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Beast Boy

Sometimes I am convinced that this Terra is not the real Terra. She looks like her and she giggles like her and they even share the same name, but sometimes, she is just not Terra. Terra did not want to be the most popular and she didn't care about her appearance. She was definitely not the girl wearing a crown on stage in a bubblegum pink dress. She would have laughed at that girl. She would have said that girl was ignorant; she cared about the little things when there were real problems in the world.

Once the police arrived and Ryan became their problem, my intention was to be here for Terra, assuming she would lose. I never imagined her to be a girl winning a queen title, much less since Raven mentioned Terra wasn't the most popular. Then, as she stood up there, I thought maybe I ask her to dance as the slow music came on. Her boyfriend had left, she would feel out of place and I could swoop in. But as soon as she got down from the stage, the prom king took her hand and they danced, a tradition I hadn't remembered. She was smiling. I had never seen her smile so much in one night.

The rest of the Titans came in and stood behind me. They watched the prom for a moment before Cyborg said, "Come on, BB, we're going to go out to celebrate Raven's mission!"

I wanted to say I would catch up later. Maybe I could get a chance to talk to Terra. Maybe she wanted to talk to me.

But, that girl with the done-up face wasn't Terra. I didn't fall in love with her.

"Things change, Beast Boy," that line imprinted forever in my memory made me gag. When she meant a thing, she meant herself. She had been warning me. She was not the same, and I couldn't wait up for the old Terra to come back.

So I turned to my team and said, "Sounds awesome! Raven, it's your night, what do you want to do?"

"Can't we just go home?" she moaned.

We walked out, Cyborg arguing to Raven why we had to celebrate. I looked back for one moment, just to check if Terra was watching us out. But she was preoccupied laughing at the prom king's lousy dance moves, teaching him the steps.

She doesn't need me. But if she ever calls again, if she needs anything from me, I will still drop everything to save her.

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