E/O Challenge: Dawn - 100 words on the dot!

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This is for you Laedie Duske, I hope you will enjoy. Happy Birthday! :D

He leans on the shovel and takes a sip of water.

She licks her lips.

"You okay?"

She nods.

"It's almost over."

She smiles.

He grabs the hem of his shirt.

She's hot.

He lifts up the fabric, exposing the beauty of his toned, flawless, and oh-so touchable stomach…

She swallows.

…and uses it to wipe away the moisture from his face.

A familiar chill rips through her.

Please. No.

Screams echo as his midsection is ripped apart.

She jolts upright, the veil of dawn serving to intensify the throb in her head.

She sobs. Not a dream.

A vision.

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