My darling angel.

I write this knowing it will never reach you. I am to be sentenced to death in the early hours of tomorrow morning. My cell is high, so I can just see the night sky.

The sky tonight reminds me of the night we met. When it was filled entirely of stars, my heart had been cold and empty, but then I saw you.

You waltzed into my life that night, demanding that I dance with you. Yet I was already enamoured of you, from the minute I first met you, I knew you were the one.

Hyne! I'm rambling, but it's not my fault. Being in this cell makes me think-a thing I'd rather not have to do. But, when you're condemned for such a henious war crime you get thinking on all the things you've done in life. I'd prefer not to think too much, but that's all I can do.

I love you, Rinoa.

Your knight forever


I glanced at the letter I had just written, then looked out at the dull metalic bars of the cell I am kept in. I am here because I betrayed Garden, just like my archrival, Seifer. Both of us betrayed our origins-only he did it for glory, I did it for love.

My love for her keeps me sane, if not in constant anxiety about what my fate is. Whatever it is, I'll always be there for Rinoa, regardless of if I've died in battle, or in the void between real time, and Time Compression. I know I'll be eternally greatful for her love

The way I saw it, we were destined to be together, even if I had fought valliantly against my destiny, I knew, the minute I saw her that we were to be together. There was something about the way she smiled at me, her tantalizing smile that made me want to smile in spite of myself. The times she got angry with me, I knew I'd let her down.

But I betrayed Garden, for her sake. That is my crime, and for that I must die.

The Next day

"Is this the one?" A man's voice spoke up, bringing the man back into the real world.

"Yes, the vermin who betrayed SeeD for the love of his sorceress, if he is to be believed" another person spoke.

Squall was jerked up onto his feet by a coiled whip. He stumbled as he tried to stand, and glanced up.

The people speaking were Seifer Almasy, and the woman looked like it was Quistis.

'It can't be Quisty, she's in Shumi' Squall thought, taking a closer look at the woman.

The woman turned around, to reveal the face of Edea Kramer.

"Squall Leonhart, you are condemned to death for betraying Garden. I'm sorry Squall...I have to do this," Edea said, raising her hand to cast Death.

"Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!" Rinoa's agonized voice cried, "No!"

Edea turned to see the petite sorceress. "I'm sorry, Rinoa."


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