"Moonflower?" Bluepaw's mew trembled as she looked down at her mother's unmoving body.

Rain poured down on them as they made their way from Windclan camp. All of Windclan stopped to watch them leave, their pelts spiked with water and anger. Hawkheart growled at Bluepaw as she passed by, clearly mad by what her mother had accomplished. Herbs spattered her mother's pelt. That was the only reason they were here.


They had to destroy Windclan's supply of herbs, at least thats what Goosefeather said, taking his word from an omen that was found in a dead peice of prey's fur. Bluepaw growled as they crossed the border, remembering Hawkheart's sneering as he looked at her, calling her a "Kit-warrior". Moonflower hung limp as they carride her into camp, all the warriors left gasping and yowling in surprise. Bluepaw ignored them, numb with grief. They laid Moonflower in the clearing, just as the storm let up.

Bluepaw sat beside her mother's body. Her heart was heavy, her throat choked back a sob. She didn't smell the same, the Mint and Lilac didn't cover the scent of death that surrounded her mother like fog. Snowpaw, her sister, pressed her pelt into Bluepaw's side, looking up at the star's. Bluepaw sighed sadly as she looked at her father, who's head was resting on Moonflower's shoulder, his eyes bright with grief. Bluepaw rested her head on her mother's flank one last time, grief swamping all her other senses.

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