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Title : Set Fire To The Rain

Genre : Drama, Romance.

Disclaimer : I don't own the characters unfortunately. They are the property of HBO and Charlaine Harris ! I only own my OC, Alyssa Bennett.

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I was out of breath and I didn't know for how much more longer I could do this. I was running through the woods, I was running from him and I was running for my life… I didn't want to die and I didn't want to become some kind of vampire's pet. In fact, I didn't want to become a slave to a crazy vampire King or whatever he was… That's the reason why I was running through the woods.

Where was I heading? I don't know. I just hoped I would find a safe place. Where was I? That was a very good question. I only remember arriving in Louisiana, in a small town called Bon Temps, and there's where he found me. I had left Texas, I had left Dallas, I had left my life because of everything which had happened to me because of him.

Him… I didn't even know who he was, the only thing he I was that he was powerful and wanted me for his little ''collection''. That's why he's sent some random vampire to get me, and now that vampire is chasing me through the woods. I could hear him. I could hear his footsteps coming closer. I could hear him and I knew that he would find me and take me if I didn't find a safe place…

"Run, little human. You make my little job so much more interesting, " he said. «"I love little games, darling, but you're aware that I'll find you eventually. You know that you'll never escape me. "

I could always try. I just needed to believe in myself. I could do this, I could escape him. I was strong, but he was a vampire... There was nothing I could do. Why was I so cursed? Because that was what I was. I mean, which kind of twenty one year old girls end up being chased by vampires?

I was still wondering how I had gotten into this situation. I was twenty one years old, I was perfectly normal, well not really, but my life was normal.

I was born in a small town in Texas. My parents worked in shop and I've spent all my life in that little town. I had the perfect childhood with my big sister, Kate. My life was great until I started becoming a freak.

A freak... That was exactly what I was. It all started when I was in high school. It started off as a fever, and then suddenly I had changed, I had felt it. I wasn't in control of my own body at times. Things were happening to me, things were happening because of me and I just couldn't help myself. I could've killed someone by accident. It was awful...

My parents had, strangely enough, accepted my little curse, or ''gift'', as my father used to call it… They didn't even reject me when I nearly destroyed our house. They weren't too happy about it, of course, but they knew I couldn't control my ability. I was still their little girl.

My sister had accepted me as well. I would say that she was excited about everything which had happened to me, but well... she's always been a little bit weird and had a love for supernatural things. I was pretty sure that she would've liked this curse. If only we could exchange so that I could be normal and she could be the freak of the family. She would've loved it...

After high school, I had gone to Dallas. I had wanted to become a someone in the huge town. However, I hadn't really done anything because of the famous Great Revolution, the day, or rather night, vampires came out of their coffins... Who would've thought vampires existed? My sister, maybe, but she had always been so excited about these kinds of stuff, while I was just surprised. She was older than me, but she didn't always act her age, but still... She was my big sister.

Anyway, when the Great Revelation was going on, everything changed for me. I was walking home all alone one night, and then suddenly I was pushed into a dark alley. I don't really remember anything, just that I was petrified and the thoughts of dying... I had felt a shot of pain in my neck and knew that I had been bitten by a vampire, but then all of the sudden the pain had stopped.

It stopped because someone had saved me, or rather another vampire had saved me. The one who saved me was called Godric and he had just let the other vampire leave… I remember looking at him while he was smiling sadly at me, asking for forgiveness even though he hadn't done anything wrong… When his fangs popped out, I gasped, but he never bit me.. He only used his hands and his blood on my wound and it had just disappeared magically.

Then everything happened so quickly.. I strangely became friends with the vampire since he had saved me, but he was strange and sad. I didn't know why, but I liked him a lot. I cared for him, but then again I cared too easily for people I had just met… Godric was always very nice to me. He never asked for blood and I honestly wouldn't have given him any. I could be friend with a vampire, I could even care for a vampire, but giving my blood was something else. Godric always tried to help me, especially when vampires were around…

Unfortunately the only reason I was involved with vampires was because they were chasing me. Why? Simply because the one who had tried to drain me that night in the alley talked about me to his King, or whatever he called himself, and that ''King'' simply wanted me for his collection or for his pleasure. I wasn't really sure about the reason why he wanted me, but I honestly didn't want to know and I sure as hell didn't want to meet him.

That was why I had left Dallas... Well, that wasn't entire truth...

I had also left Dallas because I was afraid for Godric and my family, all because of that crazy vampire. I didn't want to see someone hurt because of me.

However, leaving didn't really help, because here I was… If the vampire chasing me caught me, then what would happen to my family?

"Come on, little human. I'm getting tired. I will catch you soon, human."

Alyssa... My name is Alyssa Bennett. I may only be a human but I had a name. Why couldn't he call me by my name? I wasn't a piece of meat…

That was when I noticed something. There was a small light at the end of the woods. There was a house closer than I thought. It was my only chance to survive. if I could enter, I would be safe. I needed to run faster, but it didn't really go as planned.. definitely not. Why? Because I tripped on a stupid tree branch! I was going to get caught because of a branch. No, no, please… Isn't there someone to help me? There was no one of course. I was alone in the woods, well, not completely. My vampire was still here, closer than I thought…

I tried to get up, but a foot on my back prevented me from doing so.

"Darling, I think I caught you. Now, you're going to be very nice to me or I might get a little more rough with you."

I had no choice, but I needed to fight... This was my life. I tried once again to get up and strangely his foot left my back. I tried to run but he grabbed me by my arm, and nearly broke it.

« I told you to be nice, but no! You don't want to. What am I going to do with you? I know he wants you alive but he hasn't said anything about hurting you. Maybe he'll like it, after all, he could give you his blood. »

My heart was pounding inside my chest. His blood? I didn't want to drink vampire blood, I knew what vampire blood did. Godric had explained me everything and I was glad that he hadn't made me drink his blood the night he saved me.

First off, it was gross… I definitely did not want to be connected to a vampire and I did not want to have sexual dreams about some creepy vampire.

" Tell me, why does he want you? " He asked me, raising his eyebrow. He made me sick. His little green eyes were vicious. He scared me, not only because he wanted to give me to his boss, but because he was creepy as shit.

" He hasn't told you? Well, that's too bad. I'm not going to say anything. " I answered, surprised by how calm I was. I had never thought I had it in me.

" Do not play with me, little human. I could kill you in a heartbeat. "

" But you're not going to because your little boss wouldn't be happy then, right? Poor little vampire.." I definitely had a death wish. I was provoking him.. Why? This was completely stupid.

He growled and his grip on my wrist tightened. It hurt. I was pretty sure that if he continued, he was going to break it.

" I can't kill you, but I can hurt you. You don't want to suffer, do you, human? " He sighed. " Honestly, I don't understand what he sees in you. You seem perfectly normal, of course you smell good, but I don't know. "

I didn't answer. I wasn't going to tell him what I could do.. I just wished I could show him, but it didn't work like that. I couldn't control my ability, but I wish I could. It could be very helpful with all the vampires, but I wasn't sure if I could be so heartless. I was human, not a monster like the one who was holding my wrist.

I tried to yank my wrist away in a desperate movement and strangely I succeed. I immediately started running but I didn't get far because I was suddenly thrown against a tree.

I screamed when my face hit the hard wood and I fell to the ground. My nose was broken, I was pretty sure about it. I could feel the blood pouring from my nose. And my head hurt so badly. My vision was blurry and my all body was trembling.

" Your blood seems so delicious. I really hope he'll let me taste you. "

I looked at him, he was standing in front of me. I was helpless now.. I couldn't move, I couldn't do anything and I knew that soon, I would lose consciousness and wake up surrounded by vampires. Why me? I hadn't done anything wrong, I was just special…

" What the hell is going on here? " I heard someone scream and turned my head towards the person.

A blonde woman was standing there, wearing a lovely yellow dress. She had her hands on her hips and an angry look on her face. Our eyes met for a brief moment and her eyes widened. Then she looked at the vampire, and what surprised me was the fact that she wasn't afraid.

" Who are you and what are you doing here? " She asked, determined to get an answer.

A long laugh came from the vampire's mouth, but died when his eyes fell on the girl. " Nothing you need to know. Stay out of this and leave if you value your life. "

The girl frowned but didn't move. She kept starting at the vampire. Was she crazy? She was provoking a vampire. She was putting herself in danger because of me.. She was going to get hurt, or worse, die, because of me. How could I live knowing that? No, she needed to leave... Or I needed to do something. I needed to use my little power, but I didn't know how… I was frozen.. I was useless.

" You're going to leave this girl alone. " The girl said and my mouth fell open. I wanted to tell her to run for her life, to save herself before it was too late, but strangely she seemed so confident. Could she really help me?

" I didn't really want to kill you, but you're not making this easy. » He shot me a brief glance. « This is all your fault, human. "

He was right.. This was my fault. " Don't do this, please. " I whispered because it was the only thing I could do. My head was spinning, my face was burning, in fact my whole body was on fire.

" It's too late for that, you should have come with me. She's going to die because of you." He turned to the girl, but she wasn't scared, or maybe she was hiding it. " It's such a shame. You smell absolutely delicious. I'm sure you taste even better, but I can't keep you around. You have to die. " He said and started to make his way towards the girl slowly, as if he wanted to make this last longer. He was sadistic, no, he was only a vampire.

His fangs popped out and the girl gasped.

I couldn't let this happen, no, it was impossible. I tried to stand up and help her, but failed horribly. I fell on my back before I got the chance to take a step.

" No! " I screamed when the vampire was nearly touching the girl. My hand was aiming at the vampire, I didn't know what I was doing. I could only feel the fire in my hand, my fear was controlling me now, my fear was controlling my power and I could only let it happen.

All of the sudden fire was coming out of my hand and it hit the vampire… I was doing it again and I didn't know how it was even possible.. I was such a freak… The fire coming out of my hand, it wasn't normal, but it was saving the girl's life… It was the only thing that mattered.

The vampire screamed in pain because he was in flames and since he knew he was going to die, because no one would help him. The girl was dumbfounded and her eyes went between me and our common friend. She was probably scared of me but I wasn't going to hurt her… No, I would never do that, even if I was killing someone, preferably a vampire..

" Sookie! " Another person started screaming when the fire coming from my hand disappeared.

I stared at my hand while the girl and the other person were staring at me and at the dying and burning vampire.

That was when I realized something… I had killed someone.. I had killed a vampire.

What have I done? How was I going to get out of this? I was going to pay for this.. I never wanted this. This was self-defense, after all…

Oh God, this was just a sheer disaster…

However, I didn't really have time to think about that or anything else.

At the very moment, I could nearly feel my heart pounding in my head, my whole body was numb and I felt so weak. The worst thing was that I was really burning deep inside… Was I burning just like the vampire in front of me? What was happening to me? I've never felt like this after using my power… I had felt weak, but not like this..

Was I dying?

I didn't know, but soon everything became quiet and darkness was all around me when I closed my eyes.

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