E/O Challenge – One off birthday short, (not a challenge drabble.)
Rating T.

Chapter 2


Dean stirred, a soft noise coming from his throat at the sensation of a gentle hand lightly caressing his stomach.
A small frown creased Dean's forehead in response to hearing the sound as the glide of the hand continued.
Confused, Dean tried to twist away from the hand, but it moved to grasp his hip firmly, stopping him.
"Relax little one. Hush now"

A female voice, unfamiliar. Dean tried to open his eyes, couldn't. His whole body felt heavy.
Then, abruptly, Dean stilled, the sensation had changed. Something cold, not flesh,
rested against his stomach, pressing against his skin.
"That's right child. Still now, stay still."

Another shift, it felt like ice now, Dean moaned , sharp pain just below his navel, pressure, pain increasing,
ice now turned to fire. Something slowly driving deeper inside, abdominal muscles clench against pain,
against intrusion.

A sigh, not his, an unexpected thrust, a new voice over his cry of hurt. Sammy?
An enraged twist, the blade suddenly driven down deep, to it's hilt,
his own choked gasp. Nothing...

Happy Birthday

Chick xx