After they drew apart they headed down to the Great Hall together until they actually reached the room and Sirius walked in ahead of Severus looking very placid and calm. Severus paid no attention to Sirius as he followed in after him a beat or two behind the Gryffindor and went to sit down over at the Slytherin table.

"Where have you been?" James asked suspiciously as Sirius dropped down into his seat with an enormous grin on his face.

"Baby scan" the boy replied happily.

They all looked to him expectantly, if not a little nervously too.

"The baby is healthy all normal and developing properly and..." Sirius trailed off a typical Marauders grin plastered all over his face.

"And?" James pressed a little further in.

"It's a boy!" Sirius beamed.

Peter gasped, Regulus clapped his hands, Remus grinned and James let out a small cheer.

"Woo, baby is a boy!" he beamed. "How freaking cute is that!"

"I know I'm so happy he's healthy and stuff in there" Sirius replied resting a hand on his growing bump. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a scan photo handing it to his friends whom all crowded in around one another to view it.

"Wow, he's getting so big now" Remus commented.

"So am I" Sirius grinned. "Even bigger than Peter" he grinned playfully to the boy.

"Hey!" he said in protest but then shrugged. "I guess I can let you have that one seeing as you're knocked up"

Sirius laughed. "That's the spirit!"

"So you still haven't told us who the dad is" James said his eyes flickering to catch Sirius' as he handed back the scan photo.

Sirius looked away and shrugged a little. "It's not really that important if I'm perfectly honest..."

James blinked. "Do you seriously think that the father of your baby isn't important? Sirius he could be there with you for the rest of your life seeing as you made a baby together, he does have rights to the kid even if you don't like him"

Sirius looked away and swallowed.

"Or perhaps you do like him" James said smoothly tilting his head to one side. "I think you might just fancy him or at least have feelings for him"

"He knocked me up and that's all" said Sirius. "Can we please not talk about this now? I've just found out that I'm having a boy and he's healthy and everything is fine, let's not spoil the moment by talking about baby daddies and shit that you don't really need to get involved in, Prongs my friend" he added shooting James a somewhat angry look.

The boy caved. He sighed, rolled his eyes and nodded awkwardly. "Fine, whatever, but you can't keep this a secret forever you know..."

"I know and I don't intend to" said Sirius.

Remus and Regulus exchanged awkward glances.


After breakfast they headed off to lessons. The morning was going pretty well actually, Sirius had stolen a few odd glances at his boyfriend throughout lessons and he was feeling pretty relaxed, especially when just after break his little baby began to wriggle around inside of him making him giggle and catching the attention of a few students around him whom looked nervous if not slightly disturbed even.

He had just come out of the boys toilets slightly before lunch time when a voice spoke to him from the shadows.

"I know your secret"

Sirius froze mid-step. Should he turn around? He swallowed nervously, placed his foot on the floor and turned keeping his expression as calm, cool and collected as possible. "And what might that be?" he asked the person.

From the shadows stepped Lily Evans. Her shoulder-length red hair pulled back into a ponytail and her green eyes narrowed. They flickered to his bump for a moment before a smirk played across her features. "I saw you this morning, kissing Severus..." she began.

Sirius' heart skipped a beat, he couldn't stop his eyes from widening slightly.

Lily smirked again. "Yes, and those little gestures you just made, the way your eyes are screaming with it means you can't deny it now. I saw you kissing him this morning outside the hospital wing. Is he your boyfriend now then?"

Sirius didn't say anything he just sighed softly.

"Oh I see, perhaps he's your baby's father and you don't want anyone to know about it" her smirk broadened.

His heart began to beat a tattoo in his chest. "You have lots of funny ideas, woman" he said slowly.

"Really? Then perhaps you wouldn't mind if the rest of the school found out about you and Snape, oh yes, I have evidence too" she smirked flashing a photograph of them moving in to kiss one another outside the hospital wing as described.

Sirius swallowed the lump that appeared in his throat. No.

"But there is a way that we can do this without everyone having to find out..." she said slowly examining her shiny finger nails.

"Like what?" he asked smoothly trying to keep his voice as even as possible. Nobody intimidated Sirius Black but when it came to something as important as this, he would have pretty much no choice. Everything was on the line here; his lifestyle, reputation, friends, admirers, Slytherin backlash, Gryffindor possibly turning him away, his parents hating him even more than they already did...

Lily sighed softly and looked almost thoughtful for a moment. "I have this friend, see, and she would really appreciate it if you went on a date with her, if you'd be her boyfriend of sorts..." he went on slowly watching the expression of horror flit across Sirius' face.

"You're evil" he spoke accusingly.

Lily laughed. "I'm not evil at all, Sirius, how can you be so silly?" she pouted and Sirius noticed that she was wearing a pale pink lipstick for the first time. "All you have to do is go out with her and be nice to her and nobody will find out about your little incident with Snape, got it?"

"And I suppose you will tell everyone and show them all this photograph if I don't?" he asked flatly.

The laugh she emitted was sickly and revolting making Sirius shudder. "Pretty much, yep!" she beamed happily. "But here's the last part of the deal..."


"You can't tell Snape this is all a game, you can't tell him that she's not technically your girlfriend" Lily went on.

Sirius' eyes widened dramatically. "No, that means-"

"I know exactly what it means but surely if he loves you and everything is so wonderful between the two of you then surely he will forgive you or- heck!- he might not even care" she laughed lazily.

Sirius hesitated a moment gritting his teeth. Things hadn't exactly been perfect between him and Snape recently with all the misunderstandings and general difficulties. He was 18 weeks pregnant now and it was the middle of January. He and Snape were only just starting to resolve things and this would no doubt destroy them again but what choice did he have? Sirius shuddered again, he didn't even want to think about it. After a few moments he nodded slowly. "I'll agree to this but if you DARE blackmail me again, I will ruin you" he said nastily stepping towards her.

Lily clutched her cloak tighter around her small frame and let out a small choking laugh. "I don't think you will somehow"

Sirius glared at her. "Try me"

Her green eyes narrowed. "As of right now I have no interest in blackmailing you other than to get what I want and what my friend wants" she said coldly. "You understand friendship, don't you?"

"Better than you ever could" he said coolly.

A vein flickered horribly in her temple. "You couldn't possibly understand, you are a BLACK" she practically spat the word. "Your family aren't exactly the nicest people in the world"

Sirius barked a laugh. "They are not my family any more"

"What about your little brother?" she asked cocking her head to one side so that bright red ponytail flopped down her shoulder. "Surely you still love him" he voice was filled with malice. "It would be too bad if something were to happen to him"

"You touch my brother and I will make sure you're locked up, got that?" Sirius said stepping towards her towering over her but she didn't even seem to flinch.

"You don't scare me, Black" she replied. "Nothing about you does now that I know you for what you are. The whole school will know soon enough too and I will make sure of it if you don't follow my orders"

Sirius whirled around on his feet trembling slightly and taking several deep, silent breaths trying to calm his nerves. "You be fucking quiet right now" he said with his back still turned. "I have more of a standing in this school, I know more than you, I know better people than you and I have admirers"

"You won't when they find out who you slept with to make that little brat of yours" she said coolly.

Sirius whirled around grabbing her by the front of her robes and slamming her backwards into the hard stone wall. "Don't you ever make comments like that about my baby again, he is worth more than you are by far you nasty little bitch"

"I'll do what I like for I have the upper hand" she spat viciously.

"No, you don't and I won't let you do this" Sirius said coldly.

"Does that mean our little deal is off?" She laughed nastily. "What a pity, and there was me thinking you would cave in out of terror of what the rest of the student body would do once they found out you were having a baby with Snape"

"It's not entirely a secret, you know" he said. "Remus knows, my brother knows, Snape knows..."

"But what about James?" Lily pressed. "I'll bet he doesn't know, I'll bet he doesn't have a single clue that you've been with his sworn enemy and you've fallen for him. Snivellus, was that the name you used to call him?" she teased.

Sirius glared. "You are a nasty little girl"

"I don't care" she went on. "People believe me to be sweet, innocent, kind and cute and they all adore me. I can get whatever I want and with the evidence I have I can destroy you" she went on.

Sirius had made his decision. A snap second later and he thrust his hand into Lily's cloak grabbing and tearing at it. She let out a defeaning scream and tried to slap his hands away but he managed to get hold of the photograph, ripped it out and tore it in two stuffing it into his own pocket. "Now who has all the evidence?" he said pulling back from her and glaring her down. "You stay away from me and you stay away from my baby, got that?"

She said nothing, only glared clutching at her pocket.

The bell rang signalling lunch time had began.

"I'm going to meet my friends now, see you later, bitch" he spat coldly before turning on his heels and marching away triumphantly but he couldn't deny the fact he was physically shaking a little with the prospect of what might have happened if he had indeed followed her demands.

It was over now, it was all over.


"You made it" Remus grinned when Sirius dropped down into his seat at the Gryffindor table to get some lunch.

"Yeah, can't keep me away from food for very long now" he grinned gently touching his bump as he began to pile food onto his plate.

"Where the hell were you anyway?" Peter asked curiously. "You'd been gone for ages"

"I went to pee, pregnancy hormones and that just sort of kept me there a while" he nodded back to his friend as they tucked in.

Regulus joined them a few minutes later as they ate and talked and everything seemed to be going pretty smoothly. It was only a few minutes later when a loud sobbing noise caught the attention of pretty much everyone in the Great Hall.

"He touched me!" she cried and Sirius looked up, dread filling his veins.

"Sirius Black!" Lily cried out again with her friends arms around her.

There was a murmur of whispers as people turned to stare at the sobbing girl.

"He sexually assaulted me, he grabbed my breast and ripped my cloak, he wanted to have sex with me!" she roared again.

James turned to gape at Sirius with his mouth hanging open.

Sirius held up his hands shaking his head. "I didn't touch her, I didn't sexually assault her, I swear it!" he said quickly. He could not fucking believe this girl.

A few people had got up to go over and comfort her but most of them just sat there staring in curiosity.

"I told him no!" she pressed on simply revelling in the attention the idiot sheep were giving her. "I told him I didn't want to and he grabbed me and pushed me into the wall and kept trying to fondle me and take my clothes off, he's a psycho!" she cried pointing towards him.

Sirius jumped instantly to his feet. "I DID NO SUCH THING!" he shouted back.

"Then explain why you pushed me against the corrdior wall and grabbed my breasts!" she sobbed literally screaming her words at him. "Explain why you would do something like this, I demand you do it now!"

"Because..." he trailed off a little suddenly aware of the amount of eyes on him. He could see Severus sitting over at the Slytherin table looking both hurt and very confused. Sorry, Sev. "Because she was trying to blackmail me and I was getting something she took of me back!" he argued.

"Pathetic excuse!" Mary shouted back at him. "What a liar!"

"Oi, what makes you think you can go around grabbing and abusing women?" a seventh year Ravenclaw boy shouted. "You filthy git!"

"I didn't touch her! I'm not... straight..." he said awkwardly feeling his cheeks growing hot. He hated this, he hated being put in this situation. "Why the hell would I even touch that freckled old slag of any of the people here anyway?"

"Don't talk about her that way!" James snarled getting to his feet and squaring off against Sirius.

"I'll talk about her however I like because she's a fucking liar and she's trying to make me look like something I'm not!" Sirius argued back as Lily continued to roar like a big ugly hag. "That demented bitch obviously has a problem with me or something"

"If you weren't knocked up right now I would seriously smash your face off of this fucking table!" James shouted back.

"Back off!" Regulus snapped getting to his feet and giving James a hard shove so the boy nearly tripped backwards off of his seat. "Don't you talk about my brother that way!" he shouted angrily. "He says he did nothing wrong and I damn well believe him"

"You would because you're a fucking faggot too!" James retorted.

"Watch your mouth!" Remus snapped joining in on them.

James lost his temper and punched Regulus in the face. There was a cry of shock from the people watching, Lily roared her tears and snot streaming down her red, puffy face. Peter jumped and hid under the table covering his head to avoid the fighting as Regulus and James began tearing at one another and Remus furiously tried to pull them apart.

Sirius stood shouting and swearing and waving his arms around helplessly completely unable to fight back. A few of the other students had joined in and were shouting and chanting for them to fight or calling Lily a liar, some had even begun fighting amongst themselves and the Slytherin table had broken out in an uproar just for the sake of causing an uproar.

Severus got up from his seat and left without a word.

Sirius swallowed and averted his eyes from the boy quickly before anyone could possibly notice him staring. What was Severus going to say about this? It couldn't possibly be good.

Minutes later and the teachers came running over casting spells and trying to generally pull people apart. They managed to get James and Regulus apart with some help from Remus and pull Peter out from under the table as well as sending Lily off to McGonagall's office.

Sirius finished eating and left the Great Hall in something like ruins as he went hurrying off out and up the stairs. He obviously couldn't check the Slytherin common room without the password for their wall but he could easily check the library and perhaps even the toilets too. It was possibly a long shot but still.

He didn't take it at too much of a pace being pregnant but when he arrived in the library the nurse shot him a funny look like he just shouldn't be in there but didn't say anything when he hurried past and through the bookshelves. Sure enough, there was Severus sitting in the back reading through a book upside down he'd obviously randomly plucked from one of the shelves.

Sirius swallowed and approached dropping down into the seat beside Severus. "Hey"

"Hi" said Severus.

"What are you doing up here?" Sirius asked quietly. He had a feeling he knew the answer already.

"Getting well out of the way in case our relationship was exposed, that is, if there still is a relationship" he said darkly shooting a dangerous glance to Sirius.

The Gryffindor swallowed. "Listen, Severus... I didn't sexually assault Lily, I didn't touch her like that she had this picture of us and-"

"So you weren't feeling up her breasts?" Severus asked rather flatly looking up into his face.

"Of course not" Sirius breathed and reached into his pocket. "I only grabbed at her to get this out" he said pulling the two separate pieces of photograph out and putting them down on the table in front of Severus.

The boy stared at them, swallowed and picked them up holding the pieces together once again. "Sirius..." he breathed pursing his lips. "H-how?"

"She took it this morning outside the hospital wing but that much is obvious" he replied. "She was trying to blackmail me into dating her friend and basically doing what I was told or she would show this to everyone and expose us. She was being a real bitch, she was having a right go at me and she said stuff about the baby so I grabbed her, shoved her against the wall, we argued and I had no choice but to put my hands on her and take the photograph away, I didn't want to be treated that way and she expected me to not tell you that it was all a game and make you think I'd run off with someone else, I couldn't do that to you and I couldn't do that to us and the baby because we've go him to think about now" he breathed resting his hand gently on his bump. He glanced around carefully to make sure there was nobody about to see them this time.

"But from now on we have to be a lot more careful, right?" Severus smiled gently.

"We do, I'm not quite ready to expose all of this yet especially with everything that happened today" Sirius replied. "Do you understand that?"

"Of course I do and yes this has given me a serious reality check" Severus swallowed nervously. "I'm scared, Sirius"

"So am I" Sirius breathed as Severus moved forward to hug him gently resting his lips against the side of his neck as Sirius cuddled him closer. "I don't want to lose you and baby deserves us to try and be together at least for his sake when he's born, he doesn't need to come from a broken home"

"I know and I do genuinely really care about you" Severus breathed pulling back to look into Sirius' soft grey eyes. "Do you care about me too?" he asked hopefully.

Sirius swallowed and smiled warmly. "Yes, yes I do care about you a lot, Severus" he breathed.

Severus glanced around again before he leaned in and kissed the boy softly on the lips. "Do you want to skip lessons for today and just go snuggle somewhere quiet?" he offered gently.

Sirius was genuinely surprised that Severus wanted to bunk off classes, that really wasn't like him at all but he wasn't about to say no. "Yes, I'd love to but won't people notice we're missing?" he quirked an eyebrow nervously.

"No, I don't think they will bother too much" Severus smiled warmly. "Besides, you can always tell people you were having some sickness or something from your pregnancy, morning sickness can strike at any time of day, right?"

"This is very true" Sirius laughed softly.

"Besides, do you even care if they do?" Severus quirked his head to one side looking so adorable Sirius had to cup his cheeks and kiss his lips. "What was that for?" Severus laughed when they drew apart.

"For being so fucking cute" Sirius grinned. "Shall we get going before people start sneaking up here?"

"Yeah" Severus smiled and nodded. He got up, shoved the book back on a shelf and picked up his bag slinging it over his shoulder. He and Sirius left the library and made their way up the stairs again until they reached the Room of Requirement like they always did. They slipped inside, shut the door, dropped their cloaks, bags and kicked off their shoes before they spelled their hands clean and ran and jumped on the bed.

"Be careful" Severus laughed gently hitting Sirius in the legs with a cushion. "Don't land on your baby bump"

"I didn't" Sirius chuckled. "I didn't jump very far anyway, I hopped up onto the bed"

Severus chuckled. "Okay then, the last thing I want is for you or my son to get hurt" he spoke softly.

"Have I ever told you I think that you're absolutely stunning?" Sirius asked with a grin.

"Hmm, nope" Severus laughed. "Have I ever told you that?"

"I wouldn't mind hearing it a bit more often" Sirius winked playfully. "Come here, let's cuddle" he breathed pulling Severus into his arms.

"Why don't we undress and get under the covers seeing as the fire is all lovely and warm?" Severus quirked an eyebrow playfully.

"I'd like that" Sirius chuckled.

They shucked out of their clothes into just their boxer shorts- the same colour- before they settled down under the warm, comfy covers wrapping their arms around one another searching for warmth.

"I can feel your bump against my tummy" Severus smiled gently.

"That fat, am I?" Sirius teased brushing his lips over Severus' cheek playfully.

"You're not fat, you're sexy at any size" Severus blushed a little. He still wasn't entirely used to being this way with someone let alone someone like fucking Sirius black.

"Mm, wanna make out?" Sirius offered raising his eyebrows hopefully.

Severus grinned and leaned in pressing his lips tenderly to Sirius' allowing the boy to instantly deepen their kiss.


"Where the hell has Sirius gone?" Remus frowned as they went to sit down in the lesson just after lunch.

"Maybe he's sick" said Peter true to form.

"Maybe he's run off because he's a lying little pussy" James said stiffly.

"Oh come on, you don't seriously believe Lily over your best friend, do you?" Remus said in absolute disbelief.

James shrugged a little. "He knows how much I like her and he's a complete dick sometimes so it wouldn't surprise me if he did, the horny git, he's just junked up on hormones and obviously can't keep his hands off of people"

"But Sirius is gay!" Remus protested. "He said that, he said he isn't straight"

"No, Remus, what I believe he said is that he wasn't straight, he never said he was gay so that means he's most likely bisexual" James argued pointing the finger in Remus' face. "Do your homework and start looking into things better"

Remus' lips parted with shock. "Sirius told me he was gay and here's another thing, he also told me who the dad of his baby is"

James' eyes widened in horror.

Remus instantly regretted his words.

"Who is it?" the boy demanded. By now people had turned curiously to look at them.

"I'm not going to tell you because that would break his trust, you really think he hasn't told his brother who it is either? Ever wondered why neither of us ask who the dad is when you do? Oh yeah, he told us a long time ago" Remus went on his eyes flashing with anger.

James stared. "Why would he keep something like this from me?" he asked coolly.

"Probably because he knows that you will treat him like dirt over it and he doesn't feel like he can trust you and after what you've done today then no wonder he hasn't told you who it is" Remus snapped back.

James swallowed and turned away from Remus turning his back on the boy with Peter at his side. He shot Remus a sympathetic look and turned with James to face the front. Remus just sighed, rolled his eyes and turned his own attention on his school work. Fuck him, fuck everything right now. He just hoped that Sirius wouldn't be angry with him for saying this when he got back later.


A couple of hours later Severus lay in the Room of Requirement watching Sirius sleeping peacefully in his arms. The boy was so warm and soft and never in his life had he ever expected to be snuggled up in bed with Sirius fucking Black.

He sighed softly and watched the boy sleeping, it was so nice just to relax with him away from everything and everyone for even just a little while even if they did have to go back and face it all later. Or did they?

Sirius' eyes fluttered open and he groaned softly as he stretched out under the warm covers. "What time is it?" he breathed blinking sleepily up into Severus' face.

"Half five" the boy spoke gently. "I've had some food brought up in case you were hungry and didn't feel up to going to dinner with everyone else tonight" he said nodding to the big basket of food at the end of the bed.

Sirius looked down at it and smiled to Severus kissing him lightly on the lips and cupping his left cheek. "Thank you that was very sweet and kind of you" he breathed closing his eyes again and stretching out like a cat pushing his hands down under the covers once again. He relaxed and blinked into Severus' face again. "Sorry I just get really sleepy now that I'm pregnant" he breathed.

"That's okay I really don't mind you're all warm and cosy when you're sleeping it's fun to watch you" Severus smiled gently. In truth he was still feeling a little dozy himself but definitely not to the same extent as Sirius was.

"You were watching me?" Sirius laughed.

"It was fun" Severus' cheeks turned a light pinkish colour.

"Hey, how about we just eat and sleep here tonight? I can't be bothered to get up and I especially can't be bothered to get dressed and walk all the way back to the Gryffindor tower in the cold especially with how warm and cosy it is in here with that fire going" Sirius grinned glancing over to it once again.

"I was actually about to ask you the same thing but I was worried I would come across clingy or something considering I asked you to bunk off this afternoon" Severus chuckled.

"Don't worry about it" Sirius grinned. "I don't need an excuse to want to spend time with you, we can deal with everything tomorrow"

"Time to face it all then I guess" Severus breathed nervously as they sat up and reached for the picnic basket.

"Mm, I'm worried but I'm not going to let it bother me tonight" said Sirius. "I have you and I love you and I just guess that shit happens that you can't control" he said. "People will be people and sometimes I really despise the human race"

"Lack of faith in humanity, I believe it's called" Severus winked as they tucked into some cool sandwiches.

"Pretty much but I just say fuck them" Sirius smiled. "Besides, I think soon I'll be ready to tell people about our relationship and don't get me wrong I'm not ashamed of you it's just how drastically it will change everything, drama, drama, drama basically" said Sirius once again.

"No it's okay I completely understand I'm just glad you did what you did today because it's our news to tell people and it shouldn't be exposed like that" Severus said taking another bite.

"That is provided Lily hasn't dropped the hot potato already" Sirius pointed out. "It's not beneath her to do something like that"

Severus sighed shaking his head slowly with disbelief. "I can't believe her, I honestly can't" he said. "She has turned into a real bitch now, I don't know why but she thinks she's so much better than everyone and that pisses me off, I hate people that are like that because she's no better than you or I and blackmail is absolutely fucking disgusting"

"I don't know how James even likes her" said Sirius.

"Shitty minds think alike I guess" Severus mumbled.

Sirius chuckled.

"You're not mad I said that?" Severus frowned slightly with confusion.

"No" Sirius grinned. "I liked it, he was a real dick to me today basically taking her side over mine, I wonder what happened when I left. He and Regulus were fighting and might get detention for it but then again so was everyone else and they can't throw practically the whole school in detention over it so they'll probably just have words instead"

"Mm" Severus nodded slowly with understanding. "Your friend, Lupin, he will stick up for you?"

"He will stick up for us and so will Regulus because they obviously know and they support us a lot, me in particular because I'm the one carrying the baby but I hope it doesn't cause too much friction between him and bloody James. I'd hate them to not be friends because of me" Sirius explained.

"I think maybe tomorrow you should just talk to them and get it done and over with, I know that sounds like the girly thing to do but it's better than fighting and all this drama and hate" Severus said. "There's always the good, bad and better option of how to do everything and you've got to choose which one you think is best for the situation and I think winding them up or letting them get wound up will only make things so much worse" he went on.

"You're such a kind, funny, smart person, Severus" Sirius smiled warmly. "I can't believe nobody has really noticed you before"

Severus blushed a little and shrugged. "I guess appearance counts more than anything else and people would rather take someone like you or Potter over someone like me"

"I'm not going to lie, Severus, but you did used to refuse to wash your hair or stand up straight or wear clothes that fitted you properly but recently you've changed that and started smiling and blotting your skin and washing your hair and you're actually very attractive. I've noticed it's people that don't like you that call you ugly rather than just normal people or your friends"

"None of them call me ugly" said Severus. "But they're my friends and friends don't usually call each other names like that, especially guys because we like to be manly"

Sirius barked another loud laugh. "And don't I know it but I think I've lost all my masculinity thanks to being up the duff" he sighed stroking his hands over his exposed baby bump. "Look at the size of me"

"You're going to get a lot bigger" Severus chuckled softly. "You're going to be absolutely stunning too"

"When I'm 500lb and sweaty?" Sirius winked.

"You won't be anything like that size and I'll still find you hot" Severus blushed a little. "I've always found you hot..." his voice dropped lower and he averted his eyes a little.


"I don't think he's coming back tonight" James said as the four of them sat around the fire (James, Peter, Remus and Regulus).

"Probably because you've upset him so badly" Remus muttered. "I don't blame him for it either"

"I would apologise but I can't even bring myself to talk to him even if he did come back today" said James. "I'm just so disgusting and pissed off with him and his behaviour, he thinks he's really something now that he's pregnant"

"No he doesn't!" Remus protested.

"Yeah!" said Regulus. "He's my brother, I know him through and through and he is feeling really insecure and anxious right now I know he is"

"Why the hell would he be insecure?" James asked confusedly. He had sort of forgiven Regulus for that massive fight they had earlier on.

Regulus sighed and rolled his eyes impatiently. "And I thought you were supposed to be smart. He's a pregnant, teenage boy with no job, he feels like he's losing his looks, he feels like he can't tell anyone who the dad is or even talk about his pregnancy much, he doesn't have his parents and has very little stability in his life, if he loses the father of his baby because of what other people say or do to them then he's in for it because he will feel like he has no one"

"But that's not true" Remus jumped in. "He has us, he'll always have us"

James swallowed and glanced to the fire, the light of it dancing orange and gold in the reflection from his circular glasses. "I didn't realise he felt that way..."

"Sirius is big and tough, he's not like that!" Peter tried to argue.

"He looks that way but he's still a human being with feelings too, imagine if you were knocked up at sixteen, couldn't tell anyone about the father, had to keep lots to yourself, had no parents to look after you and support you... imagine how that would make you feel" Remus argued.

"Very, very alone" James breathed.

"Exactly" said Remus.

"But it still doesn't give him the right to act like a total arse about everything" James said shaking his head.

"Uh, yes it does" Regulus snapped angrily.

James just sighed and rolled his hazel eyes. "I'm going to bed, if he comes in don't wake me up I don't want to know about it"


"Sirius?" Severus asked quietly as they lay in bed together that night, the only light coming from the warm, crackling fire across the other side of the room. It was, of course, protected by magic so it didn't smoke or set anything on fire so they were perfectly safe in there with it too otherwise they wouldn't have it.


"Have you thought about what we're going to do at the end of the school year?" Severus asked quietly. "I mean, you're pregnant and the baby will be born in May or June time and he'll need a home to go to and he'll need us to have everything sorted..." he said rolling onto his front and propping himself up on his elbows to look at the boy.

Sirius was lying on his back with his face tilted to the left gazing at Severus. He swallowed gently. "I've thought about it and I'm not sure what to do"

"There's four-and-a-half months left to go before he's born and we need to get things sorted, that isn't long..." Severus breathed looking down at the backs of his hands for a moment or two.

"I know" Sirius breathed. "And I was kind of thinking that maybe we could get somewhere together by then" he said quietly.

"I'd like that" Severus breathed. "Anywhere in mind?"

"Somewhere affordable and private where we could raise the baby, I mean, if we're not close enough then we could have separate rooms and if we break up- which I'm not saying we will- but just in case because we have to be really sensible here, then we could live together as roommates"

Severus smiled and nodded quickly. "I completely understand and I plan on getting a job"

"I'm getting paid from my interviews, I have one this weekend"

"I know you do"

"And you're coming along too" Sirius smiled warmly.

"I know" Severus breathed. "I look forward to it and hopefully you get paid for a good few more"

"I hope so too" Sirius laughed lightly. "I need all the money I can get, my savings won't count for much anyway because they're not going to last forever and besides I need them to get a place and buy baby stuff"

"Well, I really hate to admit this but I have very little money put by for me, I'm... poor as fuck... and I need a job but I don't have a clue where or when to get one"

"I think you should just take whatever you can, write a book, get a Saturday or Sunday job, write for the paper, make stuff and sell it, whatever you can" Sirius smiled warmly. "Anything no matter how low paid or shitty it is is always going to be better than nothing"

"I agree" Severus smiled warmly. "Anyway, how about we go to sleep for now and start looking at stuff on the weekend?"

"I'd like that very much" Sirius smiled warmly. They both leaned in, pressed their lips together and settled down to sleep...


The next morning Remus woke, he didn't feel too worried to be honest because he knew Sirius was obviously with Severus hiding out and sleeping together, actually sleeping not having sex though...

He yawned, stretched and smiled as Regulus nestled further into his figure.

"Good morning, handsome" the younger boy breathed entangling their legs together under the warm covers.

"Good morning to you too" Remus grinned. "You're up awfully early"

"That's because there's something I want" Regulus breathed his fingers dancing around a nipple.

"And what might that be?" Remus breathed feeling his heart rate increase slightly in his chest.

"I want us to skip today and spend all day snuggling in bed because I don't want to fucking go to classes and I just want to be with my boyfriend and spend the day like a pair of teenagers missing classes and making out all day" he grinned playfully.

Remus actually found himself laughing his head off at this. "Wow, sounds like fun" he grinned excitedly. "What are we going to tell the teachers though if they ask?"

Regulus shrugged a little. "I think we should live a little more on the wild side which brings me to a few things I want to talk about with you" he said slowly his voice growing slightly more serious as the sentence went on.

Remus looked to his boyfriend curiously furrowing his blonde eyebrows a little. "Oh? Anything I should be worried about?"

Regulus chuckled. "I'm not breaking up with you or even considering it if that's what you're thinking about..."

Remus found himself sighing with relief and grinning at his boyfriend as they both broke out in soft chuckled.

"No but seriously, I do want to ask something of you" Regulus smiled gently.

"What's that?" Remus asked curiously, his blue eyes twinkling softly in the warm, morning, Gryffindor lighting.

Regulus hesitated a moment. "Well first I want to talk about making love... on my birthday in a few weeks-time" he breathed softly.

Remus stared. "You want to make love with me?" he breathed softly, his eyes widening.

"Of course I do" Regulus found himself blushing a little bit. "I want to take the next step with you and I was thinking at some point after that then maybe we could... you know... h-have a baby together" his voice dropped to nearly a soft whisper.

Remus stared down at his lover for a few long moments there, the words he was unsure he had originally heard correctly. "Y-you want to have a baby with me?" he whispered his eyebrows furrowing deeply with confusion.

Regulus smiled very shyly but still genuinely too. "Yes, I do"

Remus was lost for words.

"I'll understand if you don't want to of course or you want to wait until we're older or married first but I really do want to have a baby with you, Remus, whether I'm the one carrying it or you are" he smiled honestly and very warmly.

Remus was quiet for a moment before he smiled and nodded. "Okay, you understand about my condition though, right?"

"I understand" Regulus nodded very seriously. "I've looked it up and there have been hundreds and thousands of other Werewolves in the course of history that have babies with people and as long as they are human then they can have human children, did you ever hear about those Werewolves that mated on the full moon night?" he asked curiously tilting his head to one side.

Remus looked seriously impressed. "The ones that produced extremely beautiful and highly intelligent wolf cubs that now live in the school forest?" he asked.

Regulus chuckled and nodded. "They're harmless, Werewolves do not pass on the gene, Remus"

"I know but I fear that my child would be ashamed of me" he said quietly.

Regulus smiled and shook his head slowly. "That wouldn't happen, you'd make a completely amazing father, you're kind, caring, gentle, considerate, intelligent, funny and you have a heart full of love"

Remus found himself blushing softly. "You really think so?"

"I know so, if you want to have a baby with me then we can get things sorted and start trying maybe in a few weeks or so?" Regulus asked hopefully.

Remus smiled and nodded slowly. "I think I'd like that, should we tell Sirius?"

Regulus shook his head. "Not now, it's not the right time especially with him being pregnant too, I don't know if we should wait until closer to his birth time before we start trying, I don't want to steal his thunder or anything"

"He has four-and-a-half months left, right?"

Regulus nodded quickly.

"Okay" Remus smiled warmly and tilted Regulus' chin up to kiss him softly on the lips. "I really do see a proper future with you, Reg, I know we're only young but I can see it and people do last forever even if they do get together as teenagers"

"I know and I see one with you too and that's partly why I asked for a baby because I think we can handle it" Regulus smiled warmly.

"So, seeing as we're going to do this, I think we should take another big step first" Remus said quietly gently stroking his fingers through Regulus' long, silky black hair.

Regulus looked up at him curiously.

"I think it's time I introduced you to my parents" Remus smiled very warmly.

Regulus looked up into his boyfriend's face with his eyes wide and his lips parted slightly searching those lovely blue eyes. "Are you serious?"

"Of course" Remus breathed. "I want you to meet my mum and dad so much now, should we go this weekend? I can have them pick us up on Friday and bring us back Sunday night or Monday morning, how does that sound?"

"Completely amazing" Regulus grinned excitedly and let out a long, shaky, nervous breath. "Wow, this is huge!"

"I know it is but they're going to absolutely adore you" Remus chuckled softly.

"Is there anything I should know about them before I meet them?" Regulus asked with genuine curiosity in his voice and written across his gorgeous little face.

Remus looked very thoughtful for a few moments. "My dad is a half-blood wizard and my mum is a Muggle" he explained. "His name is Lyall and her name is Hope" he smiled gently. "They're both about forty two or three, we live in the middle of nowhere in this little house, umm, they're very protective of me and love me a lot, they want to meet you because they've said so before. My dad works for the Ministry and my mum is a housewife" he explained.

Regulus nodded slowly with understanding. "Wow this is going to be like living in a completely different world from where I came from, does your mum use electricity?" he asked curiously.

Remus started to laugh. "Yes and we have a television too, we can watch it if you like"

"Does it hurt?" Regulus asked worriedly.

Remus burst out laughing. "No, don't be so silly" he grinned pecking his boyfriend's lips. "Wow, this is going to be so amazing and funny watching you understanding Muggle things seeing as you're a pure-blood and you've never seen or been around these things before"

Regulus grinned excitedly. "I look forward to it, I just hope I don't come across a total idiot in front of your parents..."

"You won't" Remus smiled reassuringly and gently too. "Now, come on, let's get on with that make out session you had planned for today"

"Don't mind if I do!" Regulus beamed sliding up to lie on top of Remus and press their lips together very lovingly smiling into said beautiful, romantic little kiss.


Sirius woke without opening his eyes, he felt so warm, so cosy and so safe. He sighed softly to himself a small smile playing on his face as he felt those warm arms wrapping around him better, Severus knew he was awake possibly without even looking at him.

"Good morning" Severus said quietly.

"Good morning" Sirius yawned sleepily. "What time is it?"

"Seven thirty" said Severus.

Sirius yawned again and flexed like a kitty relaxing back into Severus' arms. "I suppose we have to get up and go to classes today" he pouted sadly.

"Technically no but it's probably best that we do or people will get suspicious and we might actually fall behind or something" Severus shrugged a little. "For once I actually don't even want to get out of bed and I am a morning person in case you hadn't noticed"

Sirius barked a small lazy laugh. "Yeah, you do seem that way. I'm not bad in the morning but since getting knocked up things have been a lot different for me"

"Wow" Severus grinned playfully. "And ther was me having you pegged as a lazy bastard"

"Would a lazy bastard come chasing after you yesterday when he thought you were mad at him?" Sirius cracked one eye open to gaze into Severus' face. He looked gorgeous, of course. (Severus)

Severus chuckled softly once again. "Hmm, I dunno..."

"Would a lazy bastard manhandle a woman to get back evidence that wasn't exactly for the public eye and put up with being verbally abused for it?"

"Still not convinced" Severus smiled playfully.

"What about... this" Sirius smirked leaning in and kissing Severus' lips and actually bothering to open his eyes. "See?"

"Okay I believe you" Severus laughed playfully. "Is there anything we actually need to do today besides classes?"

"Nope" Sirius shrugged a little. "It's only Tuesday"

Severus sighed softly. "My friends are going to interrogate me when they find out I've been out all night"

"Slytherin problems again?"

"Nah, not really" said Severus. "Just that it can be annoying because they're really weird about me hanging about places on my own or going off and doing stuff, they're like it with everyone in our little circle but still, it's annoying"

"They don't want you mixing with non-Slytherin people, huh?" Sirius sighed.

"Pretty much" Severus replied. "But I don't care, I like spending time with you and as I said before, I'd give them all up for you"

Sirius smiled warmly. "I really care for you, Severus"

"I care for you too and our son" Severus smiled very warmly.

"Which reminds me, a certain little man is doing his morning stretches" Sirius chuckled taking Severus' hand and resting it on his growing baby bump.

Severus laughed then gasped. "I can feel him through your skin, just little fluttering and footsie movements, but I can still feel his feet under there!"

Sirius laughed. "Try having him inside of you, he's all wriggly in the mornings and particularly during first lesson right after I sit down"

"Aww, maybe you wake him up and he's telling you to stop moving around and go back to bed" Severus couldn't help but grin.

"Maybe" said Sirius. "He's so cute and I love him very much"

Severus smiled lovingly to Sirius.


After an hour they were up, dressed and heading down to the Great Hall. On the way the two boys slipped into an alcove and made out for around five minutes before separating and promising to see one another later on that day.

Sirius went into the Great Hall first to be with his friends, Remus and Regulus looked up to greet him excitedly but James got up and moved away with a very angry look on his face.

"He still mad?" Sirius asked when he dropped down into his seat ignoring the stares from people around him. He'd purposely allowed his growing bump to be on show to try and ward people off of having a go at him.

"Pretty much" Remus sighed softly. "He's being a waste of space to be honest"

"I gathered" Sirius said quietly piling some food on his plate. "Merlin! I feel so fucking hungry today..."

"Didn't you eat last night?" Regulus frowned worriedly looking at Sirius' bump briefly.

"Of course I did" Sirius laughed softly. "I'm just knocked up, I get hungry a lot and more so now baby is getting more active"

"No name for him yet then?" Regulus asked curiously sipping at his morning tea.

"Not yet" Sirius chuckled softly. "But soon there will be, I know it"

"Going to see what the daddy thinks about it first?" Remus asked casually without having to lower his voice, it wasn't as if he gave anything away yet.

"Yeah, we'll perhaps look soon" Sirius smiled warmly.

"Well, that's good" said Regulus looking happily to Remus. "We're off out this weekend to Remus' parents house, I get to meet them for the first time" he grinned excitedly. "So we'll be away from Friday evening until Sunday night or Monday morning, you'll have plenty of time then"

Sirius' eyes widened. "That means I can spend the whole weekend with Severus!" he breathed excitedly, his eyes widening as he leaned in with excitement. A hopeful look washing over his face.

Remus and Regulus grinned then laughed to one another excitedly too. "Pretty much" Remus nodded. "But, uh, there is something I should tell you and I don;t want you to get mad over it please" he said rather awkwardly.

"What's that?" Sirius frowned in confusion.

Remus hesitated a moment before he said "I-I sort of told James I know who the dad is, Reg too, and he's mad at me for it..."

Sirius stopped and stared. "But you didn't tell him who the dad really is, did you?£ his voice shook slightly with nerves.

"No, of course not" Remus said shaking his head quickly. "I wouldn't ever give away your secret, you know you can always trust me"

Regulus nodded quickly in his own agreement. "Me too" he beamed happily. "And I know you can trust my boyfriend too" he gave Remus' hand a gentle little squeeze too. Remus leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips.

"I love you"

"I love you too" Regulus smiled.


Tuesday passed in an awkward blur. Sirius tossed his hair, smiled and wasll altogether as charming as ever to make sure that nobody could possibly make any sort of complaint about him.

"I think Lily was wrong about him, he's not the type, he hasn't touched a single girl!" one girl said as she and her little group of friends walked around them.

"I know, I think he's innocent, Lily is a complete attention-seeker" another one said with light brown hair. "She's always a bitch to me anyway and just comes off as a little nicey-nicey girl"

"Fuck them" said the smallest blonde with a squeaky voice like a squirrel on helium. She tossed her hair. "He's charming and fit and I reckon he's gay too"

"Besides he really is knocked up, why would he want to have it off with her when he's got a kid inside of him, he's obviously been with a bloke"

"Rumour has it he's still seeing him" the ginger girl whispered and they all giggled excitedly.

"A scandal?! I love it!" the first and tallest brunette girl said excitedly.

"I think it's amazing" said the only black-haired girl. "I find it fascinating but he'll tell us when he's ready, he's just a normal person even if he is popular and absolutely fucking gorgeous"

Sirius sighed and looked to Remus whom chuckled nervously. "I guess there are plenty of people on your side afterall"

"I never doubted there would be" Sirius grinned flashing those perfect pearly whites. "Peopel will always take my side over hers.


Later that day he snuck off to see Severus quickly after dinner and headed back to the common room after around an hour. They'd agreed to meet and spend the entire weekend together in the Room of Requirement and go to the little interview shoot together too whilst they had a chance.

When Sirius arrived back at the dormitory he glanced to James but they boy just shot him an angry glance and turned his back pulling on his pyjama t-shirt.

Sirius sighed, washed up and changed so he could slip in under his warm bed covers. "Night, all"

"Goodnight" chorused from Remus and Regulus before Sirius closed his red bed curtains and snuggled down to sleep. He felt somewhat lonely tonight without Severus there to love with him, he wanted to snuggle with the boy so badly but he couldn't stay with him every single night because they would only get caught and that wasn't how they wanted to announce their new and very close relationship.

Sirius smiled to himself and rolled onto his warm back gazing up at the canopy over his bed where he'd recently taped a picture of Severus to, nobody would notice it there unless they were laying on their back on his bed, in the centre too and were looking for it, or just had their eyes open really. Was this love? Is this what it felt like to be in love? Sirius hoped so. He had such intensive feelings for the boy but everything was moving at such the perfect pace, sure he wanted to be more intimate with Severus but at the same time he really wanted this to work and just jumping into bed with someone within weeks of getting together with them was NOT the way to do things. He had to be strong, he had to be in control and take this a day at a time especially for his son's sake, he needed to make sure everything was right first, he needed to make sure Severus felt the same and was on the same page if not one ahead. Either way would be just fine by him and he was sure Severus felt the same way he just needed that clarified to be honest for his own security.

With that thought in mind, Sirius drifted off into a peaceful slumber.


Wednesday passed in an amazing blur, everything seemed to have gone back to normal. Nobody had questioned him further about what happened with slutty Lily Evans and not even the teachers had spoken to him about it other than the "Hello, how are you feeling?" and that gentle smile they often gave him in which he replied "Just fine, thanks!" with a hand on his bump and a beaming grin. It was the best way to be really, cheery and nice to everyone.

Severus didn't seem to have gotten into too much trouble from those friends of his either. Sirius really did not approve and suspected some of them were on the verge of joining the wrong side but he wasn't going to bring that up to Severus too much yet, he would know if Severus was thinking of it and the boy had a baby on the way so he had in no right to be with anyone else like that, he had no right to join any Death Eaters cult as he would lose all access to Sirius and the baby and even if Sirius didn't say it, the threat was still there so he didn't actually need to.

This made Sirius very happy indeed.

On Thursday afternoon, Sirius had slipped off into the Room of Requirement to spend some time with Severus. Today the room was its usual bed and sofa corner with a beautiful crackling romantic fire, it felt like Christmas in there but obviously, it was January twenty first.



"Could I ask something of you?"

"Sure, what's wrong?" Severus asked gently laying on his front and gazing into Sirius' handsome face once again, as per usual really.

"Could you give my feet a massage please? it's just, my ankles seem a little puffy today and my feet ache when I've been on my feet for long periods like I was today" Sirius flushed a little tiny bit pink, but not much. "I know it's not a nice job but they're clean"

Severus laughed. "I really don't mind, of course I'll do it" he smiled sliding down the bed as Sirius propped himself up. He took Sirius' sock-covered foot in his lap and began to massage it deeply with his thumbs pressing into the instep (beneath the arch underside) of his foot.

Sirius groaned and tilted his head back a little.

"Does that feel good?"

"Very good actually" Sirius chuckled softly. "Tomorrow evening will be nice, a full weekend together up here and away from it all"

"To be honest I'm starting to not even care if people see us together" said Severus with a smile playing on his features.

"Really?" Sirius asked looking to his boyfriend in absolute mild surprise.

Severus nodded slowly. "I'm starting to... feel ready about all of this, you know?" he looked to Sirius.

Sirius was quiet for a moment. "Yes..." he breathed. "Me too..."