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There were many things that Severus Snape could have done but the idea of choice seemed the most intense. It was his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and he had spent the past four years being teased and tormented by a group of four young Gryffindor boys who called themselves 'The Marauders'. He had put up with their harsh name calling, their hexing matches, the humiliating circumstances they put him through, the verbal abuse, the physical abuse and sometimes the downright cruel torments since first year, he had done his best to ignore some of the things they said or attempted to do to him and of course he did stand up for himself but nothing seemed to work and although they were always the ones to start the fights and always the ones to finish them Severus was nearly always the one in trouble, well that had happened too many times, Severus had been put in detentions for weeks, had points taken away, Hogsmeade trips disbanded for a short period of time and even had his wand confiscated for hurling a particularly nasty hex at James Potter after an incident in third year involving a toilet, but now he was finally going to get his revenge.

Just over a month ago, around seven weeks to be precise, on the first evening back at school there had been a welcome back party of sorts that happened in the room of requirement, many students of different year groups had attended and brought various food and beverages, many of which being alcoholic. Thankfully none of the teachers had caught on that students were sneaking around past lights out and if they did they must have been incredibly lax on it seeing as it was the start of a new year and all, although there were some students thrown in detention after wards for indecent behaviour.

Severus wasn't usually one to attend or even enjoy parties as such in fact he had never really been to one before except this particular one. This party was going to be a life changing thing for a certain black haired, grey eyed Gryffindor boy. During said party Severus had done his best to mingle and keep well out of his path for an hour or two until Black had consumed dubious amounts of alcohol enough for Severus to make his way over there once the boy's back was turned he slipped something into his drink, that something being a potion he had brewed personally. That potion was going to hopefully be the beginning of something very big.

After spiking the young boy's drink, Severus had then himself taken a beautification potion, knowing that Sirius would have very little if any desire to be with him as his usual self. Severus knew he wasn't the best looking person in the school he was skinny and pallid with a dark gloomy appearance, an overly large hooked nose and as other people clearly thought, greasy. Not that he was actually that greasy he did wash rather frequently it was just having dark hair made it seem worse than it was, he was a teenager after all he was greasy to some degree but not to the point others made him out to be. After consuming the potion he had made his move, he managed to get Black alone and under the influence of alcohol, being a teenage boy with raging hormones and setting eyes on someone who would give the illusion of being irresistibly beautiful one thing lead to another and they ended up a along the other end of the corridor in an empty classroom having sex.

Severus chuckled at the memory. It wasn't technically proper sex the potion Severus had spiked Sirius' drink with was actually something he had done a fair amount of research on, it was called the Trenceptous potion. Severus had spent around three days brewing and concocting such an advanced potion right down to the exact details. He had spent the entire summer researching it, collecting ingredients and learning about how to use it. The potion itself was primarily used in infertile couples, aging women who wanted a baby or were trying to improve their sex life or for gay couples to spice up their sex lives by creating a spare opening behind one man's testicles pushing the inside of his penis forward in theory elongating it temporarily and giving him the ability to have intercourse in a similar way to a woman. At first Severus had dismissed the idea until he had read further into it, the stronger the dose the more powerful the potion could be and the more likely it was to produce a result, the exact result Severus was hoping for.

"Oi Snape, have you seen my Astronomy text book?" Avery asked rummaging around in the trunk at the foot of his bed.

"No I haven't sorry, ask Evan he had a stack of books in his hand last night because he was tidying up" Severus replied watching his friend gazing around the floor at the clothes strewn around him.

"Great, I'll ask him when he gets out of the bathroom, you might want to get up by the way or you're going to be late" Avery pointed getting to his feet.

"I'm never late" Severus chuckled slipping out from under his bed covers. All he had to do now was sit back and wait.

Up In the Gryffindor Dormitories...

It was still the early hours of the morning when Sirius Black awoke to a horrible pang in his stomach. Groaning he sat up slowly rubbing his tired eyes.

"Not again" he grumbled throwing back the covers and running into the bathroom slamming the door shut behind him before throwing himself at the toilet heaving violently into the basin clutching onto the sides for dear life.

"Oh fuck" he groaned coughing several times before wiping his mouth on a piece of tissue and dropping to his knees beside the toilet.

This had been the second week running he had woken up to an urgent need to vomit in the morning, some days he had woken up and been alright until he had gotten out of bed and tried to get himself dressed then found himself running to the bathroom to be sick, one day he even made it all the way down to the common room before having to run back up to the toilet to empty his meagre stomach contents again. He had even been sick sometimes during the day or at least had felt very nauseous and had barely been eating anything, Remus seemed to think it was perhaps flu, or a stomach bug of sorts making him so ill but Sirius didn't feel as though he had anything like that he just felt over tired, sick, achy and needed to urinate every five minutes.

Groaning he leaned over the toilet and vomited again into the basin spitting out the horrid taste of bile before wiping his mouth off again and flushing the toilet. Getting to his feet he walked shakily over to the sink washed his hands and rinsed his mouth out before exiting the bathroom and heading straight back over to his bed.

"Fuck life" he mumbled getting back into bed burying his face in his pillow willing the nauseous churning in his gut to go away so he could get dressed.

It wasn't long before his deep even breathing could be heard as he drifted back off to sleep for a little while before he was forced to get up for lessons.

"Sirius, are you going to get out of bed or do I have to drag you?" Remus' voice echoed through his thoughts.

Opening his eyes slowly Sirius groaned gazing up into his friends face.

"Five more minutes" he grumbled burying his face under the covers.

"Honestly I don't know what's gotten into you lately you're even lazier than usual" Remus tutted moving back over to his own bed to pack his things into his bag.

"In case you haven't noticed I've been getting up at ridiculous o clock in the morning to throw up every day" Sirius retorted slowly sitting himself up and reaching for the goblet of water on his bedside table.

"Yes I have and I think you should go and see Madame Pomfrey about it before you end up missing any more lessons" Remus replied.

"Who's going to miss more lessons?" James said coming out of the bathroom with rubbing his hair vigorously with a towel.

"Sirius is still throwing up" Remus explained. "I've told him to go and see Madame Pomfrey but he doesn't seem too keen" he added.

"I don't need to go and see Pomfrey, there's nothing wrong with me" Sirius retorted sipping at his drink.

"Mate I'm not being funny or anything but you look bloody terrible, you've been really sick and you're falling asleep all the time" James said bluntly earning a vicious glare from Sirius.

"Because I'm tired, Remus thinks its flu therefore I will be better in a few days" Sirius replied gruffly.

"You said that last week" Remus replied quickly.

"Oh shut up" Sirius laughed playfully swinging his legs over the side of the bed and getting slowly to his feet his stomach still a little queasy.

Slowly he managed to dress himself slinging his bag over his shoulder he followed his three friends from the dormitory down the stairs and into the common room.

"So tell me Padfoot, what are your plans for this year then?" James asked slinging his arm around his friend's shoulders as they passed through the portrait hole and onto the stairs.

"Get better, not fail my exams, piss of my mother, have a laugh and do some serious pranking" Sirius grinned running his fingers through his limp dark hair, something else he wasn't too impressed about, since he had fallen ill he was paler, sicklier looking and his hair had lost all life and shine.

"Since when did you care about exams?" Remus quirked an eyebrow.

"You have a point there Moons" Sirius grinned.

Walking through the entrance hall they made their way into the busy great hall packed with students. Heading along the Gryffindor table they dropped down in a space not too far from the door. Sirius cringed at the sight of the freshly cooked sausages, egg, bacon the piles of fruit, toast and cereal of all kinds they could eat. He sat down beside Remus with James and Peter sitting opposite them and watched as they piled their plates high with food the smell almost making him gag.

"Not having anything Pads?" Remus asked tucking into his sausages.

Sirius shook his head weakly clutching at his stomach. "I don't think I could keep anything down" he grimaced averting his eyes as Remus sank his teeth into a thick sausage.

"Have something to drink then, you'll get dehydrated" James pushed the jug of iced pumpkin juice towards him.

Shakily Sirius poured himself a goblet full and sipped at it slowly trying to fight off the horrible crawling sensation in the pit of his stomach.

"What's first lesson?" Peter asked through a mouthful of food.

"Potions" Remus replied quickly.

"Great all we need is another lesson with those Slytherin's" James rolled his eyes glancing back over his shoulder at the table full of students dressed in silver and green.

Sirius glanced over at the Slytherin table his eyes scanning up and down until he found that familiar patch of dark hair and pale eyes of his younger brother Regulus. He was sitting in amongst a crowd of older Slytherin boy's in the same year and some of the same classes as Sirius. William Avery, Nathaniel Mulciber, Evan Rosier, a boy in Regulus' year named Wilkes and Snivellus fucking Snape. Sirius' eyes narrowed as he stared at the greasy haired dark arts fanatic, he had always hated the boy ever since they first spoken to him on the train in first year, things had gone from bad to worse and quite often encounters with Severus ended in hexing, name calling and the Slytherin being humiliated in front of a crowd of spectators. Sirius let out a small chuckle remembering just a few weeks ago when he had hexed Snape so his trousers fell down in front of his little gang of Slytherin friends. To his surprise instead of hexing him back, chasing after him or screaming abuse, Snape had just smirked at him an expression on his face that disturbed Sirius slightly.

Sirius hated the thought of his younger brother hanging about with people like that, he had warned him many times about Mulciber and Avery in particular about how nasty they could turn if something didn't go their way, their idea of fun was someone else's idea of torture, he had also warned him about Snape but there wasn't much he could do to actually stop Regulus from mingling with people like that especially when his mother and father had been encouraging it, it was as though they wanted their youngest son to become a death eater. He watched as Avery slung an arm around Regulus' shoulders playfully and they all burst out laughing.

"Sirius, are you coming or not?" Remus called shaking his friends arm snapping him out of his hateful trance.

"Sorry, what?" Sirius blinked gazing up at Remus who was now on his feet staring down at him as if he had was stupid.

"First lesson, we're going to be late, come on" Remus said again.

Downing the rest of his drink, Sirius got to his feet watching the crowd of Slytherin boy's leaving their table and heading towards the entrance to the great hall. Smiling he followed after his friends still clutching his stomach.

They walked out into the entrance hall laughing together Sirius watched as his brother detached from the crowd of his Slytherin friends and headed off up the staircases whilst the others went down the dark entrance to the dungeons.

"Got your eye on anything this year then, Sirius?" James asked casually strolling along beside him.

"Yeah, my bed" Sirius yawned, he wasn't even in the mood to search for someone to parade around with until he grew tired of them at the moment, he had been feeling like shit, throwing up at every opportunity and sleeping for hours on end, his teachers were even starting to notice a change in his behaviour how he was growing quieter as the days went on.

"Very funny Pads, I meant who would you like to take to your bed?" James wiggled his eyebrows at his friend.

"Don't be too shocked but I don't fancy climbing into bed with anyone any time soon, especially not in this state" Sirius grimaced a horrible pang of nausea washing over him again.

"Wow you really must be ill" Peter laughed as they headed along the corridor stopping outside their classroom door with the rest of the students waiting for Professor Slughorn to arrive.

Sirius leaned back against the cold dungeon wall watching James holding Peter in a headlock teasing the smaller plump boy.

"You don't look very good, Sirius maybe you should just go and see Madame Pomfrey" Remus said his eyebrows creasing into a frown.

"I just feel really sick again" Sirius let out a long drawn out breath.

"What's the matter with you Black, you've gone a bit pale" Avery laughed over at him from amongst his little crowd of friends.

Sirius glared over at the boy he was in no mood for this shit. "Piss off you nob head" he growled.

"Aw did someone not get enough sleep last night?" Mulciber pouted and the others laughed.

"Oi what's going on here then?" James said breaking the headlock and striding over to Sirius looking over at the group of smirking Slytherin's.

"Nothing just leave it, they're just being pathetic little pricks as usual" Sirius replied closing his eyes in a long slow blink.

James looked back over to them before his hazel eyes settled on Snape. "Still not washed your hair Snivellus? Oh right I forgot you wash it once a year, start of a new school year you give it a wash and hope it lasts right?" he said nastily and Snape shot him a death glare.

"Oh be quiet Potter at least my hair doesn't look like a birds nest you need to put a comb through it before something decides to move in" Snape retorted smugly earning a round of laughs from his Slytherin friends.

"God I feel sick..." Sirius groaned clutching at his stomach again.

"It's funny how you only get brave when your little death eater friends are loitering around, they wouldn't back you up if I was to give you a bloody good hiding and you know it Snivellus" James snarled. A vein throbbed in Severus' temple just as he was about to open his mouth and say something Sirius threw himself forward.

"I'm gonna be sick!" he said clamping a hand over his mouth and rushing off down the corridor throwing himself into the boy's toilets.

A roar of laughter erupted from the Slytherin's.

James hesitated a moment before turning to Remus and Peter. "Come on let's go and see if he's alright" he nodded towards the other end of the corridor.

The two boys nodded, ignoring the group of laughing boys they hurried off down the corridor and into the toilets after their friend.

"How embarrassing..." Sirius grumbled wiping his mouth off on a piece of tissue.

"Sirius? Are you alright?" Remus called as they came hurrying through the door just as Sirius flushed the toilet and left his cubicle looking pale faced and run down.

"I've been better" he replied walking over to the sinks washing his hands under the tap and splashing some cold water on his face.

"I really think that maybe you should-"

"Remus just shut up! If you're going to say go and see Pomfrey again don't bother, I don't need to go for something as stupid as a tummy bug leave it be you haven't caught it and if you were going to you would have it by now so shut up, sit down and don't mention it again" Sirius snapped making all three of his friends jump and stare at him open mouthed. Sirius NEVER took his anger out on any of them, not even when he was enraged to the point of castrating someone he never took anything out on them.

"Fine then, I'll see you later when you learn to calm down" Remus said wrinkling his nose with distaste, turning on his heels he marched away out of the toilets leaving James and Peter to stand staring at Sirius.

"What?" he snapped turning off the taps and drying his hands on a paper towel.

"Don't you think you were a little harsh on Moony? He was only trying to help..." James said cautiously staring at his friend.

"He might be trying to help but he's been wittering on about it for days like a little old woman I've told him no and he won't shut up" Sirius sighed turning to stare at his pale drawn reflection in the mirror.

"He's only worried about you, we all are" Peter said calmly.

"I'm not going to get better if people keep badgering me to go to the hospital wing and pestering me about things" Sirius replied running his hands through his hair irritably trying to make it look a bit better.

"Yeah well... let's just go to potions I need a sit down even if it is a lesson" Sirius said grumpily slinging his bag back over his shoulder and heading for the door. "You coming?" he said turning to stare at the other two.

They headed back up the corridor together and into class, everyone was already sitting down and Slughorn had begun the lecture by the time they actually arrived. Peter shut the door behind them and everyone turned to stare.

"Ah there you are, I thought you'd gotten lost, never mind take a seat and we'll get started" Slughorn said gesturing to their empty desks. Sirius looked over to where Remus was sitting at his desk alone facing the front, sighing he moved over and sat down quietly beside him without sparing a glance.

"As I was saying..." Slughorn continued flicking his wand a piece of chalk began to write itself against the black board at the front of the cool room.

Sirius leaned forward resting his head on his arms against the desk, perhaps Slughorn wouldn't notice if he had a kip for ten minutes. He turned his face away from Remus and gazed across the classroom at the rest of the students.

Lily Evans sat her fiery red locks pulled back into tight bunches facing backwards today, Sirius smirked remembering the rather crude comment that James had made about holding onto them whilst doing something obscene to the girl. Averting his eyes they followed along the middle row of the room filled mainly with Gryffindor students, his eyes continued to wander right to the other side of the room on the far right where the Slytherin's sat. Sirius watched Evan passing notes to Avery over the desks smirking and laughing to themselves about something, Mulciber leaning across the desk to look at the note in Avery's hands. Growing bored of watching them very quickly, Sirius' eyes wandered to the desk in front where Snape sat alone his chin resting on the palm of his right hand his left resting against the table. Sirius' eyes narrowed once again.

Snape... that name alone could make Sirius' blood boil. He watched the ebony locks falling to the slender Slytherin's shoulders the way it framed his pale face in lank greasy curtains. He positively hated this boy and yet he felt extremely wary of him. Yes, the Sirius Black knight of the Gryffindor house was wary of a lonely small half-blood Slytherin who skulked around in dark corners with his nose buried in a book of some sort at every opportunity.

It wasn't that Severus was intimidating, it wasn't that Severus was nasty, it wasn't even his vast knowledge of the dangerous dark arts and powerful hexes that worried Sirius, it was what he knew and apparently had still been keeping secret from the rest of the school that bothered Sirius the most.

Back on the first night of term, Sirius and his friends had organised a little party they had been talking about all summer passing out notes and information on the train that once they had been sent back to their common rooms people should then start discreetly making their way up to the room of requirement for a little back to school knees up. Sirius had ended up absolutely blitzed in no time at all downing as much fire whiskey as he possibly could before being dragged away into the corridor where Severus had practically thrown himself at him. Sirius was too blind drunk to even attempt to stop him and at that point in time Severus had seemed far more attractive slightly effeminate even, unable to control the situation Sirius had been dragged into a nearby classroom and the next thing he knew he was lying flat on his back over Professor McGonagall's desk allowing himself to be taken by his arch nemesis.

Too drunk to even remember how he had managed to make it all the way back up to the Gryffindor tower with his trousers round his ankles he had staggered into the dormitory and fell asleep sitting on the toilet. His friends found him some eight hours later when he was in a mess, hung over and late for lessons.

One thing he did remember about that night though was a horrible crawling sensation and stabbing stomach pains right after he had his last drink, they had only lasted a minute or so but they were enough to be memorable, and the sex. Sirius cringed at the thought of it he'd slept with Severus Snape and allowed the greasy little prat to dominate him, in fact from what he could remember it was very pleasurable not like first time anal sex was supposed to be at all. Sirius frowned trying to remember it better in fact it didn't even feel like he had penetrated his backside. No that wasn't possible, of course it had to be his arse, what else was there?

Lost in thought Sirius hadn't even noticed Severus had turned to stare at him back until the boy waved at him across the classroom snapping him out of the trance making him blush slight and glare furiously at the black haired boy.

Sirius sat upright still glaring viciously at Snape even when the boy shot him that same disturbed look. Sirius frowned in confusion, he had seen Severus making peculiar faces at him before as if to say he knew something Sirius didn't. He continued to watch the other boy as he winked at him and wiggled his eyebrows. Severus glanced at Slughorn to make sure his back was turned before he pouted and rubbed his stomach then shot Sirius the strangest look yet, a look of triumph.

"I'M GOING TO RAM THAT ARSEHOLE THROUGH THE WALL IN A MINUTE!" Sirius yelled furiously across the classroom before he could stop himself.

Slughorn stopped talking and turned to stare at Sirius along with the rest of the students.

"Mister Black, what seems to be the problem?" Professor Slughorn asked staring confusedly at his student surprised at his sudden outburst.

"Nothing" Sirius grumbled resting his chin on his arms trying to avoid the irritating smirk playing on Snape's face.

"Right well try to control yourself, if I hear any more language from you it will be five points do I make myself clear?" Slughorn said flatly.

"Yes professor"

"Very good" the potions master nodded turning his attention back to the black board.

"Sirius, what the hell?" James whispered turning around to stare at him.

"That little tosser sitting over there keeps looking at me, he's pissing me off" Sirius nodded over to where Snape sat looking thoroughly pleased with himself.

"Just ignore him Padfoot, he's not worth your time or energy" James said and Peter nodded his agreement.

By the time lunch came around Sirius was feeling much better, after almost getting into trouble during transfiguration for falling asleep, Sirius was rather eager to get to professor Binn's history of magic lesson for once.

"You seem brighter" James commented watching Sirius shovelling cherry pie into his mouth.

"I feel a bit better actually" he grumbled through a mouthful of food.

"That's good, maybe you won't have to go and see Pomfrey after all" Peter commented glancing at Remus who was nudging his lunch around his plate with a fork.

Sirius swallowed his food, gulping at his drink he turned to Remus. "Look Moony, I'm sorry I shouted at you earlier I wasn't feeling very well you know how I hate going to the hospital wing, forgive me?" he pouted knowing this expression would always win Remus over.

Remus stared hard at him before he sighed. "Yeah, sorry for getting on at you by the way we're all just worried about you" the werewolf replied.

"Yeah I know, you know how I get sometimes when people mother me" Sirius grinned and the others laughed.

"Yeah don't we half" James laughed.

After lunch the four of them headed up to their history of magic lesson, as soon as Sirius put his head down on the table he was asleep not that Professor Binn's the only ghost teacher in the school ever noticed he was too busy droning on in his thoroughly dull monotone voice almost completely unaware of what the students were actually doing during his lessons.

Halfway through the lesson Sirius yawned and sat up gazing around, a group of girls were talking in the front row right under the Professor's nose yet he didn't seem to have noticed, most of the others were half asleep or doodling in their books, James was making eyes at Lily, Peter was asleep and glancing over at the Slytherin's even Snape looked as though he was struggling to keep his eyes open.

Wait. Sirius frowned to himself and looked away, why was he looking at Snape again? Maybe it was because he was still worried that Snape would say something about their little encounter. Then again what would Severus have to gain from telling everyone including his Slytherin friends that he fucked a Gryffindor boy? What would Regulus say if he found out especially seeing as Sirius had never actually slept with anyone before then in fact he hadn't even slept with anyone since. The thought of losing his virginity to Snape almost made his stomach churn and he briefly wondered if it was Severus' first time too, either way Snape didn't seem anywhere near as drunk as Sirius in fact he didn't really see drunk at all.

Sirius yawned and sat up stretching his arms down by his sides, even if Snape did decide to tell maybe nobody would believe him, it was weeks ago, most people at the party were at least a little tipsy unless somebody saw them disappear. Sirius decided it would be best not to think about it right now, worry about it later if Snape decided to start behaving any stranger if need be he could always hex his bollocks blue. Yeah, that's what he would do.

Almost a week passed and Sirius wasn't getting any better he had woken up every morning to the same urgent need to rush to the bathroom and be sick, he felt nauseous throughout the day and could barely keep his eyes open let alone the fact he seemed to constantly need to urinate, he felt dizzy every time he got out of bed or stood up to fast and as soon as the nausea had worn off he was ravenous.

Cursing under his breath he leaned over the toilet and vomited into the basin again before getting to his feet and swilling his mouth out with his strong peppermint mouthwash, not that the flavour helped any he wanted to gag every time he brushed his teeth let alone anything else.

He yawned and slowly made his way back into the dormitory clutching his stomach, his friends were still asleep so he flopped back down on his bed without even bothering to get under the covers, moments later and he was asleep again.

"It doesn't seem right to wake him he's not well" James said in a low voice as the three other Marauders stood and stared down at the form of their sleeping friend.

"No but he does have to get up for lessons, it is kind of his own fault if he refuses to go to the hospital wing and get it seen to, I've told him it might be serious and he started making jokes about his name again" Lupin sighed pinching the bridge of his nose between his index finger and thumb.

"It's his birthday tomorrow I was kind of hoping he would be better by then" James replied.

"He's in no condition for any of your stupid parties or birthday pranks, James, just look at the state of him" Remus said gesturing towards Sirius' pale sickly form lying sleeping on his bed wearing his long red night shirt.

"Yeah, shame really, he'll be sixteen and not even having a party" Peter sighed.

"I think it's best he rests and doesn't go about partying not that I think he would in this mess" James replied.

"Agreed" the other two nodded.

"Sirius... Sirius it's time to wake up" Remus said reaching out and gently shaking his friends shoulder.

Sirius groaned and tried to shrug him off but Remus continued to shake his arm. "Come on Sirius you're going to be late"

"Sleepy" the dark haired boy groaned lazily turning over.

"Come on Sirius if you won't go and see Pomfrey then you're just going to have to put up with it and get a move on" James said impatiently.

It was quiet for a few moments.

"SIRIUS!" Remus shouted making Sirius jump and sit up in bed.

"Alright, fine I'm awake are you happy now?" he snapped angrily, the other three nodded much to his disappointment. He got out of bed slowly sipping some of the water on his bedside table before tossing his nightshirt back onto the bed and pulling on his uniform.

The four boys traipsed out of the dormitory as usual looking forward to another day of planning pranks and in Sirius' case sleeping though every lesson and using his charm to get away with it in most cases.

"I'm gonna wait out here this morning I can't fact food" Sirius said sitting down on a bench just a little way away from the entrance to the great hall.

"Alright Pads, see you in a bit" James nodded as the three of them made their way into the room for their breakfast.

Sirius sighed and leaned his head against the wall closing his eyes, he felt like utter shite. He was actually getting very worried about what was causing him to be so ill, he was beginning to think it wasn't anything to do with a stomach bug, a food intolerance and perhaps not even flu. He didn't actually feel unwell it was just that he had all these things going on which was so confusing.

He yawned opening his eyes to watch his brother and friends walking past, Regulus caught his eye and smiled at him before walking into the great hall for something to eat. Closing his eyes again Sirius allowed himself to drift off for a couple of minutes.

About twenty minutes later and the three boys reappeared laughing and chatting amongst each other.

"Sirius you're not asleep again are you?" James' voice wavered through Sirius' mind. He opened his eyes slowly and blinked up at his friend.

"No I'm alright I was just resting my eyes" he breathed getting to his feet.

"Alright well you can rest your eyes when we get to divination" James nodded slinging his arm around Sirius.

"I think we'll all be resting our eyes in that lesson to be honest" Sirius laughed.

The four of them made their way right over to the Divination classroom up several flights of stairs. The classroom was open and they clambered their way in quietly taking their seats in the many armchairs and seats around the classroom. Sirius was grateful to sink back into a comfortable armchair around a small table with Remus. On top of said table decorated with a peculiar red table cloth that didn't quite seem to fit was a crystal ball a faint coloured smoke swirled around the inside. James and Peter sat on the table just behind them.

"Good morning students, today we will be continuing our ball gazing, learning the intricate art of future sight and make some predictions" A mystical voice said from the corner of a room. A small thin lady with an aging face and large spectacles appeared, her dark fly away hair hanging to around her shoulders. She was dressed in long flowing robes with a heavily decorated scarf covered in beads and patterns draped around her neck.

"I want you all to clear your busy minds and focus your attention to the crystal balls and allow yourself to be absorbed in it" she said loudly waving her arms around the enormous amount of bangles clinking together as she moved in a graceful manner. "I will be coming around to check on each of you and asking you what you predict" she said in a low voice gazing around the classroom at the rather worried looking students.

"You may begin!" she said after a moment's pause.

Yawning Sirius slumped forward resting his chin on his arms gazing lazily into the crystal ball.

"See anything yet?" he asked Remus who was sitting in exactly the same position looking equally as bored.

"Nope, you?" the werewolf replied.

"You've got to be kidding, I'm convinced you have to be smoking something to be able to make a picture out of a puff of smoke" Sirius replied and Remus started to laugh.

"Wouldn't surprise me" Remus mumbled blinking at the ball and squinting as though trying to force something to appear in front of his eyes.

"Have you seen anything yet, my dears?" the teacher said in a low voice swooping over to them startling both Sirius and Remus.

"What, no, yes, wait-" Sirius said quickly.

The woman stared at him blinking slowly through her enormous round spectacles before she turned and looked to Remus. Neither of them had any idea what to say.

"Look into the ball and tell me what you see" she said her voice almost at a whisper as she stared at Sirius making him extremely uncomfortable.

He flipped open his text book a little unsure as to which page he should be looking at before focusing his grey eyes on the smoke wishing something would just appear even the slightest little thing so he could make a prediction. He squinted at it turning his head to the side slightly.

"Umm happiness?" he said uncertainly looking up at the teacher whom was nodding slowly.

"Any elaborations, do you see anything else?" she asked staring at him expectantly.

Sirius hesitantly flipped through his text book, the images in there didn't reflect the plain cloud of smoke inside the ball that he was looking at, sparing a glance at Remus who just shrugged blankly at him.

"Something will happen?" Sirius took a wild stab in the dark hoping it would be enough to get rid of the woman.

"Allow me to take a look for you" she said quietly slowly leaning in close to the ball.

Almost instantly the woman drew back gasping loudly and emitting a small cry of shock making half of the students in the room turn to stare at them in silence.

"My boy I see many things in store for you this coming year, yes great happiness for you, something wonderful and exciting is happening inside of you!" she said loudly twirling around seizing hold of a decorated large stick that was smoking from the top, she started shaking it around his head the scent nearly choking him.

"Yes many wonderful things are happening to you, inside you, things will change for you my boy and you had better be prepared" she said turning around swooping into the middle of the classroom.

"You may pack up your things and leave early today, for today is a day to rejoice and celebrate" she waved her arms making her bangles jingle frantically as she gazed around the classroom.

Quickly the students started to pack up their things getting to their feet and heading for the door talking amongst themselves.

Sirius shoved his book in his bag and slung it over his shoulder he made his way towards the door with his friends. Just as he was about to leave he caught sight of Snape standing smirking to himself as he stared over at Sirius. Something was definitely going on with him.

That evening Sirius had a nice quiet bath, had plenty to drink and got into bed by nine o clock burying himself right under the covers he didn't even bother taking part in the final preparations for the Marauders map, nor did he care that he was turning sixteen tomorrow. Truth was that he was in fact very worried about what was wrong with him but he was frightened to go and find out what it could be and to top it all off he was getting small cramps around his lower abdomen and back but he guess that was probably from lack of sleep and throwing up so much.

"Night guys" he called lazily without even bothering to close his bed curtains.

"Night Pads" they called but he was already asleep.

Five o clock on the dot and Sirius was once again in the bathroom throwing up like his life depended on it, thankfully he hadn't had much to eat before bed so he was mostly dry heaving which was a little better than actually vomiting.

"When will this ever end?" he groaned wiping his mouth off he flushed the toilet and had a good wash before going and climbing back into bed. He snuggled himself back under the covers, actually he felt slightly better this morning despite being grumpy and tired. It was minutes before he had drifted back off into a comfortable sleep.

By the time Sirius awoke he was actually starting to feel much better, he stretched himself out under the covers like a cat blinking himself awake, as his eyes came into focus he jumped letting out a small yelp at the sight of his friends looming over him grinning madly.

"Happy happy birthday!" the shouted excitedly as he sat up slowly they shoved their presents under his nose.

"Guy's what?"

"Open mine first Pads" James demanded shoving a large present wrapped in bright gold and red glittering paper bright enough to almost blind him.

"Are you trying to permanently blind me with this, Prongs?" Sirius laughed taking the present from his friend's hands and started to unwrap it.

Tearing the obscene paper off, he tossed it aside and grinned to himself at the present in his hands. It was a fairly large vanity mirror one that Sirius could open up and see every side of his face and head with, he had been going on about them for a while now about how much easier it would be to tame his wild hair and to gaze at himself, the mirror was also charmed to show the finest details on Sirius to make sure wherever he was grooming could be done so very thoroughly.

"Thanks Prongs, its brilliant" Sirius laughed as Remus shoved his neatly wrapped parcel done in a simple royal blue paper under his nose.

Sirius caught Remus' eye as he made sure to be extra careful opening it from the taped sides so Remus didn't get prissy about his neat wrapping being spoiled in less than five seconds. Just to humour the boy, Sirius pulled the wrapping paper off then tore it to shreds making Remus' face drop as they all burst out laughing.

"Oi I spent ages doing that neatly!" Remus pouted grumpily.

Looking down at his lap Sirius smiled at the brand new pair of dragon hide gloves in his lap, black in colour and incredibly soft considering the strength of them. No doubt they were terribly expensive and Sirius knew for a fact that Remus didn't have very much money.

"They're really nice Moony, thanks a lot" Sirius beamed happily as Peter practically threw his lumpy badly wrapped present at him. Sirius smirked tearing off the paper a dog's chew toy fell out and Sirius started to laugh. "Nice one Pete" he grinned picking up the other present which was a pocket Sneakoscope.

"You guys shouldn't have gotten me anything really, but thanks they're great" he smiled flopping back against his propped up pillow fiddling with the little item in his hands.

"So are you feeling better now then?" James asked sitting on the edge of Sirius' bed.

"A little, much better than I was anyway" he replied with a yawn.

"Good then you won't mind taking part in our little challenge for today" James smirked slinging an arm around his friends shoulder.

"I'm always up for a challenge Prongs, you should know me better by now" Sirius grinned starting to feel a little nauseous again.

"Peter get the stuff" James clicked his fingers earning himself a momentary glare from the smaller boy before he shuffled around under James' bed and pulled out several items.

Sirius watched as the three of them stared grinning and Peter dropped the things onto the bed. James immediately grabbed the long piece of material and held it up for Sirius to read.

"Sixteen today" he read from the bright pink sash quirking an eyebrow. "Isn't this supposed to be a challenge?" he laughed and the others exchanged smirks.

James turned the sash round so Sirius could read what was on the back. Scrawled in very noticeable writing were the words 'Barely legal' and an arrow pointing downwards presumably towards his bum.

Sirius started to laugh.

"Ha! I can do this easy, no problem" he grinned playfully.

"Don't forget the tiara" Peter laughed picking up a silver sparkly tiara with pink feathers decorating the base.

"Very funny" Sirius smirked. "Alright I'll do it just for a laugh" he said getting slowly to his feet feeling a little dizzy he sat back down on the edge of the bed.

"You alright, Pads?" Remus asked with a frown.

"Yeah just felt dizzy, I get like that if I get up too quickly or move too fast or suddenly" Sirius replied getting back on his feet and reaching for his uniform.

The three of them exchanged worried glances but decided against saying anything seeing as it was Sirius' birthday after all they didn't want to upset him.

He got dressed putting on his sash he turned around to examine the lower half of it around the back pointing down to his bum.

"You'll have the blokes all over you" Peter laughed.

"Are you saying I'm sexy?" Sirius flashed his dazzling white teeth at his friend.

"NO! I was just trying to say that they'll take the hint that you're going to want a birthday bum" Peter smirked back as James and Remus burst out laughing.

"Are you trying to say I'm a fairy boy?" Sirius quirked an eyebrow playfully.

"HEY!" Remus shouted an angry pout on his face.

"Sorry Moony" Sirius cringed slightly.

"I'll let you off this time Padfoot, but only because it's your birthday" the werewolf grinned.

"Shall we get going for some breakfast then?" James said eagerly rubbing his hands together.

"Yeah I'm starving" Remus said grabbing his school bag before the four of them exited the dormitory.

Sirius let out a long drawn out breath closing his eyes in a slow blink. He didn't feel very good at all he still felt very tired, a little dizzy and rather light headed.

"I tell you boys, I think I've got Evans In the bag this year" James grinned as they strolled across the common room and headed through the portrait hole.

"Better not let her hear you saying things like that" Remus commented.

"Don't worry I've been thinking of lots of brilliant ways to swoon her this year" James grinned to himself.

"What like you did last year and ended up with her hexing you" Sirius chuckled his head starting to spin as they walked down the staircases towards the entrance hall.

"That was her way of telling me she likes me" James tutted rolling his eyes.

"Yeah... if you say so" Remus said sarcastically.

They reached the bottom of the stairs and were walking towards the great hall, Sirius was growing paler by the second his walking had slowed and his head was spinning dangerously.

"So who have you got your eyes on then this year, Remus?" Peter asked seemingly oblivious to Sirius almost staggering along behind them, anyone would think he was drunk.

"I haven't got my eyes on anyone, same as every other year, I will spend it single for a very good reason" Remus shot James a look and the bespectacled boy nodded.

"Something to do with your furry little problem?" he wiggled his eyebrows crudely and Remus tutted.

"Honestly Prongs, anyone would think I've got a serious body hair problem" Remus shook his head slightly but couldn't hide the smirk on his face.

Sirius felt as though the room was spinning, his ears started to ring a little and he felt extremely faint. He slowed down to almost a stop.

"What do you think Sirius?" James said turning to look over his shoulder at his friend.

The three boy's faces dropped. "Sirius?" Remus asked as his friend started to walk slowly and shakily towards them.

"I feel like I'm gonna-" Sirius said his vision blurring badly, he felt like he was drowning as he fell to the ground on his side.

"Sirius!" the three Marauders called out moving to crouch over him. The last thing he saw was their faces before everything turned black and he fainted...