New story, and guess-y what? This be the sequel of my most popular story "Stolen". What will happen? I barely know, but I think I know what the ending will be or certain chapters will be. There will be fancharacters in this, but it makes up the story.
Main Characters and pairings: Sonic, Amy (SonAmy), Knuckles, Rouge (Knuxouge), ?, and last but not least Blitz (Amy's new pet =P)

Summary: Running away with Sonic, they fall more and more in love, with a surprise within. But things heat up as Prince Shadow is intent on retaining Amy as his own, and Amy is determined to find out what happened to her mother, and what the black rose mark really, truly means. And a little surprise on the way.

I took a deep breath of the fresh, forest air. Seeing the back of my eyelids can be really relaxing if you let it. I wanted to relax as much as possible before Sonic finds me again, overprotective as always, barely have a moment to myself. I should have known that this whole "mating" thing would turn out weird. Apparently thieves in Sonic's kingdom don't "get hitched" with dresses and bells and flowers and rings. Nope, it's more like a ritual that binds the two of them together forever. The main point is that the couple say an enchantment, sorta like wedding vows—only a little bit more possessive, and to be honest, I don't really remember what I said—then the male will bite the female anywhere; neck, wrist, ear, breast, hip, stomach, ankle, anywhere. But the point in the bite is that the enchantment makes the male's essence more . . . I don't know how to explain it. Only that when the man bites the girl, a small part of his aura or essence enters the female, and she's claimed. They don't really have to the do actual "mating" part, it's optional. We did it.

The breeze rustled the leaves, startling me slightly, making me jump straight up into a sitting position. My hands instantly went to my stomach, guarding it from the danger that wasn't there. Why would I protect my stomach? I'm two weeks pregnant. Rouge was able to feel the extra presence among us a few days after the ritual, and when Knuckles started to freak out, thinking that we were being followed, she explained it wasn't a guard. But inside of me.

I sorta went into a state of shock, but could you blame me? I'm sixteen, barely seventeen, I'm mated to a thief—which I love with all my heart—and I'm on the run from a crazy hedgehog that wants to rape me! I have an excuse to be a little shocked with now having a kid on the way.

I wanted to scream out when I felt something wet go up my arm, but when I turned to take a look, I only found Blitz. I took a deep breath to calm myself, and smiled at the dog. I found him inside of a hollow tree, dying thanks to an arrow to the lung. He was so small, I couldn't just leave him there. So I had picked him up, laid him in my lap and sang him my mother's lullaby. He healed instantly and we grew quite attached. Sonic wasn't too thrilled with having another male—whether it's a pet or not—so close to me. Sonic was even a little edgy with Knuckles, but since he had Rouge, Sonic wasn't worried too much. It was all part of the aftermath of the ritual. He's gonna be a little protective right now, and being pregnant isn't really helping too much.

Blitz grew since I found him, I guess he had been sorta starved. I don't really know what kind of dog he is, but he has wolf-like features. He's pure white, eyes as gold as the valuable material itself, teeth as sharp as a million blades, claws so pointed it could shred me to bits with one swipe, but . . . he's not a monster. His fur is so soft and fluffy and warm, his eyes are only full of love and protection, he's never bared his teeth at me once, or even growled. He really like me and Rouge, Knuckles and Sonic . . . he's still sorta warming up to. The guys were kind of jealous of Blitz because Rouge and I were giving him all the attention, but he needed it.

"Hey, boy." I whispered quietly to him, scratching him behind the ear. He closed his eyes, stuck out his tongue and lied down beside me, pressing his side against my leg. He sighed deeply when I dug my fingers into the scruff around his neck and scratched.

I leaned back against the tree, resting a hand on my stomach and looked up at the clear blue sky, a few stray clouds floating by. It was all so calm in the forest. Barely a month ago, I had never stepped foot in the woods, or even out of my castle, and now I'm on the run, living in the woods. We usually find a nice place close to where there's water; a stream, lake, river, pond, waterfall, anything that will get us clean.

We don't get to bathe very often, by the end of our journey, we're usually too tired to really do anything other than settle down and sleep, then the next morning, we move on. We can't afford to stay in one place for too long, at least until we get into a kingdom that Sir Shadow hasn't already befriended and persuaded into listening to his every command. I don't even know what's happened to my father right now.

I was so lost in watching the clouds, wondering about what could have happened to my father and what my life is to be soon, that I didn't notice that there was another presence with me, and it wasn't Blitz or the baby. The next thing I knew, I was pulled into two strong arms, sitting across a lap, and soft, but strong lips, were kissing my neck.

"S-stop it." I mumbled, trying to push the familiar figure off. He nuzzled my neck, loosening his grip on me only slightly and I just sat there in his lap.

"What are you doing way out here? I told you to stay by the camp." He said into my neck, sounding slightly annoyed.

"And deal with Rouge's constant bickering over me? No thanks." I said, turning in my mate's arms into a more comfortable position and hugged him around the neck. I breathed in his woodsy scent, playing with his blue quills while he gently kissed my neck. "I just needed to be alone for a bit, think things over." I said, trying to muffle my laughter in Sonic's shoulder as he tried to nudge Blitz away from us. Sonic was still warming up to him, too. Blitz growled lowly, stood to his feet and stepped over Sonic's feet, licking my bare toes before trotting off into the woods, towards our camp site.

"Do we have to drag that fleabag along with us?" Sonic asked. I hugged him tighter, wrapping my legs around his waist and tickled his back with my bare toes.

"Yes." I sighed, loosening my grip on him, trying to slid out of his grasp to sit beside him, but he had a hold like iron. "Sonic." I said in a warning tone.

He growled lowly and territorially, turning me so my back was pressed against his chest, but didn't let me go. He rested his chin on my shoulder, his arms still wrapped around my midriff gently, and was slowly starting to wrap his legs around mine.

"Sonic, this isn't the time for this."

"Na-ah, you're the one that disobeyed me. You need to be punished." He said in a husky voice, but I could practically feel his smirk against my skin. He lowered his lips to my shoulder, gently brushing them over the skin, clearing the way of any clothing. Small tingles of pleasure ran up my spine, wanting more of the attention, but I had to get control of myself. I'm pregnant, we can't do this kind of stuff right now. Not while I have a child inside of me.

His hand traveled across my arm, and gently gripped my wrist, running his thumb over the Black Rose Mark. I was sorta amazed and scared of the tattoo Rose that I didn't even intend on having in first place, but Sonic loves it. He's always telling me that it suits me, it belongs on me, that it's a part of me.

He doesn't know the half of it.

Yeah, first chapter done! If you don't know what is going on with the rose tattoo, go and read the first story "Stolen". It's a good one, at least that's what I've been told. Enjoy! And see you next chapter!