E/O Challenge
Wow : Dawn
Word Count : 100
Disclaimer : If anyone would like to give them to me for Valentine's day, that would be awesome!

A.N. This week comes in 2 chapters. The first is the challenge drabble response.
Chapter two is a little stand alone one off written especially for Laedie Duske's birthday. Hoping it will rock your boat Laedie D :D

Chap 1 : Challenge response


There are times you can't afford to miss anything.

It slowly dawned on Dean that something was off. He did a quick inventory.
Fugly ganked…check
Little brother safe…check
Impala looking damn fine in the moonlight…check.

Sam noticed the confused expression on Dean's face,
"You ok?"
"Yeah, but…..."
Dean hit the ground with a low groan.

Sam quickly found the deep, bloody stab wound to Dean's gut.
Dean gasped, trying to curl into himself, his hands skimming over his stomach,
seeking the source of his pain. Gradually his eyes lost focus and closed.
Sam got to work, muttering aloud, checking off each step needed to increase Dean's chance of survival.

A.N. For anyone else who wants to read the separate birthday short, please note Chap 2 is rated T.