This is a short poem, if you can call this thing as that, I wrote this piece for a Secret Santa Exchange on DA. Sorry if my english is crappy, but it isn't my mother language.

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights of Guilty Gear and its characters.

Heaven or Hell: Fallen Gear Angel

Maiden of the Groove

Born from the Destroyer of Mankind

Saw the death of her mother during the Holy War

Enraged, she swore that she would kill those evil humans

The fallen Gear destroys the Jellyfish pirates

Then she fights against the Flame of Corruption

A misterious man is not happy with that situation

Mankind is in the verge of extinction

A rocker witch changes the past

Back in time, she saves the leader of the Holy Knights

The Maiden of the Groove is not longer a threat

She lives with the Grim Reaper in a peaceful forest

Some people chase her thanks to her bounty

The Flame of Corruption and a Holy Knight spare her life

A chinese girl says that the Gear from A Country is dead

But that's a lie, the Gear still lives

She is now part of a pirate crew

The Maiden doesn't want to harm anyone

Even if she has the power for destroying anything

When she is possesed by her wing of darkness

The wing of light tries to counter her dark side

At the end, the Maiden is a peaceful Gear

Not more the succesor of Justice

The Commander Gear that began

The war against mankind