E/O Challenge: Dawn

Happy Birthday Laedie Duske – here's a 100 word drabble involving Dean's tummy for ya. Hope you like it.

How could I forget

The-morning-after-the-night-before; the perils of excessive drinking.

He'd drunk to forget; swallowed glass after glass of bitter-whiskey in his quest for oblivion; and had found it – last night.

Now in the cold-light of dawn, as he knelt, puking his guts up, Dean remembered.

Remembered that he'd lost the single most important person in his life, save for Sammy.

Clutching his cramping stomach he dry-heaved into the bowl.

He felt his brother kneel beside him and waited for the words of judgement – that never came.

Instead Sam's gentle voice offered reassurance; comfort; salvation.

"It's okay Dean ... I'm here, I'm right here!"