A/N: Hello to those who decide to read, this is a story that kind of cropped up out of nowhere in my mind, hope you like it. There will be updates if it gets a good reception (it helps to know my story is being read). I've tried to keep the characters as much like themselves as I can, but unfortunately I'm not overly familiar with Alissa's character, so she may be a little off - or a lot. So far as I know, the characters have never been in a situation such as this, so I'm basically imagining how they'd act. It probably won't be perfect. The story is set at a time when Tommy is still in high school; he's broken up with August, and is now dating Alissa. This is quite a while after 'Alien Hunter'. Now this is the messed up part: Albright knows they're aliens, (she found out in the same way as the series finale) but the Solomons never left. Anyhow, enjoy it, and let me know what you think.


"I saw him at school today," she said, wedging the phone between her shoulder and her ear, using her freed hand to stir the batter while she held the bowl with the other.

"I've already called the school," Sally's voice returned from the other end of the line. "Do you think he could be at August's house?"

"No, no way. They just had a fight on Monday." Alissa answered. She added a heaping cup of chocolate chips to the batter. "How about I call you back if I find something out?"

"All right," Sally said quickly and Alissa heard the click of the phone hitting the receiver. She laid the spoon and bowl down on the shining grey counter and massaged her temples. Where could he be? He seemed fine at school, his usual undecided and extremely-educated-in-the-field-of-everything-but-social-interaction self. Well, at least he wasn't very good at socializing in school. She had no idea what he acted like apart from what she'd seen with herself and his family. They were a weird family...

She picked up the bowl again and continued mixing, her mind elsewhere. Maybe he just wanted to get away from the house. She did that sometimes... in the middle of the night, when her father wouldn't be watching. She just liked to walk around Rutherford, no cares, just the stars to keep her company. Maybe that's what Tommy was up to, except in the early evening rather than night. Sally shouldn't be worrying so much. It's a teenage thing. But Alissa still resolved to keep her ears open for any news. And if she went out tonight, she'd keep her eyes open, too.