Harry Potter and the Unprecedented Situations

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Warning: Story contains lemon scenes, violent births, death, and mature language.

Chapter Twenty Seven

As long as you both live

Malfoy's POV:

"Let me straighten that" Astoria murmured solemnly, her tender hands fixing my tie. She was still quite upset about Ginny's passing, being she considered Ginny a close friend. Ginny gave unyielding support when she found out about her unexpected pregnancy with Scorpius.

"Dad? Will Lily, Albus and Hugo be there?" Scorpius wondered. He was the first Gryffindor in the Malfoy legacy, and developed a close bond with Albus, who surprisingly ended up in Slytherin. The unlikely concept baffled Harry and I, but we welcomed the change. He also grew to have a brothering outlook to Lily, and made frequent trips to the Potter's to comfort his best friend's sister. I imagined he got his compassion through his mother, because at his age I admit, I was an egotistic prat.

"It's their mother, and aunt, why wouldn't they be?" I muttered, looking at his pointed features curiously.

"Lily and Albus are still trying to cope, and you know lily's mood affects Hugo's." He retorted, as if it was the most obvious statement.

"I suppose we shall see. Are we ready to depart?" I wondered, checking my watch. We were cutting it close, I noticed with a scowl.

Scorpius grabbed his mother's hand, and she grabbed my forearm. Concentrating, I focused on safely arriving to Godrics Hallow. With a dizzying tug, we drifted in the dark until we reached the small assembly in the crematorium. Scorpius excused himself to find Albus, and Astoria and I searched for seats near the pulpit.

As the funeral began, Harry passed out envelopes that were addressed to certain people Ginny held close to her heart. Surprisingly, one was addressed to Astoria and I. Ron, Hermione, George, Luna, Percy, Charlie, Bill, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, along with Harry and the kids, got one as well. Harry explained that these letters contained her will, and that they were to be opened at the end. Ron decided to speak first, his sister's body unavailable for viewing as it was being cremated.

Ron looked miserable; his pale face was flushed with emotion as he wiped his eyes clear of tears. "Ginny was all of us thrown into one, and than some. She was the only girl, full of fire and determination. She could out wit us all, rivaling Fred and George. She was brilliant at flying, her skills unmatched when she flew professionally shortly after the birth of my nephew James, creating her own spotlight for those brief two years. She fought adamantly at Hogwarts, becoming a hero at a young age. My sister was beautiful, stubborn, raw, daring, and determined. She was a fantastic mum, and Merlin is lucky to have gained such a talented and brave witch. She was a Gryffindor, to the core." Ron left the podium with Hermione's help, tears blurred his vision.

George was next, and he was helped by his brothers Bill and Charlie as he shakily worked his way to the front. George's expression was unreadable, as he glanced at his family with swollen eyes. His voice was cold, and raw, as he hoarsely spoke.

"I suspect Ginny is dueling the best there is, because she was fantastic at bewitching and cursing her opponents. Fred is with her, both of them pranking and scheming, their combined wits causing a hell of a time wherever they may be. My baby sister was someone to be proud of. At a young age she became determined to win the heart of some scrawny famous git, she succeeded, and she became the mother of three wonderful children with Harry. She overcame death atleast once, her first year at Hogwarts when Voldemort possessed her. She helped form an underground army, Dumbledore's army, and mastered every challenge that faced her. She survived her sixth year at Hogwarts, when it became dark. Her bravery and resourcefulness drove her to strive and be the bright beckon for students who needed someone positive during a dark time. She fought every battle, became successful in her own right, and was a role model for young girls while she competed in quidditch before the birth of Albus. She was beautiful and wild, her temper had no match, but neither did her loyalty. I speak for my entire family, when I say that she will be missed, and the void in our lives shall never be filled after the untimely deaths of Fred and Ginny." His eldest brothers nodded their heads in agreement, helping him to the benches where Ginny's family sat.

Harry, James, and Lily stood; Lily was glued to Harry's side as he escorted his oldest and youngest to the podium. Albus remained seated, Scorpius murmuring in his ear in comfort as Albus hid his face in his hands. Lily was beautiful in a teal gown, despite her family's protest she wore another color besides black. She figured her mother would have approved, and I agreed, Ginny was not one to go with what was expected.

"My wife was daring, brave, loyal and brilliant. She accepted me for who I was, and for what I became without hesitation and provided a beautiful family for me. She gave me her honest opinions, comforted me in my times of need, and let me go when the world needed me unselfishly. She was my better half. She made me balanced, and focused on what was important in life. There will never be another woman like her in my life, unless my daughter is blessed with her mother's wit and personality." Harry stopped talking, his breath hitched and he looked dangerously close to crying. Lily spoke up, her voice clear and tinged with sadness. "I hope I make my mother proud as I grow."

They returned to there seats, and the funeral director appeared. He called for Lily, James, and Albus. They all stood and made their way to the pulpit, as he pulled out a necklace and two rings from within his robes. Lily was first, and her eyes glistened with tears as the man spoke.

"These pieces of jewelry are enchanted for protection and are to never open, no matter how hard someone tries. Within each piece, is a small amount of their mother Ginny. Starting with the youngest, each child gets something to remind them that their mother is always with them. Look at this gift fondly, and be reminded daily of your mother's and father's love for you three."

The man helped each child into their gift, and they returned to Harry. James held lily into his side, stroking her long hair slowly as she cried and touched her necklace. Albus and Scorpius admired the ring Albus wore, as Albus stroked the stone slowly.

The director left, and returned with an urn. With Harry's permission, Mrs. Weasley got the remains of her daughter, and with heaving sobs she held the urn tightly. Harry stood, and gave everyone permission to open their letters. I tore into ours curiously, and Aurora leaned in to read. Her tear stained eyes widened in admiration.

"I Ginevra Molly Potter give Draco and Astoria Malfoy custody of my daughter Lily Luna Potter, if something were to happen to Harry and I. As her legal godparents, they are responsible to help provide for my daughter, and in the event of my untimely death, help Harry James Potter raise her to the best of their abilities."

Dearest Astoria and Draco

I can not thank you enough for risking your lives and family to join the right cause. I know it is not easy to do the right thing, which is exactly why I see you both fit to help raise my daughter. I hope you find this as a blessing, and not a burden. I see how different you are now Malfoy, and I see that Astoria is good for you. I admire your friendship, and these past nineteen years were well spent being your friend. Please. Do well for my daughter Lily.

With admiration,

Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley

Astoria kissed my lips tenderly, as she swiped the letter and left my side to find our son and new god daughter. Puzzled, I stared at my hands and wondered when such trust stemmed up between a Weasley and a Malfoy. Standing, I retreated into the growing crowd and hunted for my family.

Life was still complicated, even after nineteen years prior to Voldemort's demise. In the back of my mind, I wondered If Potter would ever get his happily ever after.


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