Time Line

I know that some people have been confused about the timeline in these fics so here it is. I have set the current story line in 2011/2012 simply because then I can easily use the calendar to figure out the days easily! Use whichever year you like as the starting point :)

The Sequel is up - "Rocks of Salvation: Nest among the Stars"

When his hour will come

15th June 2006– Sherlock jumps off the roof

22nd June 2006 – Harry turns up at John's door heavily pregnant

7th July 2006– Ava is born

April 2008 – Harry takes Ava back (Ava is almost 2)

7th July 2009 – John visits Ava and Harry and discovers Clara has left and Harry is drinking again.

January 2010 – Harry kills the husband of the woman she was seeing in self defence

April 2010 – Harry is sent to prison

10th July 2010 – Harry commits suicide in prison

August 2010 – John moves and gives up work as a doctor.


17th September 2011 – Paved with Love Chapter 1 begins

21st September 2011 – Moriarty turns up at John's work.

1st October 2011 – John meets Moriarty again and works for him at the bar.

14th October 2011 – Moriarty calls John in again.

24th October 2011 – John has a fight with one of Moran's associates and tells Mycroft Sherlock is alive.

1st November 2011 – Sherlock and Mycroft knock on John's door

22nd November 2011 – Ava inadvertently reveals John is in love with Sherlock to Sherlock.

24th November 2011 – Sherlock picks Ava up from school for the first time.

21st December 2011 – John sees the card from Irene Adler and leaves for the night. (PwL Ch2)

22nd December 2011 – Sherlock and John make up!

25th December 2011 – Xmas – Moriarty's present.

26th December 2011 – Sherlock leaves for Amsterdam

28th December 2011 – John catches the thief in the flat.

31st December 2011 – Sherlock returns home


6th January 2012 – Sherlock's birthday.

19th January 2012 – Sherlock and John start creating the web in 221c

24th January 2012 – Sherlock and John meet Hammonds about Moran

27th January 2012 – Ava and Sherlock spend the day together (PwL Ch3)

31st January 2012 – John and Sherlock meet Moran at the club

1st February 2012 – Ava cries to Sherlock about the homophobic comments at school.

3rd February 2012 – Sherlock, John and Lestrade go to the school

4th February 2012 – Sherlock comes up with his plan to drive a wedge between Moran and Moriarty.

6th March 2012 – John is shot. (PwL Ch4) Moran is killed

11th March 2012 – Sherlock is interviews by Scotland Yard

12th March 2012 – Sherlock takes Ava to John and tells john he loves him.

20th March 2012 - Mycroft babysits Ava (Epilogue of RoS)(Start of Tea and Coffee)

21st March 2012 – Sherlock has the moment

29th March 2012 - RoS:NatS Chapter 1 will start on this date

31st March 2012 – John comes home from the hospital.

5th April 2012 – They go on holiday for Sherlock to solve a case (PwL Ch6)

25th April 2012 – Parents evening (PwL Ch7)

2nd May 2012 – Mycroft babysits Ava at his work.

19th May 2012 – Ava gets food poisoning (PwL ch8)

21st May 2012 – Ava is discharged from the hospital.

1st June 2012 – Sherlock storms into Mycroft's office demanding Moriarty files.

2nd June 2012 – Ava comes home with sports day letter while police search the flat for missing evidence (PwL ch9)

15th June 2012 – Ava's sports day and six year anniversary of Sherlock's jump.

6th July 2012 – Ava's birthday party (PwL c10)

7th July 2012 – Ava's birthday

8th July 2012– Sherlock and Ava go to monument for Ava's birthday.

10th July 2012 – Ava gets a new teacher (PwL Ch11)

16th July 2012 – Ava gets into trouble at school over the synonyms.

18th July 2012 – The roof! (PwL Ch12)

17th August 2012 – Ava finally starts talking about what happened to her.

26th October 2012 – Sherlock sets fire to the flat. (RoS: NatS Prologue)

After 2012/Future

23rd December 2014 – Sherlock and John get married!

7th June 2015 – "The Bet" starts.

March 2026 – Ava and Mycroft meet up to discuss Ava dropping out of University.

March 2032 - Epilogue of RoS series

Hope that helps! I will go back through RoS (my lovely beta is looking through the chapters again :D and I'll add the dates/correct the dates as needed.)