A/N: I've just finished reading Wuthering Heights in school and fell in love with it and with Hareton/Cathy. Here is a little one shot i had in my head, bit drabble-ish, but you know. Reviews are loved cherished and given a good home!

Nelly could watch the two of them for hours; Hareton and Cathy. They sit together on the same bench (a sight Nelly thought she would never see), Hareton would let Cathy curl up to him and turn the page, under the thought that he was reading it. He never truly concentrated on the words on the page- Nelly could see him staring down at Cathy's face with such wonder that it almost caused her to blush.

Cathy was oblivious to this attention. She did, however, return it, whenever she was sure of Hareton's attention being on the page. She would look at him through the same eyes of her mother with a curiosity and pride at his progress- which was growing daily. Cathy had a look of a love sick puppy every time she permitted herself a sneak peak at Hareton.

They would constantly talk to one another in hushed tones- Nelly didn't really want to listen anyway; she had grown tired of eavesdropping (though Zillah had taken up the post of discussing anything she overheard). It was strange hearing the pair talk lowly and secretively; Hareton would speak in a soft deep slow voice that was like wrapping yourself in cashmere, but Cathy would often forget their quietness to burst out laughing (Hareton always remained composed and would chuckle quietly to himself; especially after the episode of laughing at breakfast with Heathcliff).

One day, like any other, Hareton had Cathy tucked beneath his arm as they read through the same book as yesterday. Nelly sat on the other side of the fire and continued with the seemingly endless pile of sewing she had to do. She would look at the two, keeping an observate eye on the couple at all times.

It seems that both Hareton and Cathy could not concentrate on the book: a rotation of glances between the pair continued for about an hour till the rotation was lost and both looked up mistakenly at the same time. The two pairs of brown eyes locked and would not be moved, it may have only been seconds, and however, Nelly was sure, for the owners it felt like eternity.

Their eyes freely roamed each other's faces for a few more moments. Then abruptly Cathy stood and grabbed Hareton's hand in a swift motion and pulled him to his feet (though he was a lot taller than her) and then was about to move towards the door, dragging a very willing Hareton with her. Nelly continued her work, but let out a little cough, reminding Cathy.

"Oh!" The girl let slip and the pushed Hareton out the door and turned to face Nelly "We're going to a walk around the moors, we should be back within a few hours..."she glanced at the door, where Hareton was beckoning her to come, "...Or so." And with no goodbye to Nelly she rushed out the door and into Hareton's arms.

Nelly stood from her seat and watched the couple entwine fingers, sway and laugh across the moors. Nelly considered following them- they really should have a chaperone, but she was done with eavesdropping. She would let the lovers be.