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Keller was happy, believe it or not. She had Galen, she had Iliana, she had Nissa and Winnie, she had her newly found sister Rashel, and did she mention Galen?

Now, let's get this straight. Keller was not someone to get all mushy over a guy like a teenaged fluffy bunny. No, Keller had her pride and dignity, and she wasn't about to lose it anytime soon. But, once in awhile, she should be allowed to muse about how lucky she was to have him. And sometimes, when she was in a certain mood, it was all she would do that day.

Right now, she was in that mood and she much rather think about Galen than sit in the living room with all of the other soulmates bonding, as Thierry called it.

He said the only way to succeed in anything was teamwork, and apparently, the Daybreakers never spent time with each other.

Keller may be happy in life, but today, at this moment, she was annoyed.

Galen, catching her train of thought, smiled slightly, and started rubbing her back. Keller smiled up at him, which was rare. She only smiled at the people she loved dearly. You'd never catch her smiling at, let's say, Ash. Who knows what would happen if she did?

"I know what we should do!" Ash announced loudly. "We should play Truth or Dare!" Keller shuddered just thinking about it. The mansion would be demolished by the time they stopped playing.

"No, Ash." Mary-Lynette said, annoyed. "I'd rather not have to go to the Hospital, today." Whenever the group played the horrid game, they would always end up at the Infirmary. Ash pouted, but let the subject go.

The awkward silence was back, but instead of feeling uncomfortable, Keller basked in it. It wasn't every day the mansion was dead quiet, so this was amazing.

I know how you feel, Galen thought through their link. Keller cracked a smile, and nudged his arm. Galen was one of the only people that could make Keller feel like laughing. The joke wasn't even that funny, it was just the happiness that he brought her.

I love you too, he said mentally, with all my heart. She rolled her eyes at his mushyness, but she curled into him more. She felt exactly the same way.

Normally, the couple wouldn't show their affection publicly, but she just needed him to be closer. It was one of those days where she felt like something bad was going to happen, and usually, those feelings turned out right.

Keller sighed and turned her head to see Rashel, her twin sister, reading a book. Darn, she should have grabbed one from the library. It would save a lot of time.

Suddenly, there was a loud banging, coming from the direction of the front door. Someone was trying to get in. Galen instinctively tightened his hold on Keller.

Thierry sighed, patted Hannah's arm, and sat up. He moved toward the direction of the noise at the same time as Nilsson did, so they ventured out together.

"Who is that rude person?" Rashel muttered as the banging continued. The Daybreakers all shrugged at the same time, Ash off by one second.

Finally the banging stopped, and Keller sighed with relief. It was starting to hurt her sensitive ears. Galen rubbed her back again.

Soon, Thierry came in with Nilsson, and a man Keller had never met before. He had black hair, so black it was blue, and he had misty grey eyes. She could tell he was taller than her, but not as tall as Galen. He looked like her. She immediately didn't trust him.

He's a panther, Keller mentally told Galen, alarmed. Like me. Galen's brow furrowed as he shuffled closer to Keller, just in case she tried to attack.

"Hello, my name is Pardus." The man said, friendly. He noticed Rashel and his eyes stayed glued to where she was sitting. Quinn growled and moved so she was out of his view.

Good, Keller thought, he's creepy. She could feel Galen trying to stifle his laugh, and the side of her mouth went up before going straight back down again.

"I need your help," Pardus continued. "My family and I are in danger, and what better place to go then Circle Daybreak!" He kept glancing at the spot where he knew Rashel was.

"What would we get, if we helped?" Keller finally spoke up, glaring at Pardus. His head shot straight in her direction and when his eyes landed on her, they sparkled.

He has the same eyes as you. Galen thought to her, but she ignored him, focusing on the intruder. Pardus smiled sadly at her.

"More members," he spoke softly, his eyes never leaving hers. Keller lost the glare on her face, he seemed...familiar, somehow, like she knew him in another life, like she cared- even loved him. Keller sucked in a deep breath, that was impossible.

"Okay, Keller back off. I already talked to him. Let's show you your room, shall we?" Thierry said, and Keller did as she was told. Pardus smiled at the group once more, and followed Thierry out.

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