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Title : Set Fire To The Rain

Genre : Drama, Romance.

Disclaimer : I don't own the characters unfortunately. They are the property of HBO and Charlaine Harris ! I only own my OC, Alyssa Bennett.

Chapter 105 :

I watched carefully as the fire spread all around the house. It was destroying everything and everyone. The vampires around us were burning to death, their screams could be heard and the smell of their decaying fleshes was disgusting. They had tried to get to us but ended up in a very bad shape either because of me or because of Ethan. I was content and proud. It didn't affect me that I was murdering those vampires. It was for the best and no one would miss them, though I was quite disappointed that Russell wasn't there to share that fate.

A part of me was also scared for the rest of us since the former King of Mississippi was not there. Then, Eric and Godric could take care of him. They were perfectly able to end his life for good despite Russell being older. I was trying to convince but I could feel they were fine. How could they not be fine?

I shouldn't be so worried for them, I had my own problems to deal with. I had to stay very concentrated for my own sake. Currently, I was starting to realize how dangerous the situation we were in was. Of course, the vampires couldn't hurt us. Of course, the fire couldn't burn us but there were other consequences of the flames like the smoke, the house was also soon going to fall down and we were still inside of it. That wasn't very good and clever of us. We should have thought about that before doing all that crazy things but now it was too late for that. It was scary and I feared for our lives. However, I couldn't have those thoughts right now. Ethan and I were going to be fine or so I hoped.

I was coughing because of the smoke, it was getting hard to breathe properly. The more time we spent there, the less air we would have. We might have been elementals but we were only human and we needed oxygen. We could not last long there without breathing. Hopefully, there was a solution for that because I didn't want to die. That was going not to be a suicide mission. Eric and Godric would be so furious with me if it went wrong.

As if it wasn't complicated enough for us, there was a loud cracking sound coming from the roof. That wasn't reassuring, not at all. If I wasn't scared before, now I was terrified. I didn't want to die, killed by a stupid piece of a house. That would be ridiculous considering what I had been through during the last years. My life was not supposed to end like that. Hell, I had forever and I wanted to take advantage of it even if I knew I would lose some of my loved ones because of my immortality. Yet, it was who I was meant to be. I was chosen to be the next fire elemental, the salamander it was my fate from the day I was born. It could not come to an end tonight. I had only recently accepted who I was, that couldn't be taken away from me.

I wanted forever, I needed forever because that meant I would be with Eric, Godric, Pam and all the elementals. I would be with my new family and I was going to fight for them and for me.

Suddenly, a part of the roof came crashing around us and on two vampires. The living room was practically destroyed and the fire was forcing its way in everything. It was so scary and I could not stop my heart from beating at a very fast rate. It could all go very wrong in seconds.

"Ethan..." I said and looked at him. I didn't know how to get out of that mess. I relied on him totally right now. He had to think about something to get us out of there. Sure I had created the fire but once it was done, I had no real control over it. I wasn't controlling it enough to clear us a path through the house and especially I couldn't do anything when it burned the wood inside the house. Perhaps if I was more concentrated or if I wasn't so panicked inside I could.

"Trust me. I won't let anything happen to you. I ought to bring you back to your vampire so you can fuck." He said, teasing me and I could not help the blush on my face. That was so not the time for such a crude remark. "I''ll protect us." He assured me very seriously that time. I believed him.

The cracking noise could be heard again but that time, I looked at the ceiling and notice that a beam was just about to crash down on us. If Ethan was going to do something, it was now or never because in a few seconds, it would be over for both of us. Soon, a huge amount of water appeared above us as if we were in the middle of a bubble and somehow I believed it was exactly what was happening. He was shielding us the only way he knew and when the beam came crashing down on us, it was stopped by the water as surprising as it was. We were perfectly safe and protected from what was going on there while the vampires burned to death.

"Now, we're going to walk out of this house. If it totally falls down, I won't be able to protect us, it would take too much energy. Anyway I think I can manage to keep the wall of water around the house until they are all gone for good." He explained to me and I only nodded. We had already done so much and if I was being completely honest with myself, I was getting tired. Using so much power was hard, harder than I thought.

The fire was dancing all around us and there was not way it would be tamed by anyone but me, though it was getting difficult, it was going wild. It was fine if we just left and made sure no one got out of the house. We had to think about our lives too. No one would blame us.

"Okay so let's start moving, slowly." Ethan said and grabbed my hand, leading the way. We had to be careful not to fall or to come face to face with a rotting vampire. That would be very annoying because the sight would be just disgusting and who knew what his reaction could be. Sure Ethan was shielding us but something bad could happen. We needed to be on our guards everytime.

As we walked, I couldn't help but take a look around. There was only one vampire who remained alive, well as alive as a vampire could be. It was Salome, the bitch was rather hard to kill but it had probably something to do with her age and her possible desire to live and kill us. That vampire surely craved for our deaths but there was nothing she could do against us. She was far too burned to do anything and no matter how hard she fought against her fate, her true death was coming. Salome tried to get to us and I saw her falling to the ground but she was now crawling towards us. She was so determined but in a few seconds, Ethan and I would be out of the house, leaving her trapped inside. I didn't feel guilty at all for that. After all, she provoked me and got what she deserved in the end. Surely, she didn't expect to die tonight nor did she believe a mere elemental could kill a three thousand years old vampire like her. Her arrogance caused her death. I almost smiled when I saw a piece of ceiling falling on her, yet not killed her. Her true death would be extremely painful but she deserved it.

The moment we walked through the door, I sighed in relief. It was over, we were safe or as safe as possible in this world.

All the vampires were gone, except for one. Just when I thought about Russell he, magically and unfortunately, appeared right in front of us but we were still under the protection of that water shield.

Russell's face was covered in blood and my heart skipped a beat at that sight. What did it mean? I was afraid of the answer because that blood could belong to someone I knew, someone I loved. Eric or Godric could be dead and I wouldn't know it. Their blood could be on that monster's face.

It could also be his own blood but that didn't seem very plausible. He was three thousand years old, he was more than capable of taking care of himself and that was terrifying.

"Still alive, I see." He said, a vicious smirk on his face.

"I'm very determined to stay alive." I answered, not really knowing what I was doing.

I didn't know if it was very clever to be so cocky or to just answer him but it was more like a reflex then anything else. It was the only thing that made me forget that the blood on his face could come from someone I loved or simply cared about. There's was also a small chance that the blood belonged to a vampire from the Authority that wasn't in the house, that was one of Russell's follower.

"You're not going to be alive longer and it's not that pathetic shield that will protect you. I will drain both of us." He threatened and took at step forward but none of us moved. We were not impressed by him nor were we scared. We had already taken care of many of his friends.

There was nothing Russell could do because I would just make sure he would rot in hell like all the vampires inside the house. I was already channeling my power though it was harder than before. I didn't lack of energy but I had used a lot to set fire on the house completely. I was perfectly able to create another flame and to burn Russell, it would just take more time to make it happen. Being tired didn't help when you had to summon your power very quickly. Ethan was the same, I couldn't sense his feelings as if we shared a blood bond but I knew it. It was very strange to say that but I believed we had some kind of elemental bond and that was why I was sure he was tired too, making his shield less powerful.

It was time for me to do something. I could at least give us enough time to pull us together and the only thing that came into my mind was something I already did a few times. It wasn't the fireball because I wasn't sure it could work with the water all around us but it was rather using my mind to stop Russell. So there was the three thousand years old vampire, encircled by a flame of my creation. It would stop him for a few minutes and it was exactly what we needed. Now I just had to concentrated, take deep breath to calm myself and regain as much energy as I could to destroy the former King of Mississippi.

Russell just laughed. I was convinced the vampire was mad by now. He didn't care at all about the fire, it was like he wanted to touch it. Honestly, there was no reason to complain, that would only make things easier for us. Perhaps Russell was a little bit suicidal, wanting so badly to join his lost lover in afterlife. That thought was disturbing because it made him almost human. I meant that it proved he had feelings and was capable of love. Yet, that wasn't going to change my opinion on him and my desire to get rid of him. He was so dangerous and insane. He wanted our deaths after all. It was him or us and the choice was easily made.

"It will not stop me."

"But I will."Eric shouted as he arrived behind the three thousand years old vampire. He was touching the fire, he was nearly surrounded by it too but it wasn't hurting him. It was just dancing all around him, like his skin was kissed by fire.

Eric's intentions were however very clear and I feared Russell was expecting him. Yet, my fire was a very good distraction. It all happened so fast and I hold my breath as I watched Eric plunging a stake, I didn't know he was holding, though the former King Of Mississippi's heart. I was just stunned but relieved. Russell turned very quickly into a pool of blood and guts at Eric's feet. I let out a long breath and closed my eyes.

It was finally over but it just seemed like it was a dream. It seemed so surreal. I half expected Russell to come back from death or for some vampire to just barge out of the house. I knew it was impossible. No one could survive what occurred inside. Vampires didn't come back to life so easily.

"Well done, Eric." Ethan said and the water all around us disappeared since it wasn't needed anymore. There was no threat anymore. "Do you think they're all gone now?"

"They're all dead. Some were lurking outside but we took care of them. Godric is currently ending some of them. It is over."

They were both fine and from the look on the vampire's face, everyone else was alright. We had won against the Vampire Authority. The members were all gone, only a bad memory, one we would all need to forget.

I let go of Ethan's hand, knowing that he wouldn't mind, and ran towards Eric, wrapping my arms around him. He had blood on his clothes and face but I could care less. He was okay and that was all that mattered. I was relieved and happy.

"It's over..." I whispered.

Eric's only answer was a kiss on the top of my head and a tight embrace. There was no word needed, his touch, his attitude were just enough.

A small voice broke this moment of peace and for a brief moment, I was scared but when I saw Eric being still, I knew there was no danger. I looked around only to see the two thousand years old vampire standing there. He had no sign of wound. I let go of Eric and made my way toward Godric. I was suddenly feeling the need to hug everyone, just to make sure it was real, that I wasn't dreaming.

Godric was more than ready to return my hug and his solid body was enough to make me realize that I was very much awake and alive.

Two Nights Later

"I still can't believe it's going to be fine... It's just so unreal, Godric." I said while sitting next to the ancient vampire or rather laying half on him. My head was resting on his lap and I was very comfortable like that. It was nice to be that close to him without any threat or stress.

We were all staying at Sookie's house until Eric and Pam came back from Fangtasia. They had to take care of the bar and it was easier to do it very quickly by their own. There was no danger there. Now that the entire Authority was gone, we had nothing to fear from them. I didn't mind being away from Eric because I knew he was soon coming back and then we would have time all for ourselves. I couldn't wait for that, I was excited as pathetic as it sounded. It was just that I wanted to take advantage of him.

"But it's true."

"I'm so glad we're all alright, that no one got badly injured and that no one died and now that I'm fine too, we're going to be happy." I said, speaking a little bit too quickly.

It all felt like a dream somehow. It had been a tough and bumpy road until that day, but we managed to stay alive. This ordeal also brought everyone closer. Sookie and I could talk without me screaming at her which was a huge improvement even if I still held a grudge against her. At least, I could be civil towards her and that was what mattered after all. I cared for her safety too.

Then, there was Pam. Our relationship wasn't a friendship but there was something between us. We both loved the same vampire in a different way and it was thanks to her that I realized many things when it came to Eric. Another girl would have hated her for lying to me or implying bad things but I was thankful because she did the right thing. She was important for Eric so she was important for me too.

Ethan and I also grew closer but the same thing would have happened without all that mess because we were already connected, due to our elemental nature. I was very happy that he stayed with us the whole time because he brought me comfort and made me believe in myself more than ever. He showed me power, he showed how to be a true elemental and that was great. With his help, I became the real salamander and I had still so many things to learn from him. He had learned from the best, the former salamander and it was now Ethan's time to teach me what he knew. The water elemental was now a huge part of my life. I was a little afraid that he was going to leave us for a while but it was his right. He had done so many things for us and he didn't have too. He deserved some kind of vacation and perhaps he could find someone for him or just have a few girl friends. The choice was completely in his hands.

The situation also brought Eric and I back together though it complicated things between us, especially because we both acted like children at some point. Yet, it also changed us. Eric was now accepting me as the salamander, he trusted me more when it came to my power and that brought me a lot of joy. I was not the weak girl I was before, when we met, and I loved that. I was sure he did too. We managed to rebuild our relationship despite all that mess and perhaps even fall more in love with each other. We were not going to be kept apart, now we had forever to love each other and just live together. Our bond was unbreakable now and I was persuaded that no one could keep us apart. We had already been through so much, could worse happen? I was convinced that it was impossible because worse had already happened.

Thinking about Eric meant I also had to talk about his maker. He had always been there for me, even when I was a complete bitch towards him and towards everyone. He had always been on my side, even when I was wrong and I loved him for that. He was the most amazing friend I could have ever asked for. I loved him dearly and he would always be a huge part of my life. I would always have a soft spot for him and the kiss we shared the other day was still on my mind. I liked it but I was in love with Eric and nothing would change that. I didn't desire the two vampires the same way and they both knew it. That was probably why the one thousand years old vampire was so willing to forgive me for my behavior that day.

"Godric, I just wanted to say that I apologize for kissing you and if I made you uncomfortable or just if it bothered you, I'm sorry. I wasn't myself and you probably know it but I just wanted to say it." I blurted our for the hundred times.

I was still ashamed of what I did, especially because it was my friend we were talking about. I meant, we had some kind of history together and it was perhaps like bringing back unwanted feelings. Sure, Godric didn't love me anymore, he cared about me but it was still very strange.

The ancient vampire just laughed at me and that was a very nice sound, though I wished he was not making fun of me.

"It's perfectly alright. Don't think about it anymore. It was a very nice experience but let's not do it again, not that you're a bad kisser but our relationship is more friendly than anything else."

I nodded very quickly. For me, we were more than friends, we were a family. My life wasn't complete without him as cheesy as it sounded. He saved me the first time we met, he accepted me and he proved to be my best friend. No one could replace him and I just wished he knew how much I cared for him but then again, thanks to our bond, he was aware of that fact.

"And you have another vampire to take care of. He's about to come and I'm sure you have a lot of things to say and do to... let's say celebrate this victory." Godric said and smirked at me. I knew exactly what he was implying and though it was likely going to happen, I didn't like the fact that he was so easily teasing me and making fun of me. That was embarrassing but at the same time, it was funny.

I didn't even know what to answer. I would just dig up my own grave and my face was probably red enough. Thankfully, Eric came in the room, saving me from that very embarrassing situation or perhaps making it worse I wasn't sure. I meant, I was feeling extremely happy whenever he was around and by happy I also meant excited and turned on and I just wanted him. Why was I so easily disturbed by his arriving? How was it possible for him to have that effect on me?

"I'm going to leave you two alone." Godric said while I sat up. The ancient vampire left very quickly but smirked at both of us. Eric took his place next to me. He was handsome as ever and something in his eyes told him he was planning something.

"Hey you."

I just smiled at him.

"You did everything you wanted at Fangtasia?" I asked but I could care less about the bar. He could have decided to paint the whole place in pink, I wouldn't care. Only Eric mattered right now and all the things I wanted us to do. I probably sounded like a huge pervert right now but who cared? I had ever reason to desire that vampire and knowing that he was mine made things better.

"I did but I didn't only go there. It was just an excuse for something else."

My curiosity was picked and that was probably exactly what he intended to do.

"Oh and what did you do?"

"I did something I should have done before. I just didn't have time for that. I'm giving the house back to Sookie but since we all need a new place to stay... I got one, for you, for me, for us. I had planned it a while ago but things got quite hectic. It is under your name so no vampire will come except if you allow them."

I was stunned. What the hell was that? Where did those ideas come from? I had nothing against them but it was so sudden and unexpected. It was a very nice surprise, it was even more than that.

"Okay... I'm just surprise, how can you get a new house just like that?"

"Later. I'll explain everything later." He said and pressed his lips against my forehead briefly.

"Just one thing, if the house is mine, it means I can revoke your invitation whenever I want right? So you'd better be a good boy with me, be nice and do what I say otherwise you'll be homeless." I joked and Eric just laughed.

Even if the house was under my name, I didn't consider it as mine. It was ours but I couldn't help but tease that vampire I loved. It would be so funny to use that new power against him.

"You'll never be able to do so. I'm too amazing."

"Oh sure but I think it's mostly because I love you." I smiled at him and got closer to him, wanting to feel his skin, everything.

"You're just driving me crazy with that kiss me smile you know?"

He wasn't the only one going crazy. He was having the same effect on me. We were just perfect for each other, weren't we?

"I should probably thank you for all of this and I'm thinking of a very good way to do so and to celebrate our victory over the Authority as Godric said." That was my time to smirk at him. "I love you and I intend to spend a lot of time with you know."

"I do not deserve a woman such as you, Alyssa." Eric suddenly confessed and I was taken aback.

"That's where you're wrong." I responded and pressed my lips against his, kissing him like I wanted to, showing how ardently I loved him and burned for him the same was he did for me. " You're the only one who truly does"



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