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Jason sighed. It was the day after Grover had come to explain the story of Percy Jackson; missing camper, Seaweed Brain (according to Annabeth), and swordsman extraordinaire. Quite a long story, obviously.

And Jason didn't exactly feel any less unnerved about this Percy Jackson character. Jason had been looking for almost a week, and he still didn't feel like he really knew this Percy guy in the slightest. And that was saying something, considering Percy is, like, the camp hero. It was reasonable for him to want to know more about the person that not only was he replacing, but also the person that was replacing him; wasn't it?

And part of the problem was, to put it bluntly, Grover did not know how to explain things. He would start telling about one of Percy's quests, and then get nervous and explain it wrong or describe something badly. Or he would try and explain why Percy did something or who Percy was and he'd fumble over his words. The problem was, as well as Grover knew Percy, he didn't know how to explain him, so of course, Jason (not to mention Piper and Leo) didn't learn much.

So, naturally, this annoyed Jason. And Jason went to the two people he knew that could calm him down, but also had to potential just to annoy him more. So, yeah, Jason went to find his best friends, Leo and Piper.

Jason sometimes wondered if he, Piper, and Leo were telepathic with each other to at least some extent. They had grown very close, yes, but it was also a little disturbing just how close they seemed to be getting. Jason was heading towards Thalia's tree, and there he found Piper and Leo waiting for him.

Telepathic (which was kind of cool), yet disturbing.

"Hey guys. What's up?" Jason greeted his friends, a natural smile instantly forming on his face.

He sat down next to Piper, leaning his back against the tree that used to be his sister. He wasn't exactly sure how he felt about that, especially since he now had the urge to call bushes and stuff his cousin, which, needless to say, was weird. Bu still, it didn't seem to effect Thalia much, and she was the one who actually was a tree, so he tried not to let it bother him.

"Well, you see, Repair Boy and I were talking and shared a similar thought about yesterday." Piper said, returning Jason's smile. She looked a little nervous, like she wasn't sure if she really wanted to say what she was about to.

"And that would be?" Jason asked, curiosity etched into his voice, and undoubtedly, also on his face.

"Grover is terrible at explaining things." Leo cut off Piper as she was about to speak, something Jason was partially thankful for. Piper sometimes had the tendency to sugarcoat things, something that pretty much never happened when Leo was speaking. Still, Jason almost laughed at the similarity between his thoughts and Leo's words.

"No kidding." Jason replied, chuckling.

For the Lord of the Wild, Grover was pretty squeamish, especially compared to Hedge.

"So, we decided that we're going to resurrect our careers as detectives." Piper explained while also searching Jason's face for a reaction.

That took Jason by surprise. He figured that Leo and Piper would never want to return to that, considering how bad they seemed to be at it. Their detective work had gotten them confusing information, a sad excuse for an explanation from a satyr, and in a fight. That just didn't sound exactly pleasant, now did it?

Experiencing it all again? That didn't exactly sound pleasant either.

"That sounds great and all, but how exactly are we supposed to do any better than last time? Seeing as most of our former answer were not only vague, but also confusing, I don't see how we're going to get anything better. Not to mention was had been asking those closest to Percy." Jason asked with slight irritation.

Not at Piper, but at the fact that they talked to several people who knew Percy well, and all they managed to do was get confused. Maybe Greeks were just bad at explaining things.

"Yeah, yeah. Piper thought about that. And this time, so we get something better than, 'We went on this quest to retrieve the bolt, but I still think we should have gone to Maine', Piper came up with something more… reliable and maybe just a bit more interesting too." Leo explained, grinning when he talked about Grover's Maine explanation.

"So what it is?"

"You, Leo, and I are going to go ask people one word to describe Percy. When they tell us, we'll ask for an explanation. We'll get to not only find out about Percy personality, but also more details about his quests he's been on… and he's been on four, which is a lot." Piper explained, again judging Jason's face for a reaction.

He knew he didn't even need to reply for her to know that he was hooked. Piper was extremely good at reading people, especially Jason, though he wasn't sure why. He looked at her and Leo and smiled.

At the same time, Jason was slightly surprised at what a good plan this was. He didn't mean to be judgmental, but he had met Piper's siblings and they weren't always… bright. Jason wouldn't be surprised if there was some Athena blood in her. She was great with plans.

For some reason, Jason wished he had a badge or something to make it feel more realistic (and cool, of course). Maybe he flashed it out while asking the campers, they take it more seriously and give him a better answer… if only, if only.

"A little cheesy, but I'm in."

So Jason, Leo, and Piper were off investigating again. And hopefully, this mission would be a bit more successful than their last.

The plan was set and the search was on. Soon they went their separate ways to learn Percy Jackson in a word.

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