This is set right at the end of Jubilee, which began in 2004 and ran for six issues.


~ kittykittyhunter ~

She's been at the centre of explosions hundreds of times. It's only natural when your power is to shoot fireworks out of your fingers: every so often, objects in the vicinity are going to scream KA-BOOM, whether or not that was part of your plan. That was the whole point of enrolling at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters – to learn control and restraint and, most importantly, how not to be a giant screw up.

Los Angeles is empty. Once again, she's leaving it behind. She can forget about Payton-Noble. She can wish the best for Meg and Dale and believe (not with her whole heart) that things will work out between the couple – as long as Missy doesn't throw a hissy. Which she probably will.

That girl has some serious problems.

Come to think of it, she probably should have given Missy some counselling. Yeah. That would have been an interesting experiment.

Logan glances at her, real subtle. She doesn't know whether he's thinking about the house in Bel-Air, reduced to nothing but bricks and boards and broken glass, or whether he's so used to seeing destruction that his mind is on other things, like buying a new razor (that'll be the day). Even though he didn't say it outright, she knows that he dropped by because he was worried. He's been like that for a long time: keeping an eye on a kid who felt that she was completely alone. She wonders what life would be like if she had never met Wolverine. Where she would be now, what she would be doing with her life.

It's hard. Sometimes, she think that the X-Men will never make progress, that the world will never accept the fact that some people are just – different. She doesn't have any control over her genes!

But she's letting her mind wander to dark places, spots she's had to light up with sparklers, orange and gold. She leans back, resting her head against the passenger seat.

Aunt Hope is gone.

She's lost another piece of her family.

The engine rumbles to a stop and she knows that she's finally home.