Hi! This is only my 2nd fanfic, so go easy on me! ! And now… presenting…Strange Angels: Punch-a-Person!

Disclaimer: if I owned strange angels, I would be rich and Dru would not be attracted to Christophe. (Sorry Christophe fans. I don't really like him!(no offense.)but its true!)

Strange angels: Book 5; Reckoning.

Hi! Loup-garou-gurl here. Anyway, you maybe wondering: What the heck is a Punch-a-Person? Well, I shall explain. So, you know how sometimes, you're reading a book and you want to go inside the book and punch a character because they make you so angry? Well, now you can! With punch-a-person. Just submit what chapter, book, and character(s) you want to punch and I'll go punch them! You can even submit a message! For example: (insert name here) said "(insert words here.)" to (insert another name here). Suddenly, a girl popped out of nowhere, ran up to (insert name here) and punched them in the (insert body part here.) She said, "(insert username here) says (insert message here.)" Then she ran off, leaving the two (insert adjectives here) feeling very, very confused.

Okay. So since I have no reviews for this chapter, I will punch someone in a scene I think deserves to be punched. (yeah!) so here it is!…

Reckoning: Chapter 10.

Dru POV.

"I don't like your loup-garou." Even now he wouldn't refer to Graves by name. Christophe's nose was inches from mine and his eyes were cold. Winter eyes, like Dad's but without the faint lavender lines in the irises. His skin was flawless-suddenly the door burst open and a girl ran in and punched Christophe in the stomach.(Ha! That's me!) "I don't like you!" she said, pointing at Christophe. Then she turned to me. "And you! Stop being stupid and make up your mind! Graves is the obvious choice!" I stammered out a bewildered, "What?" Christophe was just as bewildered as me. Graves opened the door to the bathroom and stared at the girl. "What's going on?" he asked, clearly confused. I shrugged, still bewildered out of my pants. Then she spun towards Graves and poked him in the chest. "Just ask Dru out already! God…" then she stalked out of the door and slammed it behind her. We all looked at each other, gabberflasted. (I love that word!) "What just happened?" I said.

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