Without giving her time to respond, he flipped her over so that she was lying on her back, and when her head hit the soft pillows, she gave a small squeak. His gaze came down to her breasts, and he tentatively massaged one of them, tilting his head to look at her reaction. She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply, and then nodded slightly to give him approval. She arched her back slightly to give him easier access, and he moved both his hands behind her back to unhook her bra. Very slowly, he took off the straps from her shoulders, and then tossed the laced white bra to a corner of the room. Clary squeezed her eyes shut and her breath hitched.

Jace used both of his hands to feel her breasts. They were a good size, he decided, not huge, but not tiny either. He traced kisses down her neck, lingered at her collarbone, and then finally moved down and took her fleshy pink nipple in his mouth. Clary squirmed in delight and moaned. He let his tongue flick at the bud, and bit down gently with his teeth. He could feel the nub hardening in his mouth, and then he realized that he was hardening as well. He tried to calm himself, but he heard Clary let out a small gasp. She had felt his erect manhood press against her inner thigh.

"Is that…" Clary asked timidly, the thought that she was still a virgin suddenly springing into her head.

Jace looked embarrassed and a bit apologetic. "I'm sorry… we don't have to do anything you don't want to, Clary."

Clary swallowed the lump in her throat. "No, it's okay." She took another deep breath. "I'm ready. I decided a long time ago that if I was going to do it with anyone, it would be you."

Jace was startled by her words. "But we're – ''

"Shhh… I don't care." Clary didn't want this moment to be ruined by the inevitable thought that they were related; she just wanted to be with Jace, to do this with him.

Jace lowered his mouth again and trailed butterfly kisses along her breasts. Then he pressed his mouth in the valley between them, while his hands played and pinched the nipples. He let his tongue slide out of his mouth, and licked across her flat stomach until he reached her belly button, where his tongue traced the rim. Clary squirmed underneath him with pleasure and moaned his name. Jace melted at the sound of her saying his name so intimately. He continued down to the band of her pajama pants. His body was between her legs, with his head just above her most private area.

"It's okay," she whispered. He could hear the shakiness in her voice.

"I'll be gentle," he said softly.

With that, he started on removing her pants. He tugged them down carefully, letting his fingers linger on her hips. She giggled nervously, and he could feel the vibrations underneath him as she did so. Once the pajamas were gone, all that was left on her body was her light blue underwear. He couldn't see much in the dark, but he could smell the faint sweet scent of her arousal, and his manhood pulsed with impatience. He couldn't control himself as he practically tore her underwear off, revealing a small patch of reddish brown hair, and the intoxicating scent of her wetness wafted into his nose.

Experimentally, he took one finger and ever so lightly, touched her folds. She buckled with pleasure, and let out a whine, begging him to go on. He stroked harder now, feeling the soft, fleshy folds of her vagina. Clary had never felt anything so good. She was caught in pure bliss and never wanted it to end. Carefully, he inserted one finger up into her. She gasped loudly, and writhed around, trying to get more friction. Sensing her need, he inserted another finger, and began to move them in and out. The moisture collected on his fingers, and he placed them into his mouth, tasting her delicious juices. Jace bent in, and let his tongue slip out of his mouth and lick her, sending a shockwave all throughout Clary's body. He pursed his lips around her sucked on her swollen clitoris. He explored all around her opening with his mouth, and thrusted his tongue in and out of her. He brought up two of his fingers again, and inserted them, the second finger stretching her wet inside out in combination with the first while his mouth was busy tasting all around.

Jace sensed she was near. Abruptly, he stopped everything. Clary was on the edge and bucked her hips wildly towards him when he removed his fingers; she needed the friction for her release.

Jace shifted upwards and kissed her open mouthed, so that that she could taste herself. Now in position, he grinded his clothed manhood against her entrance. Her hands grasped onto his butt and pressed him harder against herself, she needed it so much she was about to lose her mind.

"Jace… don't make me wait any longer. Just do it, I need you," she managed to force out in between her sounds of satisfaction.

"Okay, okay. Hold on," he said, struggling to remove his pants, as well as his boxers. In her desperate need, Clary reached over and searched around on his abdomen for the top of his boxers, her hands coursing over his defined and well-toned muscles. She finally found it, and yanked down his boxers, revealing a fine trail of blond hair, and his manhood.

She couldn't really tell how large he was, but when she timidly felt for his penis, her breath drew in sharply at the size of it. She wasn't even sure it would fit.

Jace groaned at her touch. "Clary," he said with urgency, "please… touch me. Make me feel good."

Reluctantly at first, Clary moved her hand up and down his shaft, from the base to the tip. However, when he uttered her name a number of times, she began to stroke harder, determined to pleasure her as much as he had done for her. She could feel the warmth of it in her hand, and it pulsed and twitched as if it were alive.

"Ah… Clary… I can't wait any longer!" he finally exclaimed, and leaned down to position himself at her entrance. "Are you ready? This might hurt, but I promise I'll try my best to go slowly at first."

She nodded, and in a whisper that was barely audible, she said, "I'm ready Jace."

He brought his head down and sucked on the skin at the base of Clary's neck. While she was distracted, he glided into her with one swift movement, and broke the membrane inside.

Out of all the women he had been with, Jace had never felt anything as good as the heat and tightness of Clary. He had to do everything he could to stop himself from coming right there on the spot.

Clary whimpered in pain, and quickly brought a hand to her mouth to muffle her scream. Tears welled up in her eyes, and overflowed down her cheeks.

"I'm sorry it hurts," Jace said. He looked at her lovingly, and used his thumbs to lightly wipe the tears away. He kissed the hand that was covering her mouth, and then tenderly planted kisses all over her while he was still inside of her, letting her get used to his size.

After a few moments, Jace felt the inner muscles surrounding his shaft relax a bit, and Clary's eyes had dried up. Soundlessly, she gave him a reassuring nod, and he began to rock in and out of her.

At first the sensation was strange for Clary. She felt extremely full, like she was being filled up down there. But after a while the pumping began to feel good, and soon enough, she was falling in rhythm with Jace, their bodies pressed close together, the smells of sex drifting around them. Jace's back was sheer with a thin layer of sweat, and Clary found it difficult to grab onto him as he grinded into her. She let out countless moans, and bit her lip viciously as her sounds came. Her hands roamed all over his body, as did his with hers, and they kissed passionately over and over again.

All of a sudden, Jace groaned loudly, and yanked Clary into a different position. He was now on his back, with Clary riding on top of him. He began to thrust faster than ever before, and Clary felt herself nearing her climax.

"Clary… Ah… I'm so close…" Jace panted, putting all his energy into one final thrust. He pulled out completely, and then jammed his manhood back into Clary, and she screamed – whether in pleasure or pain, even she didn't know.

He released inside of her at the same time she came, their fluids mixing. They both went limp, and Clary fell on top of him. Jace felt all the muscles in his body go weak, and as he slowly pulled out of her, he rolled around and hugged Clary tightly to his chest. The bed sheets were damp with sweat and all sorts of other liquids, but Jace pulled up the covers around them anyway.

Exhausted, Clary tangled her legs with his, and draped her arms around him. Jace laid beside her slowly stroked her hair.

"Goodnight, Jace," Clary stifled a yawn. "I… I love you."

Jace was silent, but Clary didn't even notice as she fell fast asleep. He lay there for a while, treasuring the moment. A very little light filtered into the room past the edge of the curtains, just enough to show the outline of her face. Jace tried his best to memorize those features, the features of the girl he loved.

He knew he had to leave her. He pulled himself out of bed, tucking her covers back up against her neck, and dressed himself. He found a piece of paper and a pen, and began to write.

Despite everything, I can't bear the thought of this ring being lost forever, any more than I can bear the thought of losing you forever. And though I have no choice about the one, at least I can choose about the other.

He finished up the letter, and removed the Morgenstern ring that hung from a chain around his neck. He placed the ring on the nightstand beside the bed, and then the letter on top of it. He bent over and kissed Clary, his sister, on her forehead for what seemed like to him the last time. He loved her with all his heart, flesh and blood or not.

Filled with sorrow and determination, Jace walked out the door of Amatis's house, and headed for the Hall of Accords.

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