Chapter Six

Venice "Dogtown", California; April 1975

I sat in the back of Stacey's car as we drove to the pier looking for Sid and Jay.

"You okay back there, Heather?" Stacey asked, coming to a stop.

"Yeah, I'm just fine," I replied half-heartedly. I rubbed my face, tiredly.

The three of us got out of the car and we walked to a broken fence.

We saw Sid and Jay talking by the pier.

"It's still flat…" we heard Sid say.

Jay nodded. "Yeah. That's three days in a row."

"Hey!" Tony threw an empty soda can to get their attention.

They looked over.

"Get in!"

"Hurry up!" I added.

Stacey didn't say anything. He was too busy eating a burger.
I shook my head at him a bit and Sid and Jay ran over. We all climbed into Stacey's car and drove through the neighborhood, then stopped in front of one house.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop!" Tony ordered. "Right here, right here, right here!"

I sat in the passenger's seat this time, my feet up on the dashboard. Jay squeezed in next to me in the passenger's seat.

We all looked over across the street, seeing a family pack up and put things in their car.

Stacey looked back at Tony. "Hey, isn't that the girl from Del Mar?"

Tony only raised his eyebrows briefly, with a mischievous smile on his face.

Stacey looked back over to the family. Then he turned back to Tony. "Oh…"

Tony stared out of the windshield of the car, at the girl.

Then Sid spoke up. "Dude, what are we doing here?"

Tony shoved Sid to the back. "Shut up, dork!" Then he added, "And sit back."

Jay started to mess with the windows, turning it up and down.

I looked over at him, knitting my eyebrows in confusion.

Then the handle broke off. Jay held it in his hand, staring at in.

Stacey reached over me to grab it and I put my feet down.

"Damn it, Jay!" Stacey said, staring at the handle. "Do you know how much this is gonna cost me? You're an idiot!"

Jay turned around, a smug smile on his face to look at Tony. "Jesus…" he muttered through his teeth.

"God…" Stacey set the handle down.

Then the family's car started to pull out.

"Get down, guys!" Tony demanded. He crouched down in the back seat. "Get down, get down, get down!"

I crouched down, next to Jay and Stacey just lowered his head.

Sid almost lay on top of Tony and Tony shoved him off. "Sid, get off me!"

When the car passed by, we all got back up, Stacey starting the car.
"Grab your skates, boys! Let's roll!" Tony said, laughing a bit.

Jay opened the car door and I climbed out after him.

Tony, Sid and Stacey climbed out next. Jay hid his skateboard in his shirt.

"How's that working for you, man?" I said to Jay. I just held my skateboard.

Jay shoved my shoulder.

We jogged over to the girl's house and walked to the back.

"Dude, are we gonna rob this place?" Jay asked.

Tony pulled some keys out of his pockets, waving them in the air, boasting.

"Oh-ho-ho!" Stacey said, smiling.

Tony opened the back gate to the house and we ran back, our skateboards still in our hands.

Tony ran over to the empty in-ground pool. He hopped in and put his hands up. "This wave breaks twenty-four hours a day, every day," he informed us. "And you know what, bros? We're gonna be the first to ride it!"

The rest of us exchanged glances and climbed down, grins on our faces.

Sid put his hands on the wall of the pool, smiling. "Dude, that's so genius!"

"Dude, there's no way," Stacey said in disbelief. "This is way too gnarly!"

Tony chuckled. "Not if you got the balls!" He ran by Jay, shoving him.

We climbed to the top of the pool and Tony was the only one of us with the guts to get on his skateboard and try it out. But he wasn't the last.

He rode up towards the rim of the pool, aiming to go over the light, but his skateboard shot up from under his feet and he fell, hitting the cement hard. "Awh!"

Once Tony got up and limped back to us, Stacey got onto his skateboard to try.

He didn't make it over the light- under the light, really. He fell too, rolling down the sides of the pool.

"Ohh!" we exclaimed.

"Ouch…" I muttered. Then I looked around at them. When no one went, I stopped onto my skateboard and rode towards the light.

My heart pounded and my mind raced! Then I felt the sensation of going up a hill, then falling. I hit the cement with a painful groan. "Damn…" I got up and sauntered back over to the other guys. "Shit…"

Jay chuckled and got on his skateboard, giving it a go. The same thing happened to him. We heard him curse under his breath as he hit the ground.

Sid began to laugh. "Oh, Jay!"

"Dude, you did a backflip!" Tony laughed.

Jay scowled at us and walked over. "Let's lose this stupid diving board!"

I turned my head to the diving board and we walked over, beginning to lift it out of the way.

Tony jumped back into the pool with a yell. "Wah-ta!" He took his skateboard and tried again.

"Dude, hit it low man," Jay suggested.

Tony didn't skate over the light, but just under it, smoothly. I smiled. "Sweet!"

"Yeah, Tony!" Stacey said.

"Yeah! You guys see that?" Tony smiled. "I carved it!"

Without a word, Jay hopped onto his skateboard, skating towards the light. And, to our astonishment, he skated right over the light! My jaw fell open a bit. "That was awesome, Jay!"

Stacey bent over and his jaw fell too. "Oh, my God!"

"Dude, you were so far over it!" Sid said.

Jay ran over to us and I high-fived him.

"That was crazy!" Tony said with a smile.

Stacey then skated to the opposite end of the pool, his long, golden-blonde hair flying everywhere. He skated over the light as well.

"Yeah, Stacey!" I said, clapping.

"Yes!" Sid said.

I popped my fingers and smiled a bit, then got onto my skateboard and skated smoothly across the cement. Before I knew it, I felt the same sensation, but this time, I didn't fall! I had skated over the light, perfectly!
"Nice, Heather!" Stacey yelled.

"Sweet!" Tony congratulated.

Jay didn't say anthing.

Sid put a determined look on his face and began to skate over to the light. His skating was shaky and inexperienced. Then the pool got too steep and Sid's board flew out from under his feet. "Whoa!" He fell and hit the cement, not moving.

Tony, Jay, Stacey and I looked at each other, and then ran over to Sid.

We stood over him, staring down at him.

Tony prodded Sid's side with his skateboard.

Sid turned over, groaning and staring up at us.

"Are you alright, man?" Stacey asked.

Sid struggled to lift his head and look at his legs and feet. "I… I can't feel my feet…"

We all frowned a bit, still looking at him.

Sid reached up and put an old cigarette between his lips. Then he began to mock Skip. "But then again, I can never feel my feet." He gave a mock laugh and I ran by him, prodding his head with my foot. He gave a painful laugh now.


Over the next week or so, we skated in pools of families that were on vacation or something. We sought out empty pools, whether the families were home or not, sometimes.

The more we skated, the more others got interested and came to watch us. We were nearly caught a few times, but just outsmarted the adults.

Skating in the pools was a great feeling. I didn't have to worry about waves pushing me into the boneyards or anything! The only think I had to worry about was the cement… Man, did it hurt…

But, if I'm being frank, I miss the waves. I miss the feel of the ocean spray on my face and I miss the feeling that I'm floating on the water. I just… I just missed it…


We all sat around a table outside a small restaurant.

Tony slid a chip around in a bowl. "Front side, back side, front side, back side!" Then he smashed the chip with his fist. "Boom! Over the light! Ha-ha!"

We looked around at each other, when a car horn got our attention.

I turned, seeing Skip in his car.

The rest of the guys kept eating, paying no attention to him.

Skip walked over to us, with an unhappy look on his face. He didn't wear a shirt, unless you count an unbuttoned, button-up shirt a "shirt". The many beads and necklaces around his neck waved as he walked.

"Where you been, huh?" Skip asked, looking around at us.

I swallowed and bit my lip, looking at him, trying to avoid his gaze.

No one said anything and the guys still ate.

"What, did you just forget about practice, or what?" Skip was not happy.

"I mean, you think I like sitting around on my ass, waiting for you clowns?" He ran a hand through his wavy, golden hair.

Jay hid behind his hand, which held a burger, as he chewed. He had a grin on his face, as he held back laughter.

Tony grinned widely, laughing silently.

"What? It's funny?" Skip said, looking at Tony and Jay.

Skip grabbed Tony's burger and took the meat out. "Is that funny? Is that funny? Ha-ha-ha!" He began to slap Tony lightly with the burger.

The guys burst out laughing as Tony put his arms up to protect himself.

Skip tossed the meat down on the table.

When Jay didn't stop laughing, he grabbed Jay's neck and shoved it a bit. "Hey! I'm serious man!"

Jay stopped laughing and stared up at Skip.

"You guys need to keep pushing, man!" Skip said. He took Tony's burger and walked over to his car, climbing back in. He drove away.

"He took my burger…" Tony said.

Jay and Stacey laughed.

I stared around at them.

"Hey, you think we should bring him to the pool, tomorrow?" Stacey suggested.

Tony shook his head a bit. "He's gotta run the shop."

"Dude…" Jay said. He laughed. "You just got patty-slapped!"

Everyone laughed and Stacey wiped Tony's cheek with a wet napkin. Tony shoved his hand away.

I sighed. "You guys are total assholes, sometimes. You know that?" I said, firmly.

"Heather. You weren't at practice either," Tony said.

"No, I wasn't. But at least I have the guts to go and apologize!" I said, almost yelling. I grabbed my skateboard and got on, skating towards Zephyr.


I walked into the shop, seeing a delivery man standing there, and Skip writing out a check. Sid was behind him, trying to do some skateboard tricks.

Skip wore a pair of old, white overalls, with no shirt and a white baseball cap, turned backwards with orange goggles on the hat.

"Alright, watch," Sid said. "This is my latest move." He attempted to do a handstand, but it didn't go well.

Skip paid no attention to him. "Thank you," he said to the delivery man. He grabbed a box, and there was a clatter as Sid fell.

"Sid, man, get off your ass and get these boxes," Skip said.

Sid lay on the floor in pain…again.

I walked over and set my skateboard down, and then I grabbed a box. "I got it Skip." I followed him to the back of the shop.

"Hey, how many boards are ready?" Skip asked. "I need to peddle this shit at Huntington to cover the check, man." But Montoya and Stecyk weren't in the back room. They were out in the back of the shop, loading up a car.

Skip set the box down and walked back. "Hey, where are you guys going, man?"

Stecyk closed the trunk of the van and turned around. Montoya walked up.

"Rincon. It's firing!" Montoya said.

"Rincon?" Skip echoed.

Stecyk nodded. "Ocean's your mistress, Skip. Don't neglect her."

"Look. Skip, this shop's about surfing when we want and working when we want," Montoya pointed out. "That was the deal, bro!" He walked back and climbed in the car.

Skip scoffed. "Yeah, well, that deal worked out great until we started getting orders from Australia and Brazil, man!"

The van began to drive away, and Skip followed it a bit, kicking it.

I stared at him, shaking my head a bit.

Skip turned around and looked at me, walking back. "What're you doing here?"

"I came to apologize," I said.

"For what, man?" Skip exhaled and stared down at me.

"For everything. I missed practice and I… I really care about the team."

"Yeah, well, you're the only one that does," Skip scoffed.

I sighed. "I'm sorry, Skip. Maybe you should come with us to the pools some time. See us skate."

He didn't answer.

"Well… I guess, I'll, uh… See you later, then…" I walked past him.

"See you later, girlie…" Skip said quietly as I walked out.


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