I Missed You

Jades Pov

A Year before Graduation

I was at my locker at Hollywood arts drinking a coffee when…. "JADE JADE JADE!" yelled Cat. "WHAT?" I shouted back. "Did you keep it" asked Cat. "Keep what" I said. Then Cat's eyes filled with water. "The promise we made in kindergarten that we both w-would apply t-to Julliard and go to college together" cried Cat. "Oh that promise yeah of course I did" I said "do you mind if I asked Beck to apply too" I continued. "No I don't mind" replied Cat. "Good cause I did" I said.

3 weeks before Graduation

I went up to cat before Sikowitz's class. "Did you get in" I asked her. "You first" she said. We spent 2 minutes arguing about who should go first then we finally agreed to say at the same time. "I got in" we both said. Than we hugged, I know what you're thinking I don't hug but I was too existed. I was going to college with my best friend. Then Beck walked in. "Beck" I said "did you get in" I continued as I sat down on his lap. "To Julliard" he asked. "NO! To the strip club, YES TO JULLIARD! OH and by the way if you do ever get into a strip club you will wake up one morning under water" I told him. "No I didn't" he replied but he seemed fine with it? "WHAT? But why are so happy" I said. "Because I applied to Julliard to be with you and also I got a HUGE movie offer so if I got in I would decline the offer and go to college but now I can do my movie" Beck said. "I'm going to miss you" I said. "I'll miss you too" he said. Then I pulled him into a deep kiss. The bell rang and I sat in the seat next to him.

At graduation

"Now presenting the graduating class of 2013" said are principle Helen. We through are caps in the air. Right then Beck kissed me. We all took off our robes reveling our fabulous clothes.

Beck's Pov

I was finished rolling up my sleeves when I saw what Jade was wearing. She looked so beautiful. She was wearing a SHORT sleeveless black and red dress with black heals. Her hair had red streaks in it today. She looked so HOT! "You look great babe" I said holding her waist. "I better I spent 2 hours in front of the mirror" she said "but you don't look so bad either" she continued.

After the party

I invited Jade to my Rv. We had a make out session and she ripped my shirt open. We went a little too far. After that Jade and I got dressed and we sat down. I put my arm around her. "When do you have to start filming" she asked. "In July" I said. "Do remember when Cat and I went to New York in7th grade to do 13 the musical" she asked me. "Yeah" I replied. "Well Cat's family still has a house up there so sometime in the summer I might go up there you know to get familiar with the campus" she said.

2 days later

Jade's Pov

I woke one morning feeling like I'm about to throw up. I ran to my bathroom and threw up in the toilet. Then I realized I had missed my period this month. No I couldn't be I thought. So I went to Walgreens to buy a pregnancy test. I was on my way to the check out than I froze. Apparently she got a summer job working at Walgreens. I cannot buy a pregnancy test with TORI VEGA at the checkout. She already thinks I'm a slut! I grabbed a magazine and some black nail polish, turned off my phone so it wouldn't ring and walked to the check out. "Yeah mom I got the test. Uh huh are you sure you might be pregnant" I said to no one "alright be right home bye" I continued. "Hi jade I haven't seen you since graduation" said Tori. "And I'd like to keep it that way, Vega" I said. "Alright have a nice day and wow there might be a new baby in your life" said Vega. "I seriously hope not" I muttered. Then I left the store. Don't get me wrong if I have this baby( if there is one) ill keep it and love it to pieces, but having a child the first year of collage while my boyfriend is on the other side of the country is NOT one of my top priorities. I drove home as quickly as possible. MAN this the longest 3 minutes of my life! I kicked the door as hard as I could. 3 MINUETS LATER "okay time for the results" I said. I looked at the test and…positive. My heart sunk.

Becks pov

I was lying on my my bed checking my friend's updates on the slap I went to Jades page to see what she was up to. It looked like she just updated.

Jade West's page

Newest update:

I feel sick to my stomach

Mood: Barfy: o

Cat: oh I'm sorry Jadey

Jade: never call me that again

Beck: I'm sorry babe, want me to come over

Jade: no I'll come over there we have to talk

Tori: that can't be good

Jade: I'm not breaking up with him Vega

I waited till Jade came over.

Jade's pov

"Beck hi" I said. "Hey babe" he said. "You should sit down" I told him. "I don't know what happened, I'm really scared please don't make me go through this myself because I love you so much" I burst out. "Jade what ARE you talking about? Go through what alone? He asked. "I uh well" I couldn't spit it out "here I said handing him the test. "You're…your pregnant" he said. I started to cry hysterically. He sat down next to me and pulled me into a hug. "I would never leave you" he said. "But you have your big movie to worry about" I said. "You are always my number one priority pregnant or not" then he pulled me into a passionate kiss.

At college

I haven't seen Beck in 3 years. He invited Cat, Andre, Tori, Robbie, our daughter, Alexa, and I to see out to see his movie. Alexa and I didn't go. You want to know why fine I'll tell you. 3 years ago 6 months after Alexa was born Cat was babysat her. I went to get some diapers. I figured while I was there I should get a magazine for the plane ride to see Beck's movie. Teen vogue (no), Tiger Beat (no), People (no) WAIT! I looked at the cover again there was a picture of Beck MY BECK! And he was kissing Emily Johnson (the model). I bought the magazine used my favorite scissors (yes the one cat got me for Christmas in high school) cut out that picture wrote we're over on it stuck it in an envelope sent it to beck and I haven't been in contact with him since. Anyways Sophia Michelle was making a sequel to up town down town called inside out on Broadway and I was got the lead. It started out with the end of uptown downtown so I had to sing Finally Falling.

At Rehearsal

"Suddenly my choice is clear, I knew when only you and I here" I sang. "And beautiful is all I see" sang my co-star Jesse. I looked into Jesse's eyes trying to look like I'm in love with him. I looked at his face and I saw Beck! "Finally falling falling" I finally sang. "Great work! Jade GREAT acting you really looked like you loved him" said the director.

At home

Cat's Pov

"30 ready or not here I come" I said. Alexa and I were playing hide and seek. "Hehe she'll never find us Berry" said Alexa. I followed her voice into Jades room. She wasn't hiding she was sitting on Jades bed looking a picture. "Auntie Cat who is that" she asked pointing to a picture of Beck and Jade. "Well that's your mommy" I said Jade doesn't like to talk about Beck. "No who's that" she said pointing to Beck. Then I said "um well oh that's um that's". "That's your dad" I turned around to see Jade leaning against the doorway.

In L.A.

Beck's Pov

"And CUT!" said the director. "That's a wrap". Then my phone rang with a text. "Ok I know we are out of high school but when was the last time you went on the slap" it was from André. "A few years ago. Why" I texted. "CHECK JADES PAGE NOW!" I read.

Jade West's Page

Looking at high school year book. Miss you Hollywood arts. The Drama, the singing, the dancing, the grub truck, friends… romances

Mood: missing


Cat: Awwww Jadey

Jade: Never call me that

Tori: still the same old Jade BTW how is Alexa

Jade: Great!

Romances, that's me. Alexa, that's my daughter. I HAVE to make things right!

In L.A.