"I didn't know she was your sister." Mason said to Daisy as they left the Wafflehouse, out of earshot of Rube. George followed close behind listening intently on their conversation.

"We don't get along much, but I ran into her this morning and we just got a talking. I didn't know she was a reaper." Daisy said. Mason stopped and George nearly ran into him. "I just don't know what she would have done to get Rube upset with her."

"D-daisy she's no reaper," Mason said, "Why, why did she say she was?"

Daisy tapped her chin in thought, "No." Curious now, she leaned in towards Mason, "Why else would she look so young?"

"I'm not sure of the full story Daisy. I just know she isn't like us." Mason said, rubbing his neck.

Daisy glanced at her post it. "Well I don't have time to think on it now. My reap is in ten minutes."

"I'll give you a lift," said Rube suddenly right behind George whom tensed up. Mason took off in a full out run to get away from Rube, not even bothering to glance back.

Daisy smiled as she turned around. "That be wonderful, Rube."

"Don't you have somewhere to be, Peanut?" Rube asked, noticing George just standing there.

"Oh, yeah." George said looking at her post-it. Seeing that it wouldn't be until later, George stuffed it in her pocket. She sighed loudly as she headed towards her car saying rather sarcastically, "Happy Time, here I come."