"Why am I the one doing this?"

Raven stood in front of the high school amidst the students entering to make the morning bell. Communicator in hand and adorn in a school uniform, she had a look that could kill.

"Starfire looks too different. Beast Boy is green. Cyborg…is a cyborg," Robin responded, "You're the only one who can really go undercover."

"And you?"

He disconnected.

"Thanks for the help," she murmured.

Entering the high school was like every nightmare Raven thought it would be. She was stuck in a hall full of people who both looked at her and ignored her. People who whispered about her but didn't ask her anything. She couldn't be thankful for a respect of her privacy because she knew they wanted to know her story.

And she wanted to know theirs. Or, at least, the Titans wanted to know one of theirs. One of the students, a student amongst Raven was a high-profile, very dangerous drug dealer. The reason she was in this school and dressed undercover was because it was her mission to identify and arrest that student.

Her schedule said she had English first. When walking in, she was awkwardly introduced by the teacher (as "Rae," to protect her identity), given a book, and directed to the seat in the back corner. They were discussing Romeo and Juliet and after five minutes, Raven had assessed that she was smarter than most of her "classmates." The only way she could keep herself from falling asleep in boredom was watching her classmates, trying to decide if the drug dealer was in the class with her.

The bell rang and then it was algebra. Teacher introduction, given a book, sit in the corner. Observe the class.

Bell rang. She understood why teens hated school so much now, it was so repetitive and with no escape. Next was history. Lunch. Then Spanish. All the same, just different subjects. These were all things she had learned before, all her time pouring over books had paid off.

Then it was biology. She walked in, expecting the same routine, but who she saw in the classroom stopped her. In the second row was Terra. She sat there, leaning out of her seat listening to a friend gossip, chewing on the end of her pen. She was smiling.

Then, Raven caught her eye. She immediately sat up, ripping the pen out of her mouth and she stopped smiling. Her friend noticed her jerk and looked over her shoulder at Raven.

"What's wrong?" she asked too loudly.

"Nothing," Terra responded. She shrugged down in her seat and averted her eyes. The bell rang and the teacher introduced Raven, gave her a textbook, and sent her to the back. Terra's eyes darted, trying not to look at her.

For the eternity of the class, Raven was just watching the girl from behind. From the looks of it, Terra was trying to avoid her as much as she could. She never turned back, she never even looked up. She just stared down at her textbook, which wasn't even open to the right page. Halfway through the period, she left without a word and didn't come back. The bell rang. The end of the day bell.

"Where did she go?" one of Terra's friends asked to the other. The first shrugged. Raven just walked past them, forgetting Terra and ready to escape. Once off school grounds and away from the crowd of students, she could break into a run back to the Tower.

I will never, ever regret being home-schooled and graduating early, was all she could muse on. When she got to the Tower, she took her time going to her room and changing out of the uniform and back to her usual outfit. If there was one thing she wanted to avoid, it would be Beast Boy seeing her in that get-up.

She headed to Robin's evidence room next, where she found him dusting weapons for fingerprints. He hardly looked up when she opened the door.

"How was your first day?" he asked.

"I have a lot of homework," she responded wryly.

"Cyborg will help you. If not, make Beast Boy do it, he could learn a thing or two."

She would have kept up a witty banter, but she had more serious things to say, "You'll never believe who was at the school."

"Look," he said, still working, "If you want to gossip, go tell Starfire, she'll appreciate it."

"Terra," she practically cut him off. He stopped and looked up, "Beast Boy wasn't lying. Terra goes to school in the city."

"I never thought he was lying. But I didn't even think of that."

"She's in a class with me. She saw me and hid for most of the class."

"Out of all of us, you're probably the last one she wants to see."

"I'm sure she would have reacted seeing any of us there," she said. He nodded in agreement.

"Did she say anything?"


"Did you say anything?"

"Of course not."

"Well, then I guess you just have to keep going. If she's not approaching us, maybe she'll just let us move on with our lives."

"I hope so, I-" she stopped herself.

But he knew her too well, "Say what you're thinking. You don't need to keep it in."

"I just don't want any more drama with Terra. I don't care if she wants to stay away or wants to be our friend, but, I don't think we could take it one more time."

"I know, I agree. We'll just have to see how it all pans out."

"Right," she said hesitantly. She began to walk out when he added:

"But please keep the news from Beast Boy."

She agreed.