Miley sits on the big plush love seat in the living room of her and Nick's house. They have been married for a year now and the 19-year-old is mad at the moment at non other than her husband who just happens to walk through the front door after a day at work.

"Hey Mi.", he says while taking of his suit jacket and loosening his tie. He plops down next to her, leaning up for a kiss as she turns her head away, "What's wrong, baby?" Miley just glares at him and goes to stand up but Nick gets up faster from his seat and stands in front of her so she can't get away. "Move!", she demands and continues to glare at the boy. "No. I can tell that you're mad about something and I won't let you go until you tell me what's wrong." Putting on the sweetest fake smile on her face Miley puts her hands on Nick's chest, "Why would there be anything wrong baby?", her voice is dripping with fake happiness.

Nick sighs but wraps his arms around her petite waist anyway, "Come on, Mi. Don't play games with me. Just tell me what's bothering you and I will try to fix it."

"You wanna know what's wrong?" Nick just nods in response. "I'll tell you what's wrong. You're slutty receptionist had been trying to get into your pants today and I haven't seen you do anything about it."

"You were at the office today?" "Yes, and I wanted to surprise you and go out to lunch with you and maybe you could have taken the afternoon off for some alone time with me but guess you were busy with that whore." "Mi, nothing happened. She's just clingy but I can't fire her because my dad is still the head of everything. If I could I would kick her out. She's annoying as hell and not really doing a great job."

"She's still trying to get into your pants." "That too but I would never even think of her because I have you and you're beautiful and sexy and hot. And you being jealous is a big turn on." "I am not jealous!", Miley says loudly while blushing. "I know you are and it's okay. Whenever I see a guy just look at you I wanna punch the living hell out of that dude." Miley groans in frustration and falls back into her seat, "You don't get it, do you?" Raising his eyebrows, Nick waits for Miley to continue. "She's throwing herself at you and I'm scared that you will eventually accept her offers." "So you believe that I would cheat on you? Miley, I swore to you in front of our families and God that I would never do that." Miley sighs and tears start to blur her vision, "I know. I just feel like that because she's good-looking and I feel like the ugly duckling whenever she leans forward a little too much to show what she has."

Nick sits down next to his wife and pulls her into his lap and hugs her to his chest, "There is no need to because I love you and you're my wife and best friend while she is someone who works for you and if it makes you feel better you can come to the office with me or I'll tell my assistant that she has to take care of everything that she wants from me, okay?"

Sniffling, Miley just nods with her head against his chest. "I'm sure my dad would love to see you there. This morning he told me that he hasn't seen you in a while and wants us to have breakfast with him and mom next weekend. "Sounds good.", Miley whispers, "I'm sorry for freaking out. It's just that sometimes I think that we have never been with someone else and that you might regret that." Nick just kisses the top of her head trying to assure her that he will never regret getting married at the young age of 18.

"It is great to work with you", Nick says shaking Delta's hand. They just had a last meeting before recording for the blonde's new album. Delta smiles flirtatious, "Oh the pleasure is all with me. How about we go to lunch to seal the deal not only as colleagues but maybe as friends, too?" Thinking about it before he answers with a small nod Nick stands up, "I just have to make a call first and then we can leave."

With that he leaves the room to tell his assistant to call Miley. "That's not necessary. She has been waiting for you in your office for about 15 minutes now. When I asked her if I should get you she said that there wasn't a need for that and she would just read a book or something."
"Oh, okay thanks." And with that said Nick walks into his office only to find his wife sitting on the comfortable leather couch with her legs curled underneath her, reading a book. Nick smiles seeing her like that, not paying attention to anything that is going on around her. He slowly and quietly walks up behind her and kisses her cheek, "Hey, Mi. What are you doing here?", he says in a low voice almost whispering.
"Just waiting for you. I thought that we could maybe go out to lunch together. I feel like I haven't seen you in so long." "Sounds great, baby. The new client asked, too. Said something about being more comfortable not only working as colleagues but as friends. You okay with her coming, too?"
The word her makes Miley sit up. She trusts Nick that he wouldn't cheat on her but that doesn't mean that she trusts that woman. Knowing that she has an amazingly good-looking husband, Miley gets suspicious as why the blonde singer wants to go out with Nick and not with Kevin and Joe, too.

"Of course I'm okay. It's your work and I understand that. And besides it's what pays for the shopping trips.", Miley smiles and kisses Nick's cheek.

The two of them walk to the conference room where Delta waits, holding hands. "Delta, I want you to meet my wife. Miley, this is Delta, she'll be recording her new album with us." Miley smirks at the shocked face the blonde singer makes as Nick introduces Miley as his wife, knowing that the blonde's hopes of getting it on with Nick were crushed.

/flashback over/

"How is the planning going, baby?", Nick speaks into his phone while looking at a stack of papers in front of him.

"Great. Dani is so amazing at organizing and she even found a great bakery who will do the cake just the way we want it to be.", Miley smiles excitedly. "Good to hear. What are you doing now?" "Just cooking some lunch while Callie is watching some kiddie TV show and singing to herself. You should see it, it's so adorable." "I'm sure it is and just imagine that our kid will probably do that too when it's old enough." "I know. Oh, there was a knock on the door. I just hope that it's not Joe.", Miley giggles and walks to the door opening it, "Oh, it's not him. I gotta go, Nick." And with that she hangs up, not giving her husband the chance to say goodbye to her.

"What do you want here?", Miley glares at Demi who is standing on the front porch. "I came to talk to you." "I don't see a reason in that. You made your opinion clear and I decided to not talk to you."

"Please Miley, just let me explain."

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