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Everything Means Nothing

Chapter One

Venice "Dogtown", California; March, 1975; 5:30 A.M.

"Psst! Heat! Heat!" A familiar voice interrupted my sleep. Then the voice whispered a bit more loudly, "Heather Shepherd!"

I groaned and put a pillow over my face.

"Ugh…" I heard a bit of rattling and footsteps. Then someone began to shake me. "Come on. Get up, Heat. The waves are good this morning!"

Without opening my eyes, I finally recognized the voice. I raised my eyebrows and removed the pillow rom my face. "What time is it, Stace?"

"Five thirty," he answered.

"What time are we surfing?"


"Can I skip one morning?" I opened my eyes and sat up, looking up at Stacy's face. His long, dirty blonde hair framed it, casting a shadow over it. The faint glow of the rising sun gave his hair a golden glow.

"No, no, no," Stacy answered. "Come on. You don't wanna miss this one! Besides Jay is already outside."

"Who's going?"

"We're gonna grab T.A. on the way, but Chino and Skip are already down at the pier."

I sighed. "Alright… Give me a minute."

"Jay and I will be outside," Stacy said. He ran across my bed and then climbed back out the window.

I changed into some jeans and a red tank top. Then I slipped on my plain, black converse, grabbing my surfboard. I slung a small bag with my wetsuit in it over my shoulder.

I walked over to the window. I whistled. "Jay! Jay-boy!"

Jay turned his head from the conversation he was having with Stacy. "What's up, Heat?"

"Catch," I whispered loudly. I lowered the board down and Jay took it in his hands. I saw Stacy on his bike with his surfboard.

"Hurry up!" Jay whispered.

"Don't rush me," I said back. I climbed down the side of the house and grabbed my skateboard, then took my surfboard from Jay. "Let's go." I put my skateboard on the ground and pushed off, skating down the street.

When we reached Tony's house the three of us ran over to the window of his bedroom. We pried it open and I climbed inside. Jay and Stacy came behind me. We gathered around his bed.

"Okay…" Jay said, grinning a bit. "Dude, dude. T.A…. Tony."

I shook Tony and he opened his eyes. "What the hell, guys?" he asked, groggily.

"Skip and Chino are at the pier. Nice waves today. We better hurry," I explained.

Tony groaned tiredly and got up. He still wore jeans, but he grabbed a t-shirt and slipped it on. He took his surfboard from the corner of his room and the four of us climbed out Tony's window.

Once again, we were racing down the streets, surfboards in hand, on our skateboards. When we came to a steep hill we stopped and exchanged glances, seeming to say something.

Before the rest of us could react, Tony sped down the hill and we all raced after him.
"Damn, Tony!" I yelled after him. Tony was a really good skateboarder, and we all slightly envied him. The only one who could compete with him was Jay.

Then, gravity took hold and I just beat Tony at the bottom of the hill. "Suck it, Alva," I teased.

"Man, Heat brought on the heat!" Stacy said, taunting Tony. Stacy used the nickname they had given to me. My real name was Heather Shepherds, but they called me Heat and occasionally Heath.

Tony scowled at them a bit. "Shut up…"


When we reached the pier, Skip was out in the water with the other "adults", surfing. And, man, was Skip good! The waves this morning were pretty big and rough, but Skip was an expert surfer, so it was nothing for him.

"It's big today," Stacy said, watching them and the waves.

"That's Skip charging," Jay said, pointing at Skip in the water.

Right then and there, Skip took on some small, but rough waves.

"Shit, dude," Jay said with a slight, amused laugh.

"It's judgment day boys," Tony announced. He had a determined look in his eye as he stared at the water.

Suddenly, Chino grabbed Tony's arm. "You broads aren't surfing now."

"I ain't surfing no sloppy second!" Tony argued.

"You're on rat patrol, mop-top!" Chino said back. He looked at me. "You should be at the boneyards."

I groaned and walked to where I should.

About 15 Minutes Later…

Jay, Tony, Stacy and I watched as Skip walked onto the boards underneath the pier, finished surfing. We had gotten into our wetsuits ready to take our turn.

"Get out there and surf, you little grommets!" Skip said, his words slurring together. He shove dme towards the water a bit. He always sounded like that, as he was a drunk. "And don't disappoint me!"

"Yes!" Stacy said excitedly. He grabbed his board and rushed into the water. I followed him and Tony and Jay behind me.

Stacy and I paddled on our boards beside each other, racing for a massive wave that was coming. "This is mine, Peralta," I said and stood up on my board taking it. I balanced my wait and shifted it to turn and do a few minor trick turns. The wave was practically over me and I leaned forward on the board to rush out of it. When I did, I heard hollers and surprised yells from Tony, Skip and the other guys.

I smiled. I usually wasn't very good at surfing, but today was pretty good. I paddled for another wave as Tony took the next one. He was probably the best surfer out of us four.

"Whoo!" I yelled. I sat on my board in some calm water, clapping. "Yeah, Tony!"

Tony looked over and smiled, still going.

I looked over, seeing Skip watching him intensely.

Stacy took the next wave.

Then Jay tried to beat me for the one after that, but I beat him again.

Just as I stood up, water came crashing down on me and I hit my shoulder on one of the jutting rocks at the boneyards. "Shit!" I said. Water came down again, pushing me under. When I surfaced, I took a big gulp of air and saw my board floating in the water next to me. Luckily, it was fine- just a few scratches. I grabbed it and climbed on paddling back to the shore.

Skip whistled to get my attention and it worked. "Yeah, back to the boneyards for you, girlie!" he yelled at me. Chino and the others laughed at me, along with Skip.

I scowled, angry with myself. How could I not see that coming?

Jay and Stacy were surfing the same wave together and doing well, until Jay lost his footing. Stacy stayed but soon the same thing happened and they came to the shore next to me.

"Hey, great job guys," I congratulated flatly.

"Come on, Heather!" Jay said, using my real name. "You did good!"

"I can't surf shit, man," I retorted. "Did you even see that wipeout?"

Tony looked at me and rubbed the back of his neck. He was going to say something, but decided not to.

"It was still good," Stacy said, with an unsure tone to his voice.

"Yeah, whatever…"

I looked at Skip and he seemed to stare past me with that far-away look he always had in his eyes. Then I could feel him looking at me, saying "better luck next time".

I sighed and picked my board up off the ground, walking back up to wear my skateboard was with Stacy, Jay and Tony.


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