Harry Potter and the unprecedented situations

Disclaimer: I am not J.K Rowling, nor do I own the Harry Potter characters or franchise.

Warning: Story contains lemon scenes, violent births, death, and mature language.

Chapter one

Four months after the war

Green. Gold. Both colors intertwine, crushing into pure evil. Snake like eyes blacken, as there whites show. Paler than before, riddle falls lifeless. Pride, than sorrow. Fred, Tonks, Lupin, Sirius, Snape, fallen warriors who deaths could have been prevented by himself. Tears, whimpers, warm fingers caress his numb scar with soothing words.

"Wake up Harry" A honey like voice coos, causing the hero to stir.

He slowly opens his eyes, greeted by a smile and flaming red hair. Relief floods through Harry, as he pulls her onto his waist. The guilt vanishes as her rose like scent drifts into his face and her hair wisps over his nostrils. She straddles him, wiping the remainders of his tears.

"Harry, no one blames you." She reassures him, stroking the dark, tired skin under his bright green irises.

He smiles warmly, tracing her inner thigh with his fingertips. "Ginny, it's hard for me to live with the stress." He pauses briefly, trying to fit his feelings into words. "So many lives could have been saved if I had sacrificed myself sooner."

Ginny nodded with understanding, lowering her head to cuddle Harry's bare chest. Her body curved over his perfectly, like the missing piece to his life. He moved his hands to cup her waist, kissing her wild mane of hair.

"It feels good, not having to worry about Voldemort or even school anymore" Ginny sighed, tilting her face up to playfully nibble his chin.

Closing his eyes, shivers coursed threw his spine and he nodded in agreement, thankful the ministry decided to spare himself, Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Ginny from attending anymore schooling. They had shown tremendous bravery and skill in fighting the darkest witches and wizards available in the wizarding war, making them more than ready to be successful in life. Since they formally graduated, Harry proposed to Ginny, and they both lived at Godrics Hallow. With the help of the wizarding world, they fixed the home into its original condition. Harry slowly became more of himself in the house, comforted by his parent's love that still lingered in their small cottage.

"Ginny, I love you." Harry whispered softly, tracing her bare skin with his fingers, lowering his face to capture her lips against his.

With a soft moan, Ginny molded herself to him in reply. Exploring his unkempt hair, she teased his mouth by deepening the kiss, their tongues caressing each others as she slowly sat up. With a wicked wink, Ginny proceeded to crawl under the covers, kissing every inch of Harry until she reached his already aroused manhood.

While Ginny licked Harry's length, Harry trembled, gasping with desire and passion. Ginny seemed to slowly suck at his head, her moist mouth tightening around Harrys throbbing cock as her hands massaged his inner thigh. With a low groan, Harry bucked his hips up, lowering his hands to her head and tugging her wild fiery curls.

"Bloody hell gin…" He grunted, enjoying every second of his fiancés warm, experienced mouth.

In response, Ginny's tongue grazed the tip of his erection, before her lips left a trail of kisses down his shaft. With a grin, his love took Harry's balls into her mouth, sucking and tugging them with her lips. Harry groaned; trying his best to not loose control as his cock quivered.

"Ginny… Oh Merlin… Im close…" He warned, his hold on her carefully tightening as her hands pumped his shaft, her warm mouth still caressing his balls.

Suddenly, just as Harry was about to cum, Ginny released her hold on him. With swift movements, she managed to thrust him deep into her tight, dripping cunt. Harry released her hair, holding her waist as she bucked her hips, driving him deeper and increasing the passion. He held her tight, bucking with her, one hand moving from her waist to her clit, as his fingers rubbed in swift circles. He wanted her on this pleasure ride with him.

Her sweet lips released thrilling moans of pleasure as he fingered her, her cunt tightening with every thrust. Only when he felt she was just as satisfied as him, he came. His juices poured into her as he thrust upwards, and she shivered. Her body quivering as he rubbed her harder and she came too.

Seconds later she lowered her body upon his once more, kissing his prominent jaw line. He held her tightly, possessively, slowly tracing her back as he softened within her.

"I love you more Harry", Ginny finally said, and Harry grinned, kissing her head. Savoring his time with her before work at the ministry this afternoon.