A Crown and a Promise

"Purple, green, pink or yellow?" Anna held out the four dresses in her arms. I examined each individually, before finally picking one. "Purple, please," I decided. Anna nodded before placing the dress on the bed. She wandered over to the wardrobe to put the others back.

"Would you like me to put your hair up or down my lady?" my new lady-in-waiting asked. I shot her a look, and she immediately knew which. "Down it is," she nodded, "An excellent choice, my lady."

"I have told you a thousand times, Anna," I turned to her, "You may call me Gwen. My lady…it does not seem right. How about Gwen in private and my lady in public, hmm?"

Anna nodded, "As you wish, Gwen." She gave me a knowing smile, before re-arranging the dressing area. "It is ready when you are," she eventually said as she carried a stool. I walked behind the paritioners and began to dress in my new outfit. The silk rubbed against my skin, giving me a warm feel. I can understand why Morgana likes these dresses. Liked.

Eventually, I walked out and let Anna lace up the bed. She was a nice girl- but maybe a little too obedient. Then again, I was a lot like her.

"You look lovely, my lady," she beamed, as she slipped on my heels. I gave her a look. "Sorry," she gave another knowing look. "Thank you Anna," I said, "I think that is all."

Suddenly, a light knock came at the door. I sighed, wondering who it could be. My nerves couldn't take much more. "Enter," I finally succumbed to curiosity.

A familiar figure entered, and I exhaled. "It's only you Merlin," I smiled, "What is it you require?" He sat down on the bed, inviting me to do the same. I did.

"These are our last few minutes as equals," he seemed sad, "I will soon have to call you 'my lady.' Our days as servants, gone, like a sudden wind…" He put a hand to his head, dramatically and I laughed, feeling a little less tense. "You are not to call me 'my lady', or I will get you beheaded," I joked.

"I will escape," Merlin was still being a Drama Queen, "Using my wisdom and some cloth." I laughed again, "Good idea. But I should have you guarded 24/7." Merlin shook his head, before the sound of the clock in the square chiming reached both our ears."

"Is that the time?" he seemed suddenly panicky; "I must leave. I will see you in the Ceremonial Hall, my lady." He jumped off the bed, before giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, "Good luck." I nodded in thanks as he ran out of the room.

After what seemed hours, another knock came at the door. It was gentler, perhaps from a woman or small man's hand. "Come in," I called loudly. The door opened and Lady Jasmine entered. She was a young courtier being courted by Sir Leon.

"They are ready for you, ma'am," she had a very polite disposition. I nodded and looked at Anna for support. "Good luck," she smiled at me, the prettiest smile I had ever seen, "But I doubt you will need it" "Thank you for all your work," I beamed at her as she hitched up the trail of my dress in her hard-working hands. The guards opened the door and I gave them a small flicker of my lips.

Eventually, we reached the fabled Oak Doors. Terrified, I looked at Anna as my last minutes of being a true commoner subsided. She gave her a confident smile, which out-shone my shaking one.

The two guards threw the door open, and every face turned to stare as me. I ascended the aisle for the second time in a week. I looked straight ahead, focused on, well my, throne. Arthur's eyes locked into mine, and I could tell that he wanted to smile.

I finally reached the front, my body inches from my husband's. I immediately kneeled down as I had practiced some much. Merlin, Gaius, Elyan and several other knights made up the front row. Leon and Gwaine were behind them, smiling proudly.

Arthur took a crown from the cushion showed to him by a young Squire. He rotated 90 degrees, and held the item that would changed my life above my head. 'I pronounce you Guinevere," he placed the jeweled crown on me, "Queen of Camelot."

My now equal placed his hands out, and I put mine in his. As soon as I was properly upward, we began to kiss-slowly but passionately. After we broke it off, he led me to the throne. I stood to his side, ready to sit down. My left hand and his right were at our sides. However, our spares were holding each other's up.

"Long Live the Queen," Arthur called out. "Long Live the Queen, Long Live the Queen," it was repeated so many times. I looked at Merlin and he gave me a toothy grin. 'Thank you,' I mouthed.

Arthur still had my hand and out legs gave way. The throne was made of the comfiest material, and made me feel like I was in Heaven. We looked at each other and stared into each other's eyes.

"You are a beautiful Queen," Arthur told me.

I smiled for the millionth time that day. Apart from Arthur, this crown gave me one other thing.

A promise.

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