Yugi hesitated to open the door.

It was his home, so really he shouldn't have been worried. Except it wasn't. If he'd been coming back to his home, his Grandfather wouldn't have been running the shop. His Grandfather wouldn't have been doing anything because...

'Easy Yugi.' Yami sent over the link, concerned for his partner who had yet to rest after their trip back through time and their duel with Paradox and still hadn't had a chance to really process everything properly. 'We don't have to approach Grandpa, we can go somewhere else.'

"There is nowhere else." Yugi replied, "We have access to my bank account for now, but it's only until I... this timeline's Yugi I mean, cancels the card and gets a new one and we can't go to our friends because they'll go straight to me, not me, the other me..." Yugi trailed off and let out a sigh. "We can't go to Ryou and Kaiba would just laugh in our faces. So it has to be here."

'I can take over and handle this if you want.' Yami offered, 'I know you're tired and stressed out from today. With good reason.' Yami added the latter as he felt Yugi's emotions shift towards irritation, 'Maybe you should stand aside for now...'

"No. I can handle it. The worst that could happen is that we get kicked out and have to find somewhere else to sleep." Yugi sensed Yami frown slightly and picked up on a 'reluctance to disagree but...', "You think you'll attack us."

'Yugi think about it for a moment. We're about to go in there and tell us that we're them from a future where our Grandfather was killed and we stopped it from happening again, but could we please stay here because we have nowhere else to go because our own timeline was erased when we saved Grandpa's life?'

Put like that it did sound rather ridiculous...

'We have no proof that we're not just insane. Not now Jaden and Yusei have gone home. The D-Runner would have proved our point quite nicely.' Yugi had to hold back a chuckle at Yami's tone when he mentioned Yusei's motorcycle. The spirit of the Puzzle loved to duel, but he hadn't thought that the motorcycle was a good idea. That wouldn't have stopped him using it if necessary.

Personally Yugi didn't think they were safe, but he knew his dark. Yami never backed down from a challenge. Yugi was just glad that there had only been one D-Runner available.

"We're not completely unreasonable, Yami." Yugi sighed, wanting nothing more than to go to sleep and forget today had ever happened. "We have an identical deck, identical bodies... hell we both have a Millennium Puzzle." Yugi paused momentarily, "Do you think my Puzzle would react to the me from this timeline?"

'Maybe...' Yami briefly wondered about the possibility of him sending this time's Yugi his memories of what happened while this timeline's Yami got Yugi's version of events, before letting out heavy sigh, 'In this, as in everything else I bow to your wishes, Yugi. But I won't let you get hurt. If this time's Yami attacks, we're leaving, got it?'

He felt Yugi's hesitant agreement as his light half stepped up to the door and reached for the handle only to get manhandled by someone from behind. Instinctively Yami seized control and lashed out at their assailant using their magic, only to pull back at the last second when he realised that it was Joey who had him in a headlock.

"Thanks Yuge." Joey said as he practically dragged him inside the shop, "Seriously. When that guy took my Red Eyes... but he's back now. I don't know what you did but than... Yuge?"

The arm around Yami's neck vanished allowing the spirit of the Puzzle to straighten up and look across the room to where a rather stunned Yugi was staring at him.

"Ya...Yami?" The Yugi in the store room doorway asked, shocked, his hand going to the Puzzle around his neck, before his Yami was in control. "Who are you?"

"You already know." Yami informed his counterpart, wondering what was going through his mind right now and slightly wary considering that if it had been him, he would have been seriously considering a Shadow Game right now.

"You cannot be Yami Yugi." The other Yami scowled, "It's not possible. Your Puzzle has to be a fake."

"It's not. That blast that ruined the tournament's opening ceremony today, that was my friends. Everyone would have died except you otherwise."

"Explain." Yami demanded, having sensed magic just before the blast had wreaked the stage and sent everyone fleeing in all directions but disbelieving that there could possibly be two Yamis and two Millennium Puzzles.

"There was a Duellist named Paradox..."

"I've heard his name before. He took Joey's Red Eyes and one of Kaiba's Blue Eyes. Stole them right out of the cards."

Yami nodded, "Paradox was from the future."

"What?" The other Yami deadpanned.

"Paradox was from the future."

"Pull the other one." Joey snorted from where he'd taken position leaning against the wall.

"It's true, Joey." Yugi stepped into control, causing the Yami in the doorway's eyes to widen momentarily before a scowl settled on his features, "Paradox was from the future and claimed the world in his time had been destroyed. Put all the blame on the game of Duel Monsters, so he went back in time to stop the game in its tracks. He..." Yugi stopped mid sentence as Solomon Mutou exited the stairwell leading to the flat above the shop, his words catching in his throat.

"You know, Yugi, I've been think..." Solomon trailed off as he took in the fact that there was two of his Grandson stood in his shop, "That is a rather good costume, young man."

Yugi stood there a moment longer and Yami nearly took control away again, only to pause when he felt Yugi mentally shake himself, "I... Uhh... Hi..."

"I think some answers are in order here." Solomon spoke carefully, examining the boy by the door carefully and realising that it wasn't a costume, "Joseph would you kindly lock the shop door while I take my Grandsons upstairs."

"Yes, Gramps." Joey nodded, watching Yugi warily as he followed Solomon's instructions.

"Upstairs please boys." Solomon indicated the stairs.

Yugi didn't move, mostly because the other Yami was giving him a look that screamed 'hurt-my-family-they-will-never-find-the-body' and he'd suddenly realised how his friends could consider Yami frightening when he or anyone he cared about was at risk.

"Yugi Mutou." Solomon's snap made both Yugi and the other Yami turn to look at him instinctively. "Upstairs. Now. Both of you."

"After you." The other Yami gestured for Yugi to precede him.

The time travelling hikari moved carefully towards the door, easily able to sense his other self's wariness as he stood in the corridor between their minds, ready to take over at the slightest provocation. Solomon moved to follow but the Yami who'd been hovering in the doorway was faster, moving between his Grandfather and the intruder.

"Sit down." Solomon practically had to order the pair as he emerged from the stairwell.

His Grandson, who had yet to stop scowling, watched the newcomer slump into Yugi's favourite chair, pulling up his knees and resting his head on them. Then and only then did the spirit settle into one of the armchairs close by.

Solomon's heart ached as he watched the obviously distressed newcomer and he slipped into the kitchen for a moment and emerged with four cups of tea.

"Here." He handed the newcomer a cup and watched the teen uncurl enough to take it, becoming concerned by the look in the boy's eyes. "You look like you need this."

"Th...Thank you." Yugi nodded, his voice wavering and his hands shaking as he took it.

The elderly gamer turned away to hand the others their mugs as Joey finally arrived upstairs, shutting the door behind him and hanging the shop keys up on the hook provided before slumping onto the sofa and taking his tea, glancing between the two versions of his friend.

Yami watched the young man that looked so much like his lighter self. Everything about the teen screamed Yugi. The attitude, the looks, he could even sense the light radiating from the teen's soul and the aura of magic surrounding the Puzzle.

But it wasn't possible. Was it?

There couldn't be two Yugis, two Puzzles, two Yamis...

"Yugi?" Solomon asked gently when he had to take the cup from the teen before he split hot tea everywhere, confused as to why there were two Yugis in his living room but knowing instinctively that the young man in front of him needed him .

The teen stared at him blankly for a moment or two then he seemed to shake himself out of his shock and looked at Solomon properly.

"What happened?"

Yugi flinched and looked away. "I don't... You won't believe me."

"I currently have two versions of my Grandson sat in my living room, give me a little credit." Solomon smiled at him.

Yugi didn't smile back. "I... This is going to sound weird."

"I've seen and heard a lot of weird things in my life." Solomon reassured the teen, "Whatever your story, I'll listen and I won't judge."

The newcomer glanced at his Grandson then took a deep breath. "It all started a couple of weeks ago..."


Author Note: A little bit that popped into my head after rewatching the Bonds Beyond Time Abridged movie. No this is not written from that universe. While I like Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, Little Kuriboh's jokes belong to Little Kuriboh and I don't feel I should copy him.

Anyway I don't know how or if I'll continue this. This was written as a short continuation of the movie after I watched the original version and couldn't work out what would happen to the Yugi who was pulled back in time. It's not like he could go back to his actual timeline.

For that matter how did the other two get back? Since they both left after the timeline had started collapsing, did they get back and find that they could slip back into their old lives, or are there two of them running around too?