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The Dark Side

Chapter 1: The End

She was alone. Again. In the four years they had been together, the longest stretch of time he had been home was 4 months. He would leave for 1 week, or 2, or maybe even a month. She had gotten used to the drill. He would get a phone call, quietly excuse himself from whatever they were doing, pack a black duffel bag with a few items, give her a quick kiss and promises of he would be home soon, and be gone.

The waiting killed her. She never knew where he was, what kind of mission it was, how long he would be gone. If he would even come home. She couldn't let herself think of it, but she knew these were dangerous missions. There was always the chance the only thing that would return was a coffin.

Even when he was home, there was the constant fear of when he would be called out again. Every time the phone rang, her heart stopped.

It didn't used to be like this. What she did mattered to her and to other people. She was following her dream, traveling the world, working a fulfilling job as a civilian pharmacist on Air Forces bases all across the globe. Qatar was supposed to be a short stop for her. They needed someone to fill in just for a few months, and then she would be back to Italy. She never expected to meet the handsome, confident captain, and she certainly wasn't looking for love. But she found it there in the desert. Then the war between the Autobots and Decepticons came to their world, and everything changed.

Now nothing mattered. Nothing except the waiting.

The apartment was nearly empty when he opened the front door. She sat in the middle of the floor, tracing the wood patterns with her finger.

"What's going on?" the shock was evident in his voice.

She hated to do it this way. But she knew if all her things were still there when he got home that he would be able to talk her out of it. This was the only way.

She took a deep breath and stood up. "I'm sorry, Will…"

"You're leaving?" He dropped his duffel bag with a heavy thud. It echoed in the empty apartment. She finally got the nerve to lift her eyes to meet his. They were sad as they stared at her. More than sad. Heartbreaking. She could only nod her head.


The tears were coming now. She looked away, out the open window. Sunlight poured onto the hardwood floor and reflected off the white walls. A gentle breeze lifted the curtain. It was a beautiful spring day.

Words failed her. She focused on the window and desperately wiped the tears away, shaking her head.

"Emma, don't do this. Please, I love you." His voice was soft. He took a small step toward her.

"Love has never been the problem," she whispered.

Knowing there was nothing more she could say, she started to leave, brushing past him as she tried to reach the door. He gently grabbed her arm.

"Don't do this." His eyes were begging her. His one final plea. "Whatever it is that's wrong…whatever I did…I can fix it."

She slowly looked up at him. Into those eyes that had first attracted her to him. She still loved him. Of course she still loved him. And she held the Autobots dear to her heart. They were her good friends. Her resolve started to falter. All it would take is one step. One step and she would be back in his arms…and his phone rang. Her brain snapped back into control, and she was reminded of every reason why she was doing this. She took a step backwards. He sighed heavily and frantically tried to turn his phone off.

"You should get that," she said with a forced smile. "The world is waiting."

"Emma, wait!" he called after her, his voice desperate.

"I'm sorry," she said softly, never turning around, closing the door with a definitive thud behind her.