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-IS- Place

(Flashback)Time Skip/flashback

"Hm…. It`s rare to have a visitor" Non human talk

Infinite Stratos : The Dark Sky

Chapter 1 : When it Began

Tabane Shinonono.

The self-proclaim genius and idol.

Although many regards her as a mad scientist with few screws loose in her head. Also one of the world most scariest people if you ever get on her bad side. However, there are no doubts that she is a genius if you ignore her quirks. With a beautiful face and a figure to kill for, not to mention her energetic and happy personality many think her as the perfect woman. However, even with that Tabane still a normal woman that has her own problem.

With all the intelligent, that she has. Tabane see the world from a different point of view than normal people does. This very reason is the one that make her different than other, making her alone in this world. Solitude, that's the price of her intelligent.

In her eyes, other human are insignificant. So insignificant that she doesn't bother to identify each other human. The only exception to this is her little sister, Houki Shinonono. Only Houki that she recognizes in this world, other doesn't matter.

Tabane always think this won't change, until she met Orimura siblings Chifuyu and Ichika Orimura, particularly Chifuyu. They met in the elementary school, this chance of meeting greatly changed Tabane world. Just by looking at Chifuyu, Tabane knew that she is the same as her. Chifuyu too see the world differently and she knew the feeling of solitude. Moreover, just like Tabane the only one that Chifuyu recognize is her little brother, Ichika.

The two are so alike that they attract each other. With Chifuyu power and Tabane intelligent, nothing can stop them. As they spend time with each other, they grew closer. Chifuyu become softer, like a katana that find its sheath and Tabane become happier because she now has someone with the same level as she.

Their little brother and sister too becomes a great friend with each other. Although, Tabane knew that Houki has a crush with Ichika. However, Tabane paid Ichika no mind because to her, Ichika only Houki friend and Chifuyu little brother making him just slightly above normal human. Although, there is a certain event change Tabane view to Ichika.

It was a week after Tabane completed the IS or Infinite Stratos Project. At that time, others scientist scoffs and paid no attention to her invention. The reasons why others scientist acted like that because of their pride and jealousy. No matter how smart or genius Tabane really is, the fact that she is a woman and younger than them wound their pride.

In the end they laughed at Tabane. Even if Tabane knew the reason they acted like that, it doesn't changed that it hurt her.

Feeling depressed she gone to Shinonono Shrine, to cool herself. Tabane doesn't want anyone especially Chifuyu and Houki to see her in that state. Hiding behind the Shrine she cry alone or at least that she though, until someone found her and that person is Ichika.


-Shinonono shrine-

Tabane is crying because the meeting that she had before. She still remembers the sneer and laugh. How they look down at her invention, IS. Then without she realize she arrived at Shinonono shrine. Even so, she couldn't let anyone to see her like this. With that she hide herself behind the shrine.

"Eh. Tabane-san, what are you doing here?" Tabane instantly froze, someone see her, immediately she erase the tears in her face and look at the voice.

Ichika is standing there, "Ichika, what are you doing here?" Tabane asked him back, she doesn't think that from all the people Ichika is the one that found her.

Suddenly Ichika frowning at her, and walk until he in front of her who is sitting in the ground.

"Are you crying Tabane-san?" his voice full of worries.

Tabane just smile at Ichika but inside she frowning, "Hahaha, that's funny Ichika why sh…"

Ichika then hugged her before she can finish her word, she tensed at the sudden contact with Ichika.

"It's all right" Ichika told her softly in her ear as he rub her back.

Immediately Tabane broken down, she cried and hugged Ichika back. They stayed like that for another ten minutes before Tabane composed herself and let him go.

"Thank you Ichika" Her usual cheerful voice cannot be heard, instead a new one that she never let anyone heard, not even Chifuyu and Houki. Ichika is the first one that heard it.

Ichika is shocked how different Tabane sounded than she usually. Tabane right now sound more mature and sexy(not he know it) making him blushed red.

Tabane then smile to him, not the mischievous smile like usual but a true, beautiful smile making Ichika blushing red more than before.

Thiking back at first Ichika just come to Shinonono Shrine to play with Houki but she is out for errands. Because of this Ichika decided to wandered around Shinonono Shrine and when he wandered to the back if the shrine, he seen Tabane with her Alice in wonderland clothes sulking.

Then Ichika realized that Tabane is crying. Chifuyu always told him don't leave a crying girl alone. So acted by that Ichika hugged Tabane the way Chifuyu do when he is crying and that lead him to this situation.

Ichika tried to keep his blush but failed miserably because Tabane alice in wonderland clothes and mechanical bunny ear making she look pretty and cute. Furthermore, with that kind of smile only increased it tenfold.

Averting his eye Ichika asked, "Ne, Tabane-san why are you crying?"

Tabane just looking at the ground she smiles a bittersweet smile. She pondering to tell him or not. However when she see the look of concern in Ichika eyes she decided to told him.

She start from the reason why she is here and everything that happened. Tabane doesn't sure what make her told this to Ichika. Ichika is still a kid and she sure that he doesn't understand what she told him. After she finished told him, Ichika just stay quiet and she feel like a fool.

"Woah Amazing Tabane-san" Ichika exclaimed, his eye shined with admiration, Tabane doesn't expecting this reaction and that leave her speechless.

"I don't understand some of it, but the IS you are created like a suit that superheroes wear isn't?" Ichika told him paused for a moment before yelled, "That's so cool!"

Tabane cannot help to giggled at that, it's great to have someone appreciate her invention.

"But those old man are sure stubborn to not recognize it" Ichika pouted making him adorable for Tabane.

"Then show them Tabane-san!" Tabane looking at Ichika confusedly are Ichika advised her to make real live demonstration. That will be a difficult thing to do.

"I watch this anime in TV, about heroes that everyone thinks a monster, and then hordes of true monster attack everyone. The heroes then save them by destroying the monster, finally people recognize him as heroes" Ichika told Tabane excitedly.

Hearing this suddenly Tabane got a very ridiculous idea but if it work. She let herself smile and hugging Ichika, making him fall to the ground.

"Thank you Ikkun" Tabane said as she kissed him in forehead making Ichika blushed, "You gave me a great idea"

"Ah.. yo..your we..welcome" Ichika shuttered because the kiss and the hug, not realizing the sudden changed name that Tabane call him. No one ever hug him beside Chifuyu, so this is his first experience he is hugged by the opposite gender. Also for the first time she realized Tabane as a woman than Houki older sister.

"You smell nice Tabane-san" Ichika suddenly told her out of nowhere, immediately Tabane let him go and fall to the ground, her face a little bit red.

For her part, Tabane is confused, why she acted like this because she opened her heart to Ichika? Her heart rate increase and her face heating, furthermore there is something like butterfly feeling in her stomach.

"Ne, are you all right Tabane-san?" Ichika asked her, shocking Tabane as their face just an inch from each other.

"Hahaha, Off course Ikkun" Tabane laughed as she tried to composed herself.

"Ikkun?" Ichika looked confused as he realized the name Tabane called him.

"Ikkun for Ichika-kun, do you not like it?" Tabane asked using the dreadful, puppy dog eye to Ichika. Having the first time someone using it to Ichika the effect is too great making Ichika to blubbering mesh. Tabane just laughed on the ground at Ichika, who pouted at her making her laugh more.

"Just like I though" Ichika told Tabane suddenly with a very gentle smile, "You are much prettier when you smiling" Suddenly Tabane feel weak in her leg and her face become hot, she feel like something just pierce her heart.

Ichika then look at his watch before frowned, it's almost the time for his favorite anime show.

"I`m sorry but I must go home Tabane-san" Ichika said and he suddenly kiss Tabane in her cheek, "See you later Tabane-san"

With that he go leaving Tabane in the ground, blushing red as she tried to said something coherent and failed miserably. Slowly she raised her trembling hand to her cheek that Ichika kiss and touched it, a wishful expression is on her face.

(Flashback End)

Just remember about it, making her face red.

After that, Ichika has a special place in her heart. There is a time that she think that he will told Chifuyu that he see her crying, but to her delight Ichika doesn't told anyone about what happen. It brings joy to her, for that is the secret between the two of them.

On the side note, she does what Ichika advised her, by hacked the military missile bases and ships all over the world launching 2341 ballistic and cruise missiles towards all major cities in Japan. Then she asked Chifuyu to become the world first IS pilot and neutralized all of the 2341 ballistic and cruise missiles. Tabane doesn't tell Chifuyu that she the one who do it, because Tabane knew that Chifuyu would refuse if she knew that she is the one who responsible for that.

Tabane then got her wish, the world acknowledge her invention, IS. Although there are unforeseen consequence, that is Chifuyu become a wanted person, fortunately her face is hidden, so her identity remain a secret to general public.

They only know her as White Knight, and she is attacked by several major world powers seeking to capture or destroy fended off its attackers destroying 207 next gen fighter aircrafts, disabling 7 aircraft carriers and its naval escorts, in addition 8 weaponized military spy satellites was also destroyed.

She found that funny for Chifuyu to be targeted by everyone, sadly Chifuyu doesn't feel the same. After a 'soft persuasion' from Chifuyu, that involved iron claw and making Tabane a close acquaintance to Chifuyu sword. Tabane begrudgingly helped her to disappear and never seen again.

Although, Chifuyu doesn't said it, Tabane knew that she has suspicion that Tabane is the one behind that all. However, Chifuyu doesn't know that the real one behind it was actually Ichika who make that advice. She is tempted to tell Chifuyu that, but against it because Chifuyu will know, what exactly happened and Tabane want to keep that event a secret between her and Ichika.

After that, another event happens. First, the "Alaska Treaty", which states that IS will never be used for military combat and that existing IS technology must be equally distributed to all nations, to prevent any one nation for dominating the others. Second, because IS can only be operated by women, the power balance between men and women is broken, with women coming to dominate society over men. She not mind about this but when the government declare her as a living national treasure and a VVIP individual that got to her nerve.

Because of that Tabane cannot go anywhere without someone escorting and become the target of terrorist and other government for her knowledge about IS. With that she decided to disappear, sadly her little sister, Houki is the one who most affected by this. Because of Tabane, Houki must move around but Tabane sure that Houki can understand about this. Still this make her somewhat feel relieved because the time that Houki and Ichika spend with each other will be decreased.

Tabane took this chance to get closer to Ichika by secretly visited Ichika. She asked Ichika to not told anyone, and keep it a secret from Houki and Chifuyu. Tabane feel bad for Houki but all fair in war and love.

Time flew and nothing big happened, Chifuyu now become IS representative of Japan and the first Mondo Grosso champion. Currently she is in the second Mondo Grosso trying to defend her title as Brunhilde. That's why now another perfect time to visited Ichika and that's what Tabane do now.

"Ikkun, I come to play!" Tabane announced as she suddenly materialized in Orimura house.

However, she suddenly frowned as she look around. The house is trashed; there are a sign of forced entry and struggle. Immediately she summoned a screen in front of her, pressed a few panel she made the screen showed a video of satellite view in Orimura house, and then she backward the video. What she see make her narrowed her eye, there is two black van outside the house and from it six black suit man come out. Then they proceed going into the house, in a few minutes they go out bringing Ichika who unconscious.

Someone kidnap Ichika and its take no genius why they do that, no doubt because Chifuyu. Immediately she summoned other screen contacting Chifuyu.


Chifuyu Orimura is not happy, she is downright angry, pissed and worried.

Just after she finished the semi-final round there is phone call that told her that they hold her brother. They are threating her by using Ichika.

They told her that if she does something that they want, they will guarantee her brother safety if not, well it does not take a genius to think about it.

They said that they would contact her later for her answer. However, they doesn't considered that Chifuyu will searched them by her own. To her the Mondo Grosso and the title of Brunhilde doesn't worth a shit for his brother. It's a good thing that the second Mondo Grosso is held in German, she know that the German wanted her to trained their pilot but she still don't give them an answer, saying that she will give them after Mondo Grosso.

But with Ichika kidnaped, this change everything. She told the German government that her brother is kidnaped and if they can found him, she will train their pilot. It took a while for them to find her brother, but they found him in a record time. Usually it takes hour of searching to find someone, but with motivation that Chifuyu train their pilot and not to mention the killer intent that she released for each passing minutes, well they have a lot motivation.

"Are you sure Ms. Orimura, we can send our soldier to retrieved him so you can continued the Mondo Grosso " One of the stupid officer asked Chifuyu and she not pleased, the officer is now have a nervous breakdown for faced Chifuyu full blast killing intent at point blank. No one dare to say anything else after that, and just say good luck to her.

Immediately, she activated her IS and takes off to Japan and that's why she is currently crossing China sky in high speed.

She has only one target and that is her brother, Ichika, if something happenin to him, there will be bloodbath. She will massacre the kidnappers and everyone that have link to her brother kidnaping.

After all, Chifuyu only reason and purpose in life is for Ichika. Just thinking that she would lose him makes her scarred to no end. He is the only thing she has now, she will do anything for him, even if she should dirty her hand with blood or make the whole world her enemies.

Suddenly she has a call, making her curse for the one who called her at the time like this as she opened the communication link.

"Hello, Chi-chan" Come Tabane face from the communication screen link.

Chifuyu does not expect this, but then she realized something very wrong with Tabane. Although she is smiling her eye is hard and not playful, her tone also send a shiver under her spine. Sometime, Tabane could be scary than her, although that is rare for something to make her like this, she feel sorry for the one that make angered her.

"What do you want Tabane, I busy" Chifuyu told her bluntly, she know that she shouldn't said that when Tabane is angry but Ichika is a lot more important.

"Why don't you seek my help if Ikkun is kidnaped?" This made Chifuyu to be momentary silent, and raised a valid question. Is she so desperate and worried that made her cannot think straight, if she asked Tabane sure it would be a lot faster.

"How do you know that?" Chifuyu asked Tabane, even for Tabane, how she could know about it. Isn't she is hiding right now and have no contact with outside world except with her and Houki?

"I doesn't matter, I have send you a booster use it" Now, Chifuyu feel something has gone terribly wrong she expected Tabane to answered 'Hahaha because I`m a genius'.

Nerveless, Chifuyu thanked Tabane for the booster now she can arrive a lot faster, she can think about it later after she save Ichika.

"Please rescue Ikkun, in mean time I will 'punish' the one who kidnaped Ikkun" With that Tabane cut off the communication, Chifuyu couldn't help to feel sorry but only a little, to be punish by Tabane is something more terrifying, even death still better. In addition, the way she said 'punish', that send a shiver down to her spine.

But she doesn't have time to ponder about this.

'Hang on Ichika!' Chifuyu though activated the booster, making her move in bordering the speed of light.

-Abandoned Warehouse-

Slowly Ichika conscious returned, he tried to move his hand but cannot, then he opened his eyes. Looking around it seems that he in an abandoned warehouse. Ichika then remembered a group of black people comes to his house and suddenly they attack him. He tries to put a fight but against them is futile.

"Hey, is he still unconscious?" This make Ichika tense for a moment, his kidnapers still around, fortunately it was his back that facing them so they cannot see his face. Ichika then decide that it will better to keep quiet, making them think that he still out.

"Yeah, the boy still out" Someone replied, this make Ichika relieve, "Still the boy punch is hurt" Ichika let a small smile of stratification.

"Yeah, no doubt he is her brother" Suddenly everything make sense, they kidnaped him because her sister.

"Still he is a fool and weak, if he decide to run than fighting us, things will go a lot harder for us" Ichika froze, that man is right if he run and try find a help things will go a lot different.

"Hahaha, you right. If I was his sister, I will disappoint at him" Ichika cannot help to crestfallen, what will his sister say, she has teach him better than this.

"With this, she will no doubt failed the Mondo Grosso and she could only blame her own brother hahaha" His sister will lose her title because of him, because his weakness and foolishness,

"If I the boy, I will ashamed and will not show my face to his sister" That man is right, Ichika couldn't face her sister if he make her lose her title,

"Yeah, his sister is great but he isn't, are they truly related?" Ichika feel a pang of pain in his heart, truly he is different that her powerful sister.

"Her brother is only a burden to her, I sure she hope that she doesn't has a brother like this or at all" It hurt, to think his sister doesn't want him, she is the only family that he had after his parent abandoned him.

"He shouldn't be her brother at all" Tears now falling down from Ichika eyes, "But if he not her brother we must find another way to threaten her, truly the good thing about is for a threat material. With him we can force her do 'anything'" Ichika now bit his lips hard, drawing blood to keep him from crying loud.

"And she will certainly do 'everything' we say, if she want her little brother safe, Hahaha" The man then continue to laugh, but Ichika blood boil and bit his lips harder drawing more blood, his tear is now falling freely. He cannot let that happened, it would be better if he died than he live but become a burden to her sister.

"Even so, the boss sure a slave driver, to think he order us to kidnap the boy and steal the goods." The man told his partner when they finished laughed.

"Yeah, kidnap the boy is easy but to steal the IS core is a lot harder" Now Ichika perks at this, Tabane told him that there are only 467 cores and all of them is distributed around the world, well not all, a few still with Tabane. However, to steal one is high impossible because the high security that they used.

"I wonder what make this core different?" The man asked his partner, "Beside it's still a core"

"Don't know, but the boss adamant to get it" Shrugged the man, "But still do you think it's okay to just keep it here with the boy?"

"Hah, you are too paranoid, the IS could only operate by woman, there is no way the boy could active it" The man snorted at his partner, "And we are only a hired thug, they paid us to do the job and kept our mouth shut"

"Yeah, you right but still to guard it with only five of us" The man sighing before looking at the unmoving body Ichika, "The brat still out, why don't we leave him here and take a smoke. It's not like he can escape even if he awake" The man told his partner.

"Yeah you right" with that the two of them leaving Ichika alone inside the warehouse.

After making sure, they out Ichika let small whimper, he can taste his own blood, then looking around trying to find something to cut the rope. Ichika found broken glass at his side, luckily the kidnaper doesn't tied his feet so he can move. Slowly he stands and walks to the broken glass, and then he picks it.

It hurt his hand when he used it to cut the rope, and a few times, he missed the aim and cut his own hand. However, this little pain is nothing than what he feels before, finally the rope is cut but his own hand is covered with cut and his own blood. He doesn't has time, he must quickly find weapon for him to use, with that mind he looking around the warehouse.

Ichika eye then landed on a big silver suitcase. Walking to it Ichika the opened it, inside the silver suitcase is a sphere that Ichika immediately recognize as IS core, he already see it in the picture that Tabane show him. He cannot use this, so he look around once more, finding nothing else to use except for this broken glass piece. Looking at it, Ichika knew that he cannot use this to attack them, maybe he should to use it to end his life. With that, they cannot threaten her sister anymore. With that in his mind he pick it again and bring it to his neck but just when he will cut his neck, he suddenly remember, what happen to his sister and Tabane if he died. Losing his resolve to end his own life, he put down the broken glass piece.

Ichika feel hopeless, not knowing what to do. Then he look back at the core, he has nothing to lose now. Kneeling in front of the suitcase, he touches it. Suddenly everything turn black and he realize that he's not in the warehouse anymore. Looking around all he can see a field of barren land with snow covering it and a few dead tree branch. When he looks up, he can see the clear sky of night with a big full moon with twinkling stars surrounding it. Ichika left speechless at this, it was beautiful.

"Hm…. It`s rare to have a visitor" Suddenly a melodious voice snapped him. He look around to find the voice but find no one.

"Fufufu, up here boy" Then Ichika look up, in the night sky and find a woman flying, looking at her Ichika is taken back, her white hair floating being blow by invisible wind, glimmering under the moon light. Her beautiful deep pink eye looking at him with cold look, she wearing a dark blue headband with black lace trimming. Each side of the headband ends with a black bow; the headband also sports a dark purple rosette on top. A dark blue neck ribbon is tied around her neck, and her dress is white and dark blue. It has a matching rosette brooch just like the one on the headband. The top part of the dress also has black lace trimming and features white ruffles trimming. The sleeves of the dress are puffy on each of the shoulders, while on the arms they fit the first half - the lower arms feature three-layered white ruffles. The skirt is white with ruffles trimming, layered with dark blue diamond-shaped pieces. The two front layers feature white inverted crosses. Between these two layers is a criss-crossed ribbon. She also wears a pair of dark blue boots with matching rosettes like those on the headband. But, what get Ichika attention is her black wings that make her flying.

Slowly she descended to one of the death tree branch. Ichika just staring at her, unbelieving what he just see.

"What bring you here boy?" The woman asked him once again snapping him from gawking at her.

"Where am I and who are you?" Ichika asked her, clearly confused, after all just a moment ago he is in warehouse but now.

"You are in my world, for my name, I will tell you later if you are worthy" Her answered making Ichika frown.

"Your world, but it means you are that core" Ichika asked in realization.

"You are right, I am an AI for IS core serial number 000" Ichika is shocked, he never knew that the core serial number begin at 000 not 001. Tabane never told him that.

"But Tabane-san never told there are serial number 000"Ichika said it out a lot but as soon as Ichika said that a strong wind blowing at him.

"Don't say that woman name!" She yelled angrily at Ichika, making Ichika shocked at the hatred in her voice.

"Isn't she your creator?" Ichika asked confused, why she hated Tabane.

"Even though she is my creator or perhaps my mother, I will never recognize her as that for what she done to me" Ichika keep silent urged her to continue, "I was the first IS core that she created, but she abandoned me"

Ichika is speechless, Tabane not strike him as someone that will abandoned someone, "What do you mean?"

"She left me incomplete, she hasn't finished me" She looked hateful but Ichika can detect a deep sadness in her voice. Tabane must have a reason for that, and if he survived this, he will asking her.

"But we not speaking about me, what do you want boy?" She asked and Ichika feeling that he shouldn't pry too deep for now and told her what happening.

"So, that's why I feel my surrounding are different" She whispered a look of understanding is in her face, "Then tell me boy, do you want power?"

"But you said you aren't complete" Ichika said but her glare make him know that she said the wrong thing.

"I`m maybe not complete but I still have power. Now do you want it boy?" She said clearly annoyed at Ichika.

Making a decision Ichika answered her, "Yes, I want a power" She just let a small smile and descent to the snowy ground walking until them face each other.

"Tell me for what do you wish my power?" She asked as she gently caressing Ichika face.

"I want power so I can protect my sister" Ichika said confidently, he needs power so he can stand in equal ground with her sister and protect her. He never wants to have this kind of hopeless feeling anymore. He won't become her sister burden anymore. He wants her sister proud at him. He want, no he needs power.

She just let a small smirk, "To protect? Are you sure?"

Ichika frowning not knowing the direction of this question heading for, "You won't be strong if you try protecting someone"

"What do you mean?" Ichika snapped at her and horrified expression in his face, this is the first time he yelled at other especially a woman.

But she just look pleased, "To protect mean you just have equal power to your foe, you will never become strong enough, in the end you still weak"

"But that's …." Ichika started to uncertain, isn't that someone will become strong if he/she had something to protect, "Is true" she cut Ichika.

"But you can think like this, to protect is to defend, and the greatest defend is a strong offense, a strong offense mean have a strong power. A strong power mean you have more power than anyone else " Ichika listened at her, and her word seem to makes sense, "Could you have it if you just want to protect?"

Thinking about it, Ichika know that she is right. It is better to destroy anyone who wishes harm to his sister before they can, than protect her after that happened. Both also need power to do it, in then end only power that is matter. That he can gain more by destroying something that he would never gain if he only protect.

"Yes, I understand" Ichika said looking down, missed the dark smile in her face.

"If that`s so, lets us join" She extended her hand to Ichika, "Take my hand and we will attain the ultimate power and stand in the top of the world, we will become something beyond a mere mortal and machine, we will become God"

Looking at her hand Ichika know that if he take it there will no return, but he already decided, "Yes, lets" Ichika takes her hand.

"Forever you will become mine and I become yours"

"I will be the end and you will be the beginning"

"I am your winter and you are my summer"

"Together nothing stops us"

"We will destroy everything that stands in our way"

"Lets us now begin our endless waltz"

Then when she finished recited the oath dark light engulf them.

When Ichika opened his eye, once again he is in the warehouse, the core in the suitcase is now gone. In his left hand on the fourth finger there is now a ring, the ring have a bulge surround it like a thorn and beautiful purple rose in the top with amethyst gem inside of the rose.

However, Ichika doesn't have time to admire it, "Hey what are doing brat!"

Looking at the entrance to the warehouse there stood five people looking angry at him.

"Shit, he must done something to the core!" One of the man accused him.

"Don't use gun, we don't want accidently kill him" The leader, Ichika assume ordered, they take a combat knives out and start to walk to him, surrounding him in circle.

"Relax, I will help you for now" Ichika heard that woman voice inside his head, and suddenly a sword materialized on his right hand, the sword is so thin that almost look like a rapier, the handle color is golden with an open angel wing design, at the tip of the sword engraved with cross like symbol.

"What the hell?" One of them shouted in shock, but Ichika doesn't wait for them to regain their sense and jump to the nearest person. Ichika make slashing move and in instant, the man body cut to half. The rest of them just look at Ichika dumbly for what just happened, Ichika himself feel sick but he cannot afford to puke right now. Looking at his sword, he can see the sword is surrounding by a strange light.

"How dare you do that!" One of the man yelled and using his combat knives he trying to stab Ichika. Ichika side step to the left making the man passed him, but he making a sweeping move with his sword, in the man is cut to two too by Ichika.

The other three man finally regain their sense, "Shit, fuck it!" one of the man take out his gun, followed by other, but before they can aim it Ichika took the initiative and cut the hand of on the man who take the gun first.

"Argghhh!" The man yelled in pain looking at the now missing hand of him, he fall to his knee as more blood come out from the hand, not missing his chance Ichika cut the man head making it rolled from his heck, before blood come out like a fountain.

Ichika body now is soaking from the blood the three people he killed. Making the other two unnerve by the sight.

"That's kid a monster" The man said as he watched how easy the kid kill his friend.

"I am out from here!" His partner yelled as he run away leaving the other man,

"Hey wait!" The man trying to stop his partner, but suddenly he feel something in his stomach, looking down he can see a sword came out from his stomach. Ichika the take out his sword from the man stomach making him fall to the ground and throwing his sword at the man who run. The sword impaled the man precisely in his head, making him death before falling to the ground. The sword itself dematerialized, after killing the man.

When the adrenaline finally gone, Ichika look at what he had done.

"I.. I kill them all" Ichika muttered as he look at each of the death man, and then throw up. After he lets all his stomach content out Ichika look at his hand, which is wet with his own blood and other blood.

"I kill them" Ichika said again, "I kill them all" he couldn't believe how easy that human can die. His sister has told him that if he kills a person with sword he will feel the weight of human life. However, his sister is wrong, it doesn't feel heavy, in fact light, the human life is so light.

"Have you taste it?" She asked inside his mind, "How great our power really are, How light is life really are, and How easy you kill them all"

Ichika just keep silent looking at the carnage, "This is just a small portion of our power"

He can feel the dark smirk at the woman face even if he cannot see her.

"And this just the beginning"

"HeheheahHAHAAHAH…." Ichika suddenly started to laughing like a mad man, he feel something snap inside of him, but he also cried and he can feel the dark smile that woman appeared in his mind.

"ICHIKA!" Someone yelled, looking at the entrance he could see his sister entering the warehouse.

Finally Chifuyu arrived in front of an abandoned warehouse, she only could hope that her brother to be okay. Looking around she cannot see a guard, and a feeling of dread enter her. Quickly she go to the entrance with her IS still active yelled her brother name, "ICHIKA!"

She has prepared for the worse but she doesn't prepare for this. As soon as she enter, what she saw making her want to throw up, there is Ichika standing with blood in his body with dead man around him. His expression hurt her so much, he looked at her with smile an insane one but he is crying and with all the blood in his face it look like he cry with blood as his tears, but his eyes is so death with insane glint in it.

"Chifuyu-nee" Ichika called her, she quickly shooked her head and running to him, and hugged him.

"It`s okay Ichika, everything is okay" She said softly as she rubbed Ichika back, not minding the blood in Ichika body sticking to her.

Then suddenly Ichika pushed her back, she feel hurt and confused when he do that but when a loud bang of gun can be heard she know the reason.

One of the man who have a stabbed wound in his stomach has his gun pointed at the former place she stand. Ichika pushed her so that she wouldn't hit by the bullet, Ichika has save her but looking at Ichika, Chifuyu could see he clutching his stomach and blood dripping from his mouth and drop to the ground like a puppet that has it string cut. Looking at her brother condition she saw nothing but red.

"ARRGGG!"Immediately she materialized the Yukihira and activated the energy blade, slashing at the man who shoot her brother.

"HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU HURT ICHIKA!" Chifuyu kept on slashing the man making her covered in blood. She continues to do that until there is nothing remains from the man expects the huge crater where the man lie and blood. Chifuyu then immediately go to her brother side and hold him.

"Hang on Ichika, I will save you!" She said in distress, before took Ichika to go to the nearest hospital. Leaving the dead people lie in there. If Chifuyu wait a moment she can see a figure coming out from the shadow.

"I just came here following her, curious why she was in such haste" she muttered a loud,

"But I never expecting to see this even in my wildest dream" a red blush rise in her face.

"Ichika, the way you stand in the center of this carnage excited even me" She said as she shivered

"That look, the way you are drenching with blood on your body" she hugged herself trying to calm her down.

"I want to see it more, I want you to show me more, Ichika" she said in loving tone

"I changed my mind, I will not kill you, I will make you mine forever Ichika" with that she gone disappear inside of the shadow.

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