Warnings: character death, fan character (only one!), slight gore

Pairings: slight Randal x Alice, various hinted

A/N: I decided to make a crossover of my favorite anime and my favorite manga. My favorite anime is of course Hetalia and my favorite manga is none other Pumpkin Scissors. It's really a shame that not a lot of people have heard of Pumpkin Scissors, it's a really good manga. It does have an anime and (thank God!) the anime is 99.5% accurate. There are a few changes here and there but other than that it's dead on. I love Hetalia! It's the funniest anime I've ever seen! It also got me motivated to learn history so my grades actually IMPROVED with anime. Chew on that dad! Anyways enjoy!

Run, that was the first thing that crossed her mind. LT Alice Lee Malvin and her platoon were running from something dangerous and unknown. She looked around to see her fellow platoon members gone. She was only able to worry for a few seconds until a searing pain exploded in her right shoulder. She collapsed in the icy snow with a thud. She felt as if liquid was draining out of her shoulder, she was bleeding. This wasn't a bullet wound, she didn't hear a gun shot; in fact it was something more painful. She tried to move but the pain in her shoulder was like white fire. She heard feet crunch in the snow. She couldn't help but think that the person was there to finish her off. She tried to cry for help but her voice seemed frozen in the night. As the foot steps got closer she felt tears streak her face. If this was it, the end, all that she ever wanted to do well, she didn't know. She felt a hand touch her back and shake her. The shake hit her wound and she wailed in pain. The person removed their hand from her back and mumbled something like "This will ease the pain". She didn't know what they meant until she felt a sharp pain in her neck. She was about to protest when all of the sudden she felt woozy. She was turned over and was able to get a glimpse of not one, but two people. One was a tall male and the other an average female; both were in winter combat equipment. The female was wearing a black trench coat lined with white fur. She had long tight black pants that ended in scruffy white boots that had light gray fur on the inside. She had a bow and rifle slung over her shoulder along with a small pack. Her belt had multiple smaller packs along with a few hand guns. She was wearing her hood up so all there was to see was a dark shadow with a few strands of ebony hair. The male was wearing a thick tan jacket with wool on the inside and had dark camouflaged pants with thick black boots. Even though he had his hood up she could still see bright blue eyes through glass rims. He had a single rifle slung over his shoulder and in the light she could see that there was a scratch on the barrel area and a silver pistol in his belt. They're attire was different except for one thing. On the left sleeve there was a rectangle with red and white stripes and a small patch of deep blue in the upper left corner. There was something on the blue but before she could catch it she blacked out. She couldn't help but remember the event prior to now, what pulled them into this….


"A what?"

All of Section III was standing in front off Hunks receiving their newest mission.

"You heard me. On the outskirts of the Empire people have been going missing and re-appearing in the towns. Some of the villagers call it The Silent Wolf, an assassin."

An assassin? All the way out there? The chances of that were very slim. Even Alice was curious about this.

"Sir, how did we get this information? Is it an ominous tip?"

Hunks sighed and shook his head. "No, we got if from our own soldiers."

They all gasped. They got the information for imperial soldiers?

"W-What do you mean?" Lily quivered.

"Some of our soldiers were scouting the woods near a village. They don't remember much but they remember being jumped by something. When they woke up they were in a different village a few days later. All they have is an image of someone in a dark cloak with green eyes. We figured that might be our perpetrator."

Martis stepped forward. "So basically someone captured them and erased their memory? It sounds paranormal."

Hunks sighed and looked out the window. "It does, doesn't it? That's why I want you to investigate."

They were all a little nervous about the mission. If it was indeed an assassin then they might not come out alive. Another thing about the report, no one had the technology to erase some one's resent memories. So how was this person able to do what technology can't? Was it magic? Possibly some form of witchcraft? No one knew. All they knew was that their destination was a small village on the outskirts of the empire.

It was a tired old town. To the north was nothing but thick woods covered in snow and pine trees with a couple oaks with dead leaves. At the base of the hill was a small river that seemed full of life of fish so the villagers had a market around there. Unlike most of the towns in the Empire this place seemed almost untouched by the war. People had jobs, the buildings were sturdy, and there wasn't a homeless person in sight. They decided that the first place they could ask questions was at the market along the river. The different booths consisted of mostly fish and bread but also had some greens like chives and beans. For winter it wasn't that cold so you could see some people fishing. Another thing they noticed is that these people didn't use money for food, they used barter. Most likely they saved their money for taxes. They approached an old man selling bread. Alice stepped forward.

"Hello sir, cold we ask you a few questions?"

The man looked up and smiled. "Why hello there young miss! How can I help you?"

He seemed friendly; in fact if you looked around everyone was friendly. Like they didn't have to worry about their next meal and didn't complain about the state of the Empire.

"We were wondering if you could tell us anything about The Silent Wolf."

As she said all fell silent. The people weren't glaring at them; instead they had this sad expression on their faces. The old man let out a long sigh.

"People go into the woods at night and don't come out. We don't know what happened to them, some think they're dead and others think their trapped. At first we thought it was some spiritual force but it was actually a person. If you want to know more then you should ask little Miss. Chase. She's the only one who saw The Silent Wolf and lived."

Alice nodded. "Thank you sir. Where does Miss. Chase live?"

The old man pointed at a woman with a dark bun and light eyes. "Why that's her over there"

They walked over to the women. "Excuse me Miss. Chase, but could you tell us what you saw?"

The women shook her head. "Sorry, but the Miss. Chase you're looking for isn't me, it's my daughter. She's back at my home. I could take you there if you want."

Alice nodded. They walked back into town to a small cottage. The women opened the door to reveal a single room with a kitchen area and a single twin size bed. In the corner near the kitchen was a little girl with red hair in a white cloth trying to hold it back but a few strands of hair were loose. He had green eyes and her nose was sprinkled with freckles. She was hunched over a bucket peeling potatoes when she looked up and smiled.

"Hello mother! Who are these people?"

Alice stepped forward once again. "We're army intelligence State Section III Pumpkin Scissors. Could you tell us about The Silent Wolf?"

The girl stopped peeling and dropped the potatoes with a look of shock on her face. Her mother gestured all of them to sit at a table in the corner. The girl sat down across from Alice with her head down.

"I was coming back from collecting berries. You can only find them deep in the woods. I knew that it was dangerous but I figured I would be back before night fall. But on my way back I got lost, so I trailed down the mountain as safely as I could. The moon was high in the sky by the time I knew where I was going. While I was walking I felt as if someone was watching me. Then I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me. I turned and was about to see what it was when an arrow whizzed by my head. I screamed and ran down the hill as fast as I could when I was stopped short by a dark figure. I tripped and fell down before so they put their foot on my chest with their bow loaded. She was about fire when someone, a man, told her stop. He said that I wasn't a threat and to let me go. I was only able to get a glimpse of the man before they both disappeared. He was tall and had dirty blonde hair and these….bright blue eyes. When they were gone I ran as fast as I could down the hill and across the river."

Alice nodded. This was indeed strange. Also the fact that there was more than one person concerned her. She looked out the window and saw that the sun was setting. She thanked Miss. Chase and told her platoon to move out. They traveled to the market and saw it abandoned. As soon as she stepped in the water they all knew something was up.

"Um, Lieutenant?" Oreldo asked.

She looked at all of them as if it was obvious. Seeing that they had no choice, they waded in the water and crossed the river. Now the moon was in the sky providing their light.

"Keep your guard up! We don't want…"

She immediately felt the back of her neck tingle. Before she could yell an arrow hit a near by tree. All of them sprinted in different directions trying to avoid being hit. But The Silent Wolf had no interest in the men; they made a bee line for Alice. They loaded their bow and shot at Alice in the dark. Judging by the scream the hit was successful. They slowed themselves down to a walk panting hard enough so you could see their breath. What happened next they were unsure, but they dragged the LT towards their hideout, to decide what to do with her.

The next chapter will be when Alice wakes up. Basically some of the countries were somehow transported to the Empire. Now heads up the girl with the bow and arrow is not a country, she's their body guard. Long story, explained in next chapter. Sorry if the sentences seem lazy, the tips of my fingers are cold and numb 'cause my dad doesn't know when to turn up the heat. Review please!