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Alice Liddell

The Eleventh Doctor

DOCTOR WHO/ALICE: The Angel of Madness.

Chapter 1: The Stone Gaze of Cruelty.

London, 1880. A terrible time and place to be poor, or homeless, much less both.

However, such was the predicament of Alice Liddell, a 23-year-old woman with no family, friends, or relatives who would take pity on her. Instead, she's been forced to wander from shelter to shelter, charity to charity, workhouse to workhouse, and fail to find refuge in any of them. Not from hunger or cold – but from the world.

Ever since the revelation of Dr. Bumby, the owner of the first orphanage she went to, as the killer of her entire family, she had lost faith in the human race. As far as she was concerned, every man who wasn't blind was looking at her with predatory lust, waiting for the right opportunity to drag her away and break her body and spirit. It had happened to her sister after all; a slimy undergraduate who had the full confidence of her father...who died before he could realize the deception.

And not just her body was coveted by these snarling beasts; her family's old lawyer, Radcliffe, had effectively stolen almost all the inheritance she had been left, and skipped town as soon as she objected. She didn't even get the opportunity to hold her old toy rabbit once again...she had fainted in the middle of ranting at him, and he had packed up in a haste, probably fearing for his life. Alice, at the time, believed he had every reason to: she did suspect him as a potential murderer of her family, but her later encounters with Dr. Bumby acquitted him of all guilt.

As for her own guilt, it took a while to get rid of her own official guilt in the murder of Bumby. At first, it seemed that she would finally leave this horrid world behind...but then, a child who used to be under the care of Dr. Bumby had been paying attention to the trial, and realized he was being used as a slave for pedophiles to practice their degradations on. He instantly sympathized with Alice, and rushed to her defense. It was a sheer stroke of luck, one that made the jury take pity on her, and ultimately release her of any legal wrongdoing.

A most cruel mercy indeed. She was allowed to walk out, free, into a world that wanted nothing to do with her. Wherever she tried to stay, eventually some evil, malicious man would eventually make it so she couldn't stay. Whether it was through a drunken rampage, a lustful gaze, or some unexplainable instance of bad luck, she would find herself back out onto the street within a few days, often forcing her to wonder whether it would've been better off for her if she had asked to stay in prison. In fact, only painful memories of abuse and mistreatment prevented her from asking the staff of Rutledge's Insane Asylum to give her old room back.

Of course, Dr. Wilson would object – he's frightened of what he cannot explain, and thus was disturbed by Alice's sudden recovery from her constant hallucinations of 'Wonderland,' the wondrous landscape of her dreams...literally. Ever since the fire, she had trouble telling whether or not she was in the real world, or the mad world of Wonderland...which she vastly prefers to this world. As deranged as it is, Wonderland is where Alice is able to look out for herself, where she has control over what happens to her life, where she can be whomever she chooses to be.

Which explains why when she passed another beggar on the street one August evening, weakly holding out his hat and asking for bread, she asked him: "Is it too much trouble to try and catch the Bread-and-Butterflies? They're all within reach, you know."

"The whats now?" asked the beggar in his thick Scottish accent, "What're ye talkin' aboot, missie?"

"Oh, that's right...forget I said anything," said Alice, who ran off in embarrassment. Apparently, she had forgotten that she was the only one who perceived the 'Londerland' about her (as she had affectionately named the bizarre hybrid of London and Wonderland). Only she could see the strange and exotic plants and animals wandering the streets (and yes, sometimes the plants joined in the wandering); to the rest of the world, she was mad as a hatter. And people afraid of the insane, think they are a curse upon the world, would find her, and no doubt do terrible things to her...as she had thought this through several times in the past, she picked up speed.

Fleeing from confused strangers was no unfamiliar task for her; several times had her fears of the unknown motives of men forced her to do so. Luckily for her, she always knew there was one street she could run to, where they would not follow her. There were several hiding places amid the seedy marketplace hustle and bustle where she could easily slip into, and the stall managers were perfectly content to share their street-space, and even a few of their wares, for free...just as long as Alice kept her mouth shut about the true dealings of that particular neighborhood, of which she knew all the details. It was a painful decision to make for a girl who valued honesty as one of the few virtues in this pitiful world, but as Nanny told her many years ago, "A woman alone sometimes does what she doesn't particularly feel like doing."

She ran on and on through the streets, which were nearly empty due to the hour. She never stopped until she reached the familiar street corner that led into her hiding spot...

...and the instant she turned into it, she suddenly found it completely abandoned! Stalls were turned over, wares (both legal and not) were scattered all over the streets, and the whole visible area was virtually free of people!

"Oh my!" she said to no one in particular, "The place is a shambles! Have the police finally caught on to their activities?"

She breathed in through her nose...and the distinct whiff of dried opium was instantly recognized. "No, not the police; they'd have confiscated all the drugs and stolen goods! Perhaps it was a gang...in either case, this place is useless to me now. I'll need to find another place of refuge." And with that, she took one last look at the only un-ruined object in the street, a statue of a crying angel (no doubt stolen from some aristocrat's front lawn), and turned away towards the main roads...

...When she suddenly heard footsteps and conversation headed her way! She couldn't make out what they were saying, but she didn't care: If they saw her standing in this mess of opium, they would connect her to the illegal goings-on of this place, now no longer hidden by carefully-placed market stalls. Thinking quickly, she ran behind the angel statue, and crouched down behind its skirt.

A minute later, the men had passed right on by the street, too engrossed with conversation over the latest imports from Japan. Breathing a sigh of relief, Alice stood up, and poked her head around the statue...

All of a sudden, the instant her hand touched the part of the statue that was supposed to represent the exposed skin of the right arm, she received a massive electrical shock that made her stumble back into an overturned market stall. As memories of shock therapy at Rutledge's sprang back to her conscious thought, Alice sat up, rubbed her hand, and looked at the statue in confusion...only to find that the pose of the statue had suddenly changed! Now, it looked like it was turning around to look at her!

"Is this another dream? Has Wonderland decided to play another joke on me? If so, this really isn't funny." she said as she studied the statue, with the same curiosity she remembered having when she first fell down the rabbit hole and discovered Wonderland.

And then she blinked.

Instantly, the statue changed pose again: This time, it looked like it was coiling up in preparation for a lunge, an anticipatory sneer on it's face!

Shocked, Alice jumped back, falling on her rear as she did. Quickly, she turned her gaze back to the statue: Now it seemed to be opening it's mouth in an animalistic snarl, revealing vampire-like fangs. Getting even more disturbed by the second, she desperately scrambled backwards towards the entrance to a back alley.

She blinked again.

The statue had moved towards her, closing half of the distance she had put between herself and...whatever that thing was, since it was obviously not a real statue.

"No, please, stay away! I've done nothing to you! Leave me be!" she desperately pleaded as she backed up some more...to no response from the thing.

By then, she had backed herself up against the entrance to the alley. Throwing caution to the wind, she stood up, ran backwards as far as she could, and then turned away from the false angel statue. Stumbling at first, she ran as fast as she could, once looking over her shoulder...to find the statue not far behind her.

She had barely run ten seconds when she turned a corner, and found a large metal gate barring her road to freedom! She stopped, scared, and turned around...to find the snarling statue in her face.

She backed up as much as she could, ending with her back against the gate, and her eyes fixed in terror on the angel...

She blinked. And the statue moved closer.

She blinked again. The statue moved even closer.

She blinked for a third time. This time, the statue appeared right in front of her, its face directly before hers.

Suddenly, Alice realized what was going on: Whatever hallucination this was, it only moved when her eyes were closed. Thinking quickly, Alice focused all her strength into her eyelids, trying desperately to keep them open just for a little longer...just keep looking at the thing's face...

The strain quickly became too much, and her face contorted into all sorts of expressions as her struggle continued...

And then she blinked.



The statue hadn't moved. She was still alive.

Confusion and terror wrestled for dominance within Alice's mind, as she wondered what would make such a terrifying creature pause just as it was going in for the kill.

Just then, she heard footsteps rushing up the alley...and then saw somebody rush up behind the statue, and place some kind of odd headgear on it, with some kind of flat, golden plate obscuring the face.

"It's Okay, you can blink now; it can't hurt anyone." said the voice of a young man, who then walked out from behind the statue. "That's the thing with Weeping Angels: They can't move when anybody is looking at them...themselves included."

"What did you do to it?" asked Alice, breathing heavily from adrenaline rush.

"Oh, I just hung a mirror in front of its face. Being forced to look yourself in the mirror – Tolerable if you're a beauty queen, disastrous if you're a Weeping Angel. I'm the Doctor, by the way, and you are?"

Just then, Alice got a good look at the man who had apparently saved her life: He was about her age, wearing a simple tweed jacket with a blue shirt underneath, and a red bowtie around his neck. His hair looked like a good portion of it was brushed onto the right side of his head, giving him an odd look that she couldn't describe. But what grabbed her attention first was his face: he seemed unrealistically happy for this day and age.

"Alice...Alice Liddell." she said, as her mind raced over what this so-called 'Doctor' might be thinking.

"Ah. Well, nice to meet you, Alice." said the Doctor, who extended his right hand towards her.

"But...you're just an illusion, aren't you? Like the statue?"

"Oh, I'm real, alright. Course, if you were to tell anyone about me, well, people of this day and age don't really believe in living statues (a really disastrous train of thought if the Angels are on this planet), so I might as well be an illusion as far as anyone here cares." Then, he turned back towards the once-menacing statue: "Now, I really need to get this thing off the planet; you can help me if you like."

"But...isn't it harmless now? With that mirror on its head and all?"

"Well, somebody might steal the mirror. It's a style that hasn't been invented yet, so somebody might think it would be worth a few shillings or two. So, it falls to me, and possibly you, to get that thing to my TARDIS so nobody gets the chance."

Her head still trying to wrap itself around the things this oddball was saying, she suddenly remembered what every other man had wanted of her...she placed her hands on her hips, and asked: "And what happens if I don't help you? If I don't want to go to your 'Tardis' or whatever you call it?"

The Doctor pressed his hand to his chin, and said: "Well, I can't lift this thing by myself..." And then his face lit up in realization: "Ha! Good thing I started carrying some money around with me!"

Suddenly, he ran off, calling back to her: "Make sure nobody steals the mirror, I'll be back in about five minutes!"

Still suspicious, Alice decided to give him a chance as she watched him go...and then blinked several times in a row, as her eyes began to itch for a second.



Five minutes later, he came back...with about five raggedy-dressed men with him! Alice stepped back in shock...and then the Doctor said: "There it is, boys; just move that statue over to my police box, and that'll be all."

"Got it, Doctor." said one of the men. Quickly, all of them took their positions around the statue, leaned it over, and started carrying it out of the alley.

The Doctor, meanwhile, turned to Alice and said: "I offered them five pounds each for about five minutes of heavy lifting. Nothing too hard."

Alice narrowed her eyes at the Doctor: "Did you tell them there's a woman here?"

"They didn't ask." answered the Doctor nonchalantly, as he began following them out of the alley. "Why would they?"

"Well," began Alice as she began following the Doctor...when one of the men suddenly jerked away from the statue, exclaiming "OW!" as he did.

"Oh, yeah," said the Doctor, as he went over to help him, "Don't touch the arms...or the head...stick to the robed areas."

"What happened?" asked the man who complained of the pain.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you. 19th century London and all...Suffice to say, that's part of the reason I needed this statue moved, and why I was willing to part with twenty-five pounds to see it happen."

Alice sighed. "You know what; I guess I will help." And with that, she walked towards the bottom of the statue, stopped for a second to rub her eyes, and grabbed the edge of the statue's skirt.



Five minutes later, the odd procession had reached its destination: A small wooden structure with a blue painted exterior, and a sign just under the roof that said: "Police Public Call Box". Everyone set the angel statue down, and the Doctor pulled out his purse and gave everyone what they were promised. As the five beggars walked away with their new money, Alice stayed behind for a reason she couldn't fully explain...yet still keeping her distance from the mysterious bouncing man.

Then, the Doctor went inside the little box, and came out a second later with a length of rope trailing behind him. He walked around the statue, adjusted the mirror on its head, and tied a strong knot around the angel's waist, before walking back to the box...

...and turning back towards Alice, saying: "Well, I must be going now. Wouldn't suggest you stay; if you saw the kind of things that happen around me, you'd think you were going mad.

Suddenly, Alice stepped forward, offended: "Mad? I've just been attacked by a statue!"

"Like I said, nobody believes in the existence of the Weeping Angels. Any mention of them-"

"And what's more," continued Alice, "It's not one of the hallucinations that sent me to Rutledge's in the first place!"

"-would make people send you to an insane asylum like...Rutledge." The Doctor suddenly paused in his speech, as what Alice just said caught up with his train of thought. "Wait," he said "You've already been there? For what? You seem fine to me; Your typical everyday brunette with a quick temper."

"That's not the me you would have seen if it were ten or five years ago." she said, turning away as she remembered... "Back then, dreaming and waking were impossible to differentiate. I couldn't tell which was which...now, I can. But I still see them, out of the corner of my eye...all the wondrous sights, all the strange things, all the-"


"Um..." asked the Doctor as Alice suddenly stopped; on a whim, he walked up right next to her, asking: "Are you okay? Is everything..."

And then he suddenly saw her face: total fright. Her eyes were fixed on something, but when the Doctor looked, there was nothing there.

Suddenly, she spoke: "Oh my god...something's wrong...this can't be real!"

"What can't be real?" asked the Doctor, "What's wrong?"

"The buildings...the signs...the trees..."

"There aren't any trees around..." the Doctor tried to interject, but Alice continued: "the toadstools...the grass...all of it...NO!"

"What's happening?" asked the Doctor, as he jerked Alice around to face him...and then he saw it. The familiar grey outline in her eyes...

"It's all turning to stone...grey, soulless stone...and crumbling..." said Alice, weakly.

"You looked into the eyes of the Angel, did you?"

Before she could answer, Alice suddenly screamed, and collapsed onto the street.

"Wonderland is dying!"

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