Prompts: painting & splash
pairing: fredii/luna

my art does not want to subscribe to the view,
that unhappiness commands the world
-sri chinmoy's "Art"

paint me a picture

When he wakes up, she's painting a picture, curving the oak brush over the white paper like a professional. Her strokes are genius and he watches as splashes of colour come to life. Her blonde hair is a frizzy mess and when she looks over her shoulder at him, she smiles and he catches a better view of the picture.

It's Fred, his chest naked and his lower body covered by a thin, light blue sheet. His dark red hair is messy and sticking to his forehead and matted down on the side of his head, and he's grinning goofy.

"Do you like it?" She asks, her voice airy, as she turns to look at him. He notices she's only wearing his tee shirt and he smiles. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and watches him, waiting for an answer.

Fred nods. "I love it," he murmurs, crawling towards her easel, which sits only a few feet from the large bed. He gets off the bed, still completely naked from last night, and moves his lips over her neck, his eyes staring at the picture she painted. His eyes are sultry and he's looking at something no one else can see.

He looks over at Luna and grins, pulling his cool lips from her pale neck. "It's perfect."

She offers him a lazy smile and kisses his lips and for the first time since they ran away together, he feels complete—no doubts, no uncertainty. Before he was an unhappy child, using spray paint to channel his frustrations and anger, but now, with her, he's so much more.

He knows what he wants now, and what he wants is her—a girl who will paint him a picture.