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Jake x Bethany

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Day 1 in Hades~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Where am I?" I asked completely confused.

"Ah, so you are awake. Miss Bethany, Mr. Thorn would like to see you." The maid said quietly in the corner.

"Jake? Well, where am I? I asked still confused. I liked Jake but was still mad when he murdered Ivy, Gabriel, Molly, Phantom, and Xavier in a church fire when I had the flu.

"That will all be explained shortly. Come with me." The maid said with force.

As we walked down the treacherous hallway, the maid introduced herself.

"I'm Hanna by the way. I'm your personal maid down here." She said with a shy smile. I smiled.

Hanna stopped me far away from the metal doors. "You must continue alone, I mustn't go near there." I didn't stop to ask unneeded questions, I wanted to speak to Jake. I power walked down the hallway. "Hmm, what a classy place in which I have landed in." I said to myself. I slowly knocked on the doors, wondering what would happen next.

"Come in." A masculine voice said. I crept in and closed the door behind me. As I looked around the voice said "Looks like you're not in Kansas anymore baby girl." Then, I spotted him. Jake was there in a choral suit. His tan skin was mesmerizing.

"Jake." I said crossly, as he strutted over to me. "Where am I?"

"Welcome to Hades, don't worry, your angel wings will remain intact, I made sure that Big Daddy allowed that." He said.

"I'm in H-Hades? Well why did you bring me here?" I demanded.

"Because I want you back, I want your love and trust again. I know, murdering you're life wasn't right. But I need you." He said his dark eyes gleaming in the light.

"One chance, you get one chance." I said sternly