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The state of being insane is an interesting concept. Of course, the declaration of being crazy can come from both the sane and the insane.

There are those who are demented; driven mad by suspicions of wild conspiracy theories. Then there are maniacs, who may roam the streets half-clothed, begging for a sweetroll. Their insanity is quite obviously apparent, but to the insane, the utter sanity of the sane makes them insane. For this very reason, nobody can truly be labeled one or the other.

No one that is, but Sheogorath.

The Prince of Madness is quite simply, insanity incarnate; as simple as that can be. His purpose was fulfilled just as the other fifteen princes had intended, being the perfect tool to punish Jyggalag for all of eternity.

Appearance wise, he looks as sane as you or I, choosing to appear as a man with silver hair and a beard, yellow eyes, and great taste in clothing.

His realm was the Shivering Isles, a place of order and complete sanity. It was there that Sheogorath also made his home, perched on the throne of New Sheoth with a perpetual grin and the perfect dose of logic in the form of his ever loyal servant, Haskill. The once structured land was split between the two sides of insanity, home to people who have been corrupted by the influence of the Madgod.

It was here that life continued on as normal, or…as normal as it ever gets.

"CHEESE, HASKILL! I SAID CHEESE!" Sheogorath banged his fist down on the table and the Breton in mention let out a heavy sigh.

"Yes, I know that, my Lord. But there isn't any left."

"Well then go get some from the mustache farmers." He gave Haskill a look as if that should've been his first plan of action.

Haskill looked back at him with a blank expression and the Prince waved his hand toward the door.

"Don't just stand there! Get to it! I only have until forever!"

He shook his head and muttered something under his breath before obeying his master's command and leaving the palace to find someone a little more qualified than mustache farmers from whom he could acquire cheese.

As you can see, an ordinary day in the Shivering Isles does not exist.

On Morndas, a man might decide he wanted to fly off the roof of the palace and end up in a not so delectable mess on the street.

Tirdas, his neighbor may declare that everyone must now bow when he walked by and refer to him as "almighty ruler of the moldy bread".

Middas could bring on a cult dedicated to the welfare of the knitted sweaters made by the knitters' club held on Fredas nights.

Whatever the case may be, Sheogorath doesn't often get involved.

The day to day activities of Crucible and Bliss are ruled by Syl and Thadon, duchess and duke of their cities, respectively. As crazy as their citizens, they do their best to maintain a twisted sort of order, though each is plagued by their own demons, whether it be addiction or paranoia.

The Madgod simply watches it all with a sort of fatherly pride; admiring the complete insanity of those who follow him.

Like many of his fellow Princes, he doesn't interact much with his worshippers, but does rely on the help of mortals to complete his tasks when he need be.

Though included in the usual count of seventeen Daedric Lords, he is not always present, briefly being replaced by his predecessor at the end of every era during the Greymarch.

Each time, Jyggalag's Knights of Order begin to sweep through the Shivering Isles, slaughtering guards and citizens alike, clearing the way for their master's return to his rightful throne. And each time, he prevails, bringing order back to his lands before he is again replaced by Sheogorath at the beginning of the next Era and the cycle continues.

Whether in a moment of despair, a lifetime of torture, or a second of pain, all have felt the reach of the Madgod's hands, beckoning, caressing; insanity itself whispering in your thoughts in dreams as it plays with your mind. Some manage to escape it, but others are doomed to a lifetime of servitude to Sheogorath, nothing but a shell of their former selves as his will bends them and turns them inside out.

This is the life one is forced to live when wrestling with insanity, and unfortunately, in most cases, it tends to be the one that makes it out of the ring.