Misaki's Pov:

"Usui, until now our relationship has caused problems to us and to others so I think we should just break up and stay friends" he stood there silently looking at me with his green eyes I wanted to pull him and hug him tightly but I couldn't .

"Okay as you wish" he said after looking at me for a long time

" thank you"I said and we both went separate ways home.
'Riiiiiiiiiiiing' I woke up and pushed the snooze button. I haven't been sleeping mush lately because of this dream I have been having this dream since I broke up with usui last month. I never though we would break up since we have been together since high school and now we are in the last year of collage. Even though I was the one who wanted to break up with him I am still not over it, but he seems fine to me. The first two weeks after we broke up he didn't come to maid café and he avoided me at collage then a while after he started showing up at my house.

I was surprised at first but then I goy used to it. He accompanies mom when she goes to the market and he carries the bags and when they come back home mom would always invite him to eat dinner with us and he would happily accept.

Although he came home a lot of times he didn't talk to me much. He would talk to mom a little and then he would spend the whole night talking to suzana they have become really good friends lately but I don't really care.

I never really minded going to school before but now going to collage is really tiring and boring, and also everybody is still talking about my break up with usui. I usually feel lonely at school I mean I still have sakura and shizuko but with out usui I feel lonely.

"Onee-chan breakfast is ready" said suzana"

"Okay I am coming" I said I went down and we had a silent breakfast until the doorbell rang.

"I will get it" suzana said. She went and opened the door and I could hear her talking to the person on the door but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Soon she came back with that person following her, it was Usui.

" good morning" he said with his amazing smile

"Good morning" me and mom said at the same time.

"usui-kun would you like to have breakfast with us" mom said

"Thank you very much but I already ate, I was just passing by and though of walking suzana-Chan to collage. Hers is in the same way as mine."

Oh yeah usui is still in Miyabigaoka since you have to stay there until you finish collage and decide to work. Me and suzana go to a university near home but it is still in the same way as usui's.

"That is so nice of you usui-kun, thank you very much" mom said

"Okay then I will go with usui-kun, onee-chan are you coming" suzana said

I looked at usui then I quickly turned away and looked at the floor.

" um, no you guys go ahead I have to go somewhere before I go to school" I said

"Okay, well then bye" she said and they went out, I went to the window and looked at them, they were walking happily next to each other just like a couple. I had a weird feeling and I just didn't know how to stop it so I looked away. Mom was watching me all the time but she didn't say anything. I waited until I couldn't see them anymore then I went out.

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