Amy gasped as she opened her eyes, the pressure from Kassie's tight grip on her wrist disappearing. They now stood in a relatively small room, which would be much larger if it wasn't cramped with books, paper and art supplies. Farther back in the corner of the small room was a queen sized bed with white sheets and a think black comforter, perfectly made without a single wrinkle. A bookshelf covered nearly an entire wall, papers jutting out from the in and between the books and on the opposite side was a table, more papers sprawled across the top with multiple feathered pens sitting in ink jars. There was no sunlight peeking through the closed curtains and the room was dimly lit by the single candles on each wall.

Kassie shoved a chair in Amy's direction before hurrying off to the bookshelf, her glowing eyes skimming over the books. Her eyes rested on one for a few seconds before a black mist emitted yet again from the plates on her face, it wrapped around the book and it lowered directly in front of her. The books opened by itself and turned pages, her eyes frantically scanning over them. Stopping somewhere towards the ending, her eyes didn't leave the words as the black mist split apart and went around the room, bringing back herbs and viles with different colored liquids in them.

"What is all of that stuff?" Amy asked nervously, somewhat regretting going with the strange gray cat. Kassie glanced back at Amy over her shoulder, her emotionless, hard expression somewhat softening.

"You don't have to worry. This isn't for you." She said, returning her attention back to mixing the liquids and herbs together in a bowl. Amy looked around the room, while there was still that creepy, dark feeling lingering around some places, it had a genuine, warm touch to it. Amy looked at the paper blanketed desk and saw that they were all paintings. No real color, mostly black, gray and white. Colored paint was hard to come across lately, most people used mashed up berries until they could find someone who would be able to sell real paint. Though there was no actual color, the paintings were all unique markings, a series of lines and swirls morphed together to create absolutely nothing Amy could distinguish.

Amy's bare foot nudged a book that had been lying on the floor under the desk, so she bent down and picked it up, looking at the black, string bound book with white markings in a language Amy didn't know written on the cover. She was about to undo the ties and glance inside but a clawed hand was placed on top. Amy looked up to see Kassie glaring down at the book, not at Amy, fortunately.

"Unless you want to know secrets I would kill to not know, I think it'd be wise not to open that." Thought she hid it well, Amy could hear the pain in her voice so she sat it back underneath the desk. Amy looked at the wooden bowl Kassie held in her hand then back up at her green eyes as she removed the golden plates, one at a time, resting them on the table. Amy cocked an eye brow curiously as she dipped her hand in the bowl, her hand coming out coated in a thick coat of a black liquid. Amy noticed that she had clenched her jaw together tightly, her eyes tightly shut as she lowered her hand down to her side, rubbing her hand across the fur. It looked sticky and Amy—ridiculously—was worried that it would damage her fur, but it disappeared in the gray and white fur of her belly and in its place was a simple that somewhat resembled an S.

"What—" Amy didn't get a chance to finish her sentence.

"It's nothing. Just relax, I've done this many times before for guest that have questions they don't know. Unfortunately, I was low on supplies so I'll only be able to last at the least a minute. So ask the questions clearly, and quickly." She said, sitting cross legged on the ground. Closing her eyes, Amy gasped as a new sort of glow formed around the cat. This time it was golden. It was time at first, but as it started to brighten, Kassie rose off of the ground, hovering at eye's level with Amy. When she opened her eyes, they were the most brilliant gold shade. "Ask your questions." She said in a voice that barely sounded like she had. It was like musical instruments playing the softest of notes, yet had that beautiful, haunting ring to it.

"You said you might know what I am, so ...what am I?" Amy asked quickly, making sure to pronounce everything clearly as Kassie had said. The cat's eyes were distant as she looked at Amy.


"What do you mean?"

"You are magic, the purest of it. But you were not born with it, it was bestowed upon you after birth."

Suddenly, Amy's thoughts weren't about herself. At the moment, she wanted nothing to do with her powers. The word birth brought one question to her mind.

"What happened to my mother?" Amy asked, her voice quiet, quivering.

"Happened? Nothing has happened to your mother. She is with you, I sense her. She's powerful, her energy cloaks you."

"Is she dead? Is it her spirit haunting me? How is she with me?" Amy asked frantically.

"No, she is not dead. She disappeared when you were young, yes? She did not die, she had a power of her own, one that was meant to pass onto yourself. But an evil entity stopped it from proceeding. This was the reason of your unhealthy birth. That evil entity had been around you for years, until your mother intervened. She wished to always she..." Kassie cut off, her eyes closing for a split second and opening to return green, lowering back to the ground.

"What happened? You didn't finish explaining." Amy said, nearly on the verge of tears. Kassie looked up at Amy, looking somewhat disoriented and confused.

"I'm sorry. I can't finish the answer. That wasn't my knowledge that was being told. If you want the rest of the answer, you will have to wait for me to get more ingredients." Kassie said, standing up and leaning against the bed, exhausted seeping into her features. She picked up the golden facial plates and put them back in place on her face, pressing a finger to her temple. "I am in a very fragile state at the moment, would you please tell your mate to stop yelling for you?"

Amy then remembered she had been running from Sonic when she ran into Kassie, but she couldn't hear Sonic yelling like Kassie said.

"I don't hear him." Amy said, looking at Kassie, who was lowering herself on the bed, her ungloved hand on her hand, pushing back the four bangs on her head. "I'll leave you alone now."

"No need, your mate will be here any sec—" the bedroom door burst open, Sonic figure blocking the hallway light in a lean shadow. "And hell shall break down the door."

Amy looked up at Sonic nervously, scared he was angry with her, only to find deep relief in finally finding her. "Precious..." Sonic said, sounding as if he was in a daze. Then his eyes caught sight of Kassie, lying on the bed, with her symbol still on her side. "What did she tell you, Precious? What did you tell her?" Sonic was raising his voice loudly at the gray cat.

"Sonic, please. She was very kind to me, she told me about my mother, she answered questions. Let's just leave her alone...please?" Amy was practically begging while clinging to the blue blur's arm. His emerald gaze lowered down to hers with a soft warmth in them. He scooped up his mate, kissing her forehead and her stomach over and over as he turned and exited them out of the room.

"We'll talk about your punishment later." Sonic said in her ear with a hushed, seductive tone, shivers going down her spine. She forgot just how much she missed Sonic, even though it felt like only minutes had passed, it was obviously later than that. "Now, it's time for bed." He said, caring her to their room, he gently kicked the door closed behind them with a quiet thud. Setting Amy down on the bed, he crawled in beside her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to his lap. Amy was too tired to try and fight out of his grasp. Again, Sonic wouldn't let her sleep anywhere but in his arms.

Giving her a gentle kiss on the lips, which she gracefully returned, the dipped into a quiet slumber, their heartbeats lulling them to sleep.

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