told him that I needed fresh clothes so now I'm sitting here on the floor in the bathroom of my hotel room and I'm completely freaking out.
Maybe this time everything will be different.
I don't know I'm just confused. Out of all people it had to be Nick!

A knock on the door gets me out of my thoughts. "Miley, you okay?", Demi yells through the door. "Yeah come in", she slowly opens the door and sits down next to me.
"What happened?"
"You don't remember, too?", I groan and out my head in my hands.
"To be honest: No. This morning I woke up in Joe's arms, so something must have happened.", she looks at me with an encouraging smile.
"I married Nick last night!"
"Whoa! That is.."
"That's not everything!", I say and Demi gasps. "You're not pregnant, are you?"
"How am I supposed to know if I'm pregnant. It takes about two weeks for a test to give a correct answer.", I look at her and she just looks down.
"Well, I mean after, you know, the divorce, you two.. well, you know!", Demi said and tries not to laugh.
"Demi!", I screech, "Do you honestly think that I would go out and party when I'm pregnant?"
"No, but you're in such a bad mood and at the same time you seem so excited about something that this was the first thing that came to my mind.", she looks at me and finally laughs.
I shake my head and finally give in and smile, "It's not that. I re-married Nick last night.".
Demi looks at me and just nods, "I know, I was your maid of honor and Joe was Nick's best man."
"You were sober enough to remember this and didn't stop me!", I look at her in disbelief, "How can you do such a thing?".
"I only remember that it happened because you told me! So what's gonna happen next?"
"I don't know. Nick asked me to try again. I want to but I don't want to get my heart broken again!"
"Then go for it if you want it. Maybe things will be better this time and who knows, maybe you're gonna get that fairytale ending you've been talking about."

I let her words sink in and maybe she's right, maybe I should try it again with Nick, after was I still in madly in love with him and I probably will always love him.
He was my first everything.
First boyfriend, first kiss, first time..