Fourteen chapters and we're finally here: The Final Installment in Of Brothers and Bloody Messes. Thanks to those who stuck with me the whole time and to those who stumbled upon the story and joined in along the way! I appreciate all the reviews, alerts, and favorites, too! I won't keep you any longer!

"We're back!" Dean called as he opened the door and escorted his brother inside. Bobby looked up, as did Jo, but with a flinch and a wince as her mother growled, "Hold still, Jo!"

"How's everyone?" Sam asked, worriedly glancing at the gash down Jo's shoulder, currently being tended to by Ellen. He'd been whisked away with Dean quickly, without much of a chance to hear about his friends' conditions.

"I'm 'bout ready to head out." Bobby announced, his army green bag already slung over his shoulder. "Just waiting for you idgits to get back."

"Are you okay?" Even Dean noticed how soft and sincere he sounded as he frowned worriedly at Jo's wound.

"Nothing I can't handle." She replied bravely. "Ooh, is that a cast?"

Sam held up his arm. "Oh, yeah. Just for a few weeks. Then I go back." Ellen finished and Jo stood to admire it. "I get to sign, right?"

"Uh, sure, yeah, if you want to." Dean handed over a sharpie, which the young hunter took eagerly. She stifled a laugh as she began to write.

"What?" Sam tried to turn his head to see where she was looking.

"Nothing. It's just- did Dean write bothof these?"

"What d'you... Dean!"

Dean laughed out loud, smiling at Sam, who returned the grin. It was nice to see his brother happy again, even if it was at his own expense. "What does it say?" Bobby questioned.

"It says, 'Sam Winchester always-"

"Heavens, Sam! You weren't going to say it out loud!" Ellen interrupted. "Honestly, you boys. Even letting him write it in the first place."

Now it was Sam's turn to laugh. "Like I'd let him write something like that!"

"He fell asleep in the car!" Dean defended himself, shrugging.

"You don't- you aren't- that's a lie, right Sam?" Jo asked, half joking, and half noticeably worried. "You wouldn't actually-"

"Hell, no," Sam replied. "Not for a million bucks."

"Really?" Dean raised his eyebrows.


The chair squeaked as Bobby stood up. "On that note, I'll be out of here." They all said their quick goodbyes before Dean was trying to convince Sam to rest, and Sam the same of his concussed and drained older brother, a hint of worry still prominent in his voice, even after the ominous threat had disappeared.


Sam woke groggily to the sound of a siren wailing as it grew closer and closer.

"Dean," He groaned, opening his eyes and rolled on his side to face his brother's bed, where he expected to see the hunter still knocked out. Instead, he faced some ruffled sheets and a dip in the mattress.

"Dean!" He repeated, instantly panicking. Not again, not again. He flipped out of bed and onto the floor, instinctively putting both hands up to stop himself. "Ah!" He wrenched his arm back up, grabbing the cast painfully and stumbling to his feet.

"Dean?" He shouted, as if just remembering what the worry was about in the first place.

He ran towards the bathroom, almost running into his wet brother as he opened the door.

"Woah! Sam!" Dean took a step back.

"You're okay," Sam breathed.

Dean gestured to his damp hair and the towel pitched over the shower curtain bar. "Yeah, man, I just took a shower. Chill."

"I thought... The siren... I didn't know." He stuttered.

Dean leaned against the doorway, releasing a small sigh as he faced Sam. "You don't have to worry, Sam. I'm fine, you're fine, and it's all history, right?" Sam nodded.

"I was just scared."

"I know." Dean pushed of the door frame and brushed past Sam.

"Get dressed, we're leaving soon." He added.

Gladly, Sam thought. The sooner they were back in the Impala driving to a job the sooner he'd feel normal again, like when he first joined in when Dad disappeared. There was just one difference.

"I'll be right back." He told Dean as he pulled his shirt over his head. "It'll just take a second."

"Wereshoegoring," Dean spoke through the foam of his toothpaste while Sam threw on his jacket. "Yeah," Sam said, shaking his head and waving it off. He opened the door and walked out into the cold air.

"13 B, 13 B..." He muttered, turning a few corners. He stopped as he rounded the corner, flanked by number 13 B and facing none other than...


"Alive and in the flesh." She smirked and moved closer. "Well, alive per say." She held out a flask with a smile. "I see you got my text. Didn't think you'd make it."

Sam held up his casted arm and she raised her eyebrows:

"Dean-o still playin' along?" She asked.

"He doesn't know anything." Sam answered, eyeing the metal in his hand.

Ruby read his mind. "Go ahead."

Sam twisted the lid off and took a deep sip, licking his lips as he secured the cap again, stowing the piece in the pocket of his jacket.

"Thanks," He finally said. They stood in silence for a moment, neither knowing what to say. "I better go." Sam stated.

"Sure." Ruby replied.

Sam turned and began walking back towards their room. "Hey!" Ruby called. Sam turned to face her and she winked. "I'll see you soon." He nodded and hurried back to his room.

"I asked you where you were going." Dean told him as he entered.

"Well, it wasn't very obvious through the toothpaste."

Dean shoved his last shirt into the duffel
bag in front of him. "Damn, Sammy, your cast necessities take up a lot of space." Sam nodded, staring off into space.

"Well?" Dean asked. "Sam!"

"What?" Sam jumped. "Oh, I went to the car to grab my toothbrush. It wasn't there."

"Dude, it was in the bathroom."

"Oh, yeah."

Dean shook his head, giving the room a once over so they didn't forget anything. "Are you sure I'm the one with the head injury?"


Dean turned the wheel, pulling off an exit and into a small town. Sam sat up. "What're you doing?"

"See the sign back there?"

"You mean the one that said "Denver- Exit 234? This is 215!"

"No. The one that said 'World's Greatest Apple Pie- Exit 215'"

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Sam. Livea little! Just go back to sleep. We're passing through."

Sam closed his eyes. Just for a minute, he told himself. He opened his eyes again just a couple minutes later, surprised to find himself surrounded by blackness and stars instead of the fading sunlight he'd left behind only a few minutes ago.

"Finally," Dean spoke over the rock music. Sam looked up at the flickering sign mounted on the building: DICK'S DINER

"Don't even." He spoke before Dean could crack a single joke. He just grinned, muttering so only Sam could hear and strategically causing him to hold in a laugh at the most inappropriate moments as they walked in.

"Welcome to Dick's!" The waitress exclaimed. "We have a great selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner served all day, every day-"

"Excuse me- Debbie," He read her name tag. "Skip the intro and get us some of that World's Greatest Apple Pie."

"Sure thing, sweetie." She chomped on her gum while jotting down the order.

"A-actually, I don't want one." Sam interrupted, embarrassed when she scribbled it out loudly.

Dean gave him a look. "Look, Dean, I just don't want pie right no-"

"He'll have the..." Dean glanced at the menu and squinted to read. "Double Fudgy Pudgy Ice Cream Sundae Extravaganza."

"Sprinkles or nuts?" Dean turned to Sam for advice, but the hunter just shrugged.

"Both..." Dean stage whispered dramatically, winking.

"Coming right up."

"Why are we even here, Dean?"

"Come on, a Pie in Seventy Five miles sign is hardly something to ignore."

Sam laughed. "Yeah, a real bonding moment."

By the time the brothers were finished, the entire place was empty, save them, Debbie, Dick himself, and an old woman he was conversing with.

"Thanks for coming!" Debbie shouted across the room. Dick looked up.

"Debbie Baby, that is hardly the way to treat our final guests of the evening!" He walked over, the woman trailing him.

"Sorry, 'bout that!" He apologized in a very cheery voice. "My mother didn't need to see that." He added, putting his arm around her. "She supports me in my business."

"When I first saw my Dick, I knew he'd be big and famous." Sam turned an unconfined laugh into a cough as Dean attempted to stifle a laugh.

"Aw, Ma, I'm not famous. I'm just a simple restaurant owner."

"We better be going." Sam said loudly as Dean deadpanned in his ear.

"Take care!" The old lady called, waving.

The brothers waited until the door earshot behind them before cracking up. "And that is why people shouldn't name their children Dick in the 21st century." Dean explained.

Sam chuckled. Maybe he and Dean had been through thick and thin, but somehow the older man had kept his sense of humor through it all.

Sam knew things weren't the same as when they were young. He was working with Ruby, drinking demon blood, but no matter what Dean said, he knew it was worth it. At the same time, he thought, watching Dean turn up AC/DC with a smile, nothing had changed. They were brothers, and no matter how bloody their next mess to clean up would be, they always would be.

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