This is written for wvvampire's 366 Days of Words Word a Day challenge. Except I'm doing it slightly differently. I started from the word when I joined up and am going to continue it from there. So, look forward to 365 more chapters :) That is why they are so short, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. This is what the first word inspired and I hope to continue it from here on. Let me know what you think.


A termination or ending, as the final line of a verse.

Dear Hermione,

So, how's Paris, then? I bet you have forgotten all about Rosie and me already with all the sight-seeing you and Ginny are doing. But, we already miss you and you've been gone for less than a day. I assume the Portkey got you and the baby there safely? I was kind of worried about that.

Don't worry about us, though. I know you were. Our first night involved camping in the backyard and reading many stories from Tales of Beedle the Bard. You know how much Rosie loves those stories. But she kept asking me when you were coming back. I think there will be many tears before you come back. She misses you.

Again, don't worry about us. We're doing fine and I promise to have your daughter in one piece when you're done travelling the world. And you must make the same promise for me with our other child.

Love always,


Ron's letter was the final straw. The tears she had been holding in for the last twenty-four hours flowed from her eyes. She couldn't control her emotions. She had tried so hard to hide her pain from Ginny, but she couldn't do it any longer. She was allowed to be in pain, even if it did ruin the holiday they had been planning for months.

I assume the Portkey got you and the baby there safely? It was like Ron had run a knife through her chest with those words, but he hadn't meant to. Of course he hadn't meant to. But it had still happened. And it still hurt.

"Was that a letter to tell you the house is destroyed?" Ginny questioned teasingly. But her tone changed when she realised Hermione's tears were genuine. She took the letter from her shaking hands. "You're pregnant?" she asked, surprised.

Hermione shook her head, swallowing a massive lump that had formed in her throat. "I was," she said. "The... the Portkey... I think. Ron doesn't know. I don't know how to tell him."

"Hermione, why didn't you say anything?" Ginny cried, tears now forming in her own eyes.

"We argued over it so many times," Hermione said, ignoring Ginny completely. "I assured him it would be fine. But... it wasn't."

"Do you need to see a Healer or anything?" Ginny asked, clearly concerned.

Hermione shook her head. "I took care of it last night."

"Then we must go straight home. Hermione, I can't believe you have been keeping something like this to yourself."

"It hurt too much to speak of it," Hermione answered truthfully. "To even think about it. How do I tell Ron? He will blame me for it." Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

Ginny directed her wand at her trunk and all her possessions flew into it, the trunk closing shut with a soft click. She did the same with Hermione's. "Ron won't blame you, but you still have to tell him. I'll organise for us to get the next Portkey back to London."

And before Hermione could respond, she had disappeared from the room.

Tears still streaming down her face, Hermione took some parchment from the table and picked up the quill. The best she could do was at least give Ron some warning.

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