A/N: Well, I'm back! This will be the second thing I've posted so far, but definitely not the last; I hope at least a few of you are happy to hear that. So…the inspiration for this actually came from a school project I had to do a few years ago on Greek Mythology. I know, but this will make sense in a minute. I had to do a dialogue between two people so I ended up writing a conversation between Zeus and Hades over dinner. My sister (GrowlingPeanut) thought it was hilarious, so just about a month ago, I got the idea to write a dinner party with all of the Daedric Princes. I started writing it, but found that descriptions of the Princes in between the dialogue was kind of killing the humor, so that's where this comes in. I decided to instead, write 17 one-shots first, one dedicated to each of them so that my readers could get acquainted with my characterization of them before they read the main piece. Just a heads up, my idea of how they look and act could be totally different from the next person's, so don't hate me for it. I'm just writing them how I see them in my mind. With that being said, I hope you enjoy these and if you wish to out of the kindness of your heart, please review! I don't mind constructive criticism. And they won't all be as short as this one. Some are long, some are short and some are in between. Oh! Also, to those of you who may not know, the Daedric Princes/Lords, aren't actually men or women, per se. They aren't really...anything, so the sex they are portrayed as in my stories is only what is most commonly accepted for each, or what I decided I wanted them to be.

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. It all belongs to Bethesda Softworks and the other makers who brought us the wonderfully addictive Elder Scrolls games that suck up all our time, not to mention our lives.

The Queen of the Night Sky stood alone on a high hill, her tall, thin figure silhouetted by the full moon behind her. The sky was in its last stages of dusk, the light pinks, flaming oranges, and pale yellows fading into the deep crimsons and royal purples it now displayed. To mortals, the solitary figure seemed to be part of the sunset. She had skin the color of ivory, pale lavender eyes, flowing strawberry blonde hair and sharp features that gave her an air of calm, calculating superiority. Her dress was long and blended together in a collage of all the colors of both dawn and dusk, reaching all the way out to her outstretched arms, appearing from the view of any traveler passing below to be holding the sun and moon in each of her open palms. Her head was leaned back, her eyes closed, the evening breeze blowing the thin strands of her hair across her face.

She was Azura; Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn; Queen of the Night Sky; Mother of the Rose; Anticipation of Sotha Sil. The Queen of Dusk and Dawn, ruling over her sphere not only from Moonshadow, but from Nirn: the realm of the mortals.

With a sweep of her hand, the last traces of dusk gave way to night and the stars above her twinkled enchantingly. Even those who didn't worship her, or even believe in her presence over them, could see the glory that she brought to the mortals some of her fellow Princes thought to be tedious and unworthy of what they were given. The hand that still remained in the air seemed to cradle the moon, and with careful, fluid movements, she cupped it gracefully with thin fingers and set it in its place beside the stars before lowering her arm to her side. She raised her head and opened her eyes, a small smile gracing her beautiful features. Noiselessly, she lowered her heels to the ground, returning to the earth both physically and mentally.

The stars winked from their spots in the night sky and when they shone again, their mistress was gone, not to be seen by mortal eyes until the sun once again began to shine above the horizon, lifted on golden rays of light that if seen from the right angle, appeared as long, slender fingers placing it in its rightful spot.