I been thinking over this a lot and it's been on my mind for quite some time.

LiaD is my first fanfic I remember writing. Originally, it was a weeby, original story, with the character Sora originally being Matthew's role and other stuff I don't remember and I don't want to. Luckily I got into Hetalia and I quickly changed the course of LiaD before I can continue my horrible weaboo story. And thus, LiaD was born!

But problem was, I was winging it... So. Hard. And it was painfully obvious to me. And honestly, I never re-read my work. I would scroll through, look for key words, but never re-read and that to me was horrible. I knew what course I wanted the story to go, how I wanted the ending to happen, but it was the middle that was a bit murky, which leads to why some parts are inconsistent.

Also, my update time. That bothered me as well. I didn't want to make people wait, for those who actually enjoyed my story. And the fact I had to write it quick also added to the uneven plot of LiaD I mistakenly put up. This endless cycle only frustrates me more and puts off my once strong love of writing LiaD. I started off as an amateur but as LiaD progressed more and more, I only became increasingly disgusted with my writing style from before.

And thus, I'm sad to say I won't continue this fic. It's too much of a cluster for me to sort through, let alone revise or rewrite. The plot alone is cliche enough so I don't think I'm causing any harm. One thing I'll regret though is ending my first ever fanfic, a goal I'll never achieve. Maybe one day I'll get back to it and sort out everything the way I want it. For now, I have a few other projects I'm working on and I hope my followers/readers will enjoy those as much as they had enjoyed LiaD.

One fear is that my next few projects won't be as popular as Love is a Disease has been. I never even got the chance to explain the tittle of the story as much as I wanted to. Maybe I won't get as much reviews or follows, but it's a risk I'm wiling to take. I want to thank everyone who has ever taken the time to read this fanfiction and those who are willing to stay and read my other projects.

I'm available at my tumblr canehdur if you ever want to talk or anything like that, or just talk ruscan because I'm up for it. For now, this story will stay up but will remain uncompleted until further notice.