"Well this is going to be a total fucking disaster."

Were the first words Alison heard when she awoke on Christmas day. She smiled to herself, somewhat amused by her boyfriends little rant.

It had been just over a year since her holiday to Malia and she had been living with Will for the past six months, despite being a couple, the Christmas previously Will was counting this as their first proper Christmas.

She climbed out of bed and made her way downstairs, she paused midway as she caught sight of Will on the phone, a sight which surprised her, as she presumed he was talking to himself, something which she found not to be uncommon with him.

"Here I am trying to make Christmas as perfect as possible and you go and piss on my plans, thanks Simon, thanks a lot." He concluded as he placed the phone down.

"Everything alright?" She cautiously asked to her enraged boyfriend.

"Oh nothing it's only Simon and Lucy being totally inconsiderate to my schedule."

"What's happened?"

"They're meant to be arriving in an hour. I specifically told them an hour, but no Simon has to be different." He continued ignoring her previous question.

"Will calm down." She ordered as she stood behind him massaging his tense shoulders.

"How can I calm down? I placed the turkey in the oven precisely an hour and fifteen minutes ago for a reason." He asked shocked by her laid back attitude.

"Go on then why precisely an hour and fifteen minutes ago?" She humoured whilst rolling her eyes.

"It's going to take three hours to cook, so that would leave us with an hour to get ready before the others arrive , which would then give us an hour to exchange pleasantries and make small talk whilst pretend we love the crap presents we receive." He listed becoming evermore flustered.

"And the fifteen minutes?"

"That's for Neil he always misses the turn off on the drive over here, so he will be fifteen minutes late."

"See you have it planned what could possibly go wrong?" She reassured.

"I tell you what shall I? Simon being Simon decided to propose." He raved putting angry emphasis on the Simon part.

"Awww that's lovely." Alison replied a starry look in her eyes.

"Yes if he hadn't ballsed the whole thing up, by hiding the ring in the Christmas pudding, for Lucy to later get stuck in her throat, so now they will be spending the morning in A and E."

"Oh, how selfish of them." She sarcastically replied.

"You're right there, he could have at least waited until boxing day to have made a fool out of himself." He agreed missing her sarcasm.

"Well Lisa, Neil, Jay and Jane, will be on time." She offered.

"Brilliant bloody brilliant." He exclaimed, this time it was his turn for the sarcasm.

A shrill ring of the telephone abruptly ended the conversation of the doomed Christmas.

"So I'll just get that." She announced as she gestured to the phone.

"Hello." She said to the receiver.

Will began pacing the carpet trying to alter his schedule around Simon and Lucy's lateness.

"Oh Hi. Mrs Mackenzie." He heard his girlfriend say.

"I'm not here." He mouthed.

"I'm afraid, Will can't come to the phone right now he's on the toilet."

"What?" He mouthed horrified.

"Yeah I think he's got food poisoning, must have been from the chicken."

Will shuddered at that line it reminded him too much of the day he bunked off and ended up calling Neil's dad a bumder. He made a mental note not to share any more of his traumatic and humiliating sixth form experiences with Alison.

"Oh yeah, it's awful, coming out of both ends and the smell oh my god it's enough to make your eyes burn." She dramatised.

Will stood fixated to the spot as he felt himself go red with embarrassment before presenting her his middle finger.

"Well have a good Christmas, I'll get Will to call you when he's recovered." She concluded, desperately trying not to laugh before placing the phone back on the hook.

"Still avoiding your mother then?" She stated putting on a disapproving tone.

"It was her that made it awkward." He insisted as he opened the final door of the advent calendar and ate the chocolate.

"Oi you four eyes loser, that was mine." She shouted infuriated by his inconsiderate action.

"I'm perfectly within my rights."

"This should be good." She sarcastically muttered under her breath.

"Last week I bought a tub of celebrations and a tub of Quality Street." He proceeded.

"Good for you."She mocked.

"So you can imagine my horror when I came home from university to find all the malteasers gone from the celebrations and all the toffee pennies gone from the quality street."

"It was Jane." She quickly lied trying to disguise her look of guilt.

"Oh really?" He replied using the tone he often used to use for Jay.

"Yeah well you know what she's like."

"I don't actually, care to explain?"

"Shut up and anyway you're avoiding the issue of you're mother."

"The issue will go when she dumps that bell end Gilbert."

"I think its sweet she has found love."

"I doubt that man is even capable of love."

"You're being unfair." She reasoned.

Before Will could protest further a shrill ring of the doorbell ended the debate.

"Who could that be?" Alison wondered as she glanced her wrist watch.

"I don't believe this forty five minutes early."

The young couple made their way over to the door wondering who it could be.

"Neil probably got confused." Will concluded as he opened the door.

To Will's surprise or what he would describe as horror, stood at the door with two suitcases at his side and looking rather worse for wear, was his father.

"Hey son, how about you let your old dad use your spare room?"

"Is it to late to hide in the kitchen and pretend we're not here?" He asked Alison as he turned a pale white with a look a dread in his eyes.

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