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It was the next morning after breakfast when the three demigods once again met in Cabin One, Jason's cabin. The takeoff was a bit awkward because no one was quite sure what to say or where to start. They had learned so much in the past few days, far superseding what they had learned their first go about the whole figuring out Percy Jackson thing. Not to mention their last Percy Jackson information-sharing-meeting had started with a fight and ended with a goat telling a story; they weren't quite sure what was going to happen this time around. Maybe they could start it with a song and end it with a unicorn?

Finally, Piper had said, "Well… it worked a lot better than last time. I actually found out useful information about Percy…"

The statement was blunt, not that Jason nor Leo could disagree. They had certainly learned more about Percy than with their last attempt. Maybe they actually could make it as detectives… you know, once all this crazy prophecy stuff was over.

However, there was a certain hesitation in Piper's voice, as if she didn't quite believe what she was saying. Though the both noticed it, neither Jason nor Leo called her out on it.

They had discussed for over an hour. An argument sparked up every here and there because sometimes Jason, Piper, or Leo had gotten the same story, but interpreted it differently. However, they all eventually agreed in the end.

And Jason was thoroughly satisfied.

He felt like he might actually have an idea of who this Percy guy was, what made him tick. Percy seemed like a powerful demigod with a serious loyalty fetish, but it was his fatal flaw, so it was understandable. Maybe a bit oblivious, but also smart and confident enough to lead a bunch of Greek demigods. Percy seemed like somone Jason could relate to.

So Jason felt like he might actually kind of know this Percy guy.

This is, until Piper mentioned her conversation with Hermes and Dionysus… but more specifically, Hermes. (Because, really, what was she supposed to take from Dionysus' whining?) She explained what he said, and told them why it was significant.

"You see, he told me his word was 'complicated'. I thought it was kind of stupid at first," cue the thunder, "but it made a lot of sense once he explained it. We don't know Percy because stories are never enough. Do you really know the monster until you fight it?" Piper always did have a way with words, per say.

And as much as Jason didn't wan to admit to (because he also didn't want to admit that he wasted two weeks for pretty much nothing), what the charmspeaking girl said made sense.

"So…" Leo trailed off, his expression a mixture a confusion and frustration. Apparently, the repair boy didn't exactly like wher the conversation was now leading either.

"So," Jason answered, "it doesn't matter how much we ask around. It doesn't matter what they tell us, how many stories we here because it will never really let us know who Percy is."

Leo sighed. "That's what I figured. So we wasted two weeks for nothing, huh? Next time you want to go on a missing camper information hunt, count me out."

Because they were obviously going to go on another "missing camper information hunt", as Leo ever so expertly dubbed it.

However, that still didn't change what Piper had said.

They would never truly know Percy; never truly understand Percy until they met him. Until the three of them fought in battle next to him, went on a quest with the infamous demigod, until they actually spent some time with Percy; Jason, Piper, and Leo wouldn't really know Percy, not like most of the Campers here at Camp Halfblood did. Because secondhand information only got you so far.

That's when the three decided that it was best to end their detective days, wait until summer, because by then, they would be sailing for Camp Jupiter, and then they could meet Percy.

And that's what the three did, they waited. But they remembered the stories. Of a demigod, a friend, someone who wouldn't leave your side no matter what. They remembered the stories of a leader. Of a hero.

It was June 25 when the Argo II had reached Camp Jupiter. Leo and Piper looked down at the Camp excitedly; it was so different from Camp Halfblood. Jason looked at… home; even after six months at Camp Halfblood, he never looked as comfortable as he seemed right here, back at the Roman Camp. A tension that Leo and Piper had never noticed about Jason left him; he was at peace… in the middle of a war, funnily enough.

However, the three still hadn't forgotten the two weeks trying to find out about the missing Greek leader. Jason, Leo, and Piper were fairly eager about that also. They would finally get to meet this Percy… would he be as brave as he was described? And loyal? As oblivious? As powerful? Would Percy Jackson live up to his name?

The three could only hope so...

When the ship landed, they all filed off, eyeing the Romans wearily but also with respect. The two praetors stepped forward, looking calm and powerful. And there was no mistaking that, in fact, Percy Jackson was one of the preators…

… and in a purple toga, no less.

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