Author's Note: Written for Lady Eleanor Boleyn's "Birthdays" challenge on xoxLewrahxox's Bellatrix Lestrange: The Dark Lord's Most Faithful forum.

Your challenge for the next two weeks is to write a story involving one or more Harry Potter Characters and a Birthday Celebration of some sort!

200 words exactly.


"Make a wish, Andi."

Andromeda heard her mother's voice as though from a great distance. She stared down at her birthday cake – her perfect, fancy birthday cake – and much as she tried, she couldn't summon the will to blow the candles out.

Did her mother think she was six years old? What was going through Druella's mind, giving a seventeen-year-old girl a cake and telling her to blow out the candles? Even Narcissa was too old for that.

What did Andromeda have to wish for that a birthday cake could give her? She didn't even have wishes that she could put into words in her mind. And even if Andromeda had known how to ask those wishes, how on earth was blowing out the candles on a cake supposed to help?

"Andi?" Druella's voice sounded slightly shrill. "Andi, blow out the candles."

Andromeda looked up at her mother, whose false smile was quickly slipping from her face. She looked over at her sisters – Bellatrix looking bored, Narcissa too busy making eyes at who even knew what man to notice that anything was happening.

"No," Andromeda said. "I don't want to." And without another word, she stood and left the room.